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23 Consulting Website Examples

Last Updated January 5 2024

Written By Steve Benjamins

We searched the web for consultants with modern designs in order to curate this collection of consulting websites. Some of these consultants built their own website with a website builder while others have hired a website design firm. 

One trend we noticed: many consultants are now using media (such as webinars, podcasts, articles and social media) to demonstrate their expertise.  It’s a way to “show” their skills to potential clients rather than “tell” them. 

A note on SEO (Search Engine Optimization): the best consulting websites articulated a specialty or niche. It’s difficult to rank in SEO for general terms like “business coaching” and easier to rank for specific terms like “military transition recruiting.”

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Screenshot of Devon Stank, from the consulting websites collection.

I love this homepage because it is simple and clear— Devon runs a consulting service for Squarespace and that’s immediately obvious. He has decided not to put a picture of himself on the homepage but he has lots of pictures of himself throughout the website.

Screenshot of Samantha Alice, from the consulting websites collection.

Samantha is an ecommerce consultant with a bright, colorful website. Her main services are administration, creative, Shopify and events. She includes testimonials, links to her social media— LinkedIn and Instagram— and a portfolio of past projects.

Screenshot of Frankie Noller, from the consulting websites collection.

Frankie Noller is a fashion consultant who does casting and creative direction. Her website is minimal and straightforward. Her primary marketing tool is a large portfolio that showcases her work.

Screenshot of Frog Design, from the consulting websites collection.

This is how to use video and animation on a homepage! Everything feels vibrant and snappy. A great creative consulting website example.

Screenshot of Christopher Boyer, from the consulting websites collection.

The website design for Christopher Boyer Consulting feels more like a consulting agency than an individual consultant— the stock photo of a city landscape gives the feel of a consulting website template rather than a custom, bespoke website design. But other than that, I like that he has a clear list of services while also sharing a podcast and blog so that you can get to know how he thinks.

Screenshot of Jansen Bordinhao, from the consulting websites collection.

Jansen Bordinhao is a financial services consultant with a simple and straightforward website design. He also has a blog where he shares his experiences in small business— notably running a short-term rental business.

Screenshot of Dianna Massey, from the consulting websites collection.

Diana is a healthcare consultant. Her website is simple and clean— with great photography. She includes links to social media, a few case studies and list of services. She has experience as a consultant, business coach and startup founder.

Screenshot of Jeremy Malcolm, from the consulting websites collection.

This is a great example of a simple, one-page website. Jeremy has a photo, a brief description of his consulting services and links to social media, his resume and an about page.

Screenshot of Kevin Sharon, from the consulting websites collection.

Kevin is a user experience consultant. His website is clear and basic. It includes contact information, a collection of his past projects and a blog that demonstrates his expertise.

Screenshot of Infoset, from the consulting websites collection.

Infoset has a more interactive homepage than other consultants on this list. It’s a scrolling slider with vertical text for the phone number. Probably not great for UX.

Screenshot of Lucas Group, from the consulting websites collection.

Lucas Group is an executive recruitment professional service. They fill positions across a wide range of industries— and their header bar helps you mine down into the correct industry— the specificity is great for SEO. This is an example of a corporate consulting website design.

Screenshot of Denym Bird, from the consulting websites collection.

There’s nothing too ground-breaking about Denym’s website functionality — it’s simple and straightforward. Even the color is black and white. And that totally works. It’s clear and gets out of the way.

Screenshot of Susan David, from the consulting websites collection.

Susan David is a writer, speaker and consultant. Her website does a great job of promoting her— the homepage shows a list of awards she has won, books she has written and the splash image is from a TED Talk she gave. She is sending an important message to potential clients: I am the real deal!

Screenshot of Josh Kremer Consulting, from the consulting websites collection.

Josh is an ecommerce consultant with a minimalist web design. It reads almost like a resume— it’s heavy on copywriting and feels professional. He shares specific services, real pricing and a list of past clients.

Screenshot of Valoppi Ventures, from the consulting websites collection.

Valoppi Ventures is the marketing consulting firm of Patrick Valoppi. Patrick’s face is front and center — which builds trust. His service is marketing strategies for startups.

Screenshot of Mainstream GS, from the consulting websites collection.

Mainstream GS is an example of a consulting firm website. Instead of an individual consultant on the homepage, they feature airplanes flying in tandem. The website design feels somewhat corporate.

Screenshot of Fieldwork, from the consulting websites collection.

Fieldwork is a market research consulting business. Their Wordpress theme features animations and corporate imagery. It’s clear that this is a professional website targeting corporate clients.

Screenshot of Natural Interaction, from the consulting websites collection.

Natural Interactive is a user experience consultancy. There website is simple and straightforward with high contrast text.

Screenshot of Jack Dalrymple, from the consulting websites collection.

Jack is a marketing consultant who built his online presence on Webflow. His consulting website reads almost like a resume for potential clients.