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SnapPages Review

Simple website builder. Page editing is done in a separate interface.

By Steve BenjaminsLast Updated Dec 6 2016

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Review Updates

  • Apr 4 2016 New review published.
  • Dec 6 2016 Reviewed checked and brought up to date.

User Experience Info

The SnapPages website editor is a form-based editor. This means rather than visually building your website in context (where you’re always looking at a preview of your page) you build your website in a separate interface that is and swap over to a website preview to see how it all fits together.

Over all the editor is easy to use. Everything is simple, clear and easy to navigate. You shouldn’t get lost using SnapPages.

Right: Over all the editor is easy to use. Everything is simple, clear and easy to navigate. You shouldn’t get lost using SnapPages.

Pages are built by dragging and dropping a wide selection of elements into a page. It works well. For example, if you’d like a column you simply drag an element to the side of another element and it automatically pops into a column that can be resized alongside a grid.

Page editor

Right: Page editor

Editing your header and footer is done in the theme editor (it’s a bit unintuitive— you might not expect to find your footer editor in the theme editor). You can drag elements into your footer and customize header elements. It works well.

Editing the footer

Right: Editing the footer

But while SnapPages is over all easy to use it’s ultimately undercut by not letting you build pages visually. For example, the blog editor (right) looks nice in this notebook but I would much rather build my posts in an interface that shows the post in context (with my website header and footer present). Because it’s not there I spend time going between my website preview and my post!

Blog editor

Right: Blog editor

Features Info

  • Blog

    The blog editor has an unusual interface (it’s designed as a notebook) but works well. You drag and drop text, videos, images or maps into the notebook to create posts (unfortunately there’s not a way to preview your post with how it’ll look like on your website. The blog editor supports tags, categories and there are a variety of sidebar options to enable alongside your blog (recent posts, search, follow etc.). You can enable comments on your blog and integrate with Disqus.  Show Screenshot

  • Ecommerce

    SnapPages doesn’t include ecommerce itself, but it does offer an integration with Shopify.  

  • Form Builder

    There is a contact form but unfortunately it doesn’t let you add additional fields— it’s just cookie cutter (Name, email, phone, message and you also can’t remove fields).  

  • iOS & Android Apps


  • Retina Ready

    Unfortunately images were not sharp and crisp on retina devices (such as iPhones and Macbooks).  

  • Newsletter

    There is a newsletter widget that integrates with SnapPages own mailing list manager (but does not integrate with Mailchimp or other popular mailing list services).  

  • Membership System


  • Design from Scratch


  • Multi-lingual


  • Restaurant Menu


  • Donations

    There is a Paypal donations element but unfortunately that isn’t a full donations system (I consider a full donations system to allow on-site checkout and email customization).  

  • Audio Player


  • Podcasts


Themes Info

SnapPages offers 26 themes. Most are simple and feel pretty modern.

Choosing a theme

Right: Choosing a theme

Here’s an example theme:

Example theme

Right: Example theme

Theme customization is solid. You can click any element and customize. For example clicking the body text brought a good amount of text style options. It’s quite specific too. For example with the header you can customize the header height, background, margins, corner radius and add shadows. Awesome.

Theme customization

Right: Theme customization

Unfortunately none of the themes are responsive. Fortunately there is a mobile theme that you can customize to get a similar look and feel to your desktop website.

Mobile theme

Right: Mobile theme

Billing Practices: Good

I was able to pay for and cancel my account with ease. (Though SnapPages does not do monthly billing— only quarterly.)

Examples Real, live SnapPages sites.


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By Steve Benjamins

I founded Site Builder Report in 2012 to help people find the best website builder. In my spare time I make music (check it out!). You can also follow me on Twitter here.

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