1.png?ixlib=rails 2.1 Review's monthly plans are technically 28 days long— which means users end up paying for 13 months in a year. Ridiculous. It also doesn't help that the editor is one of the most frustrating I've ever tried. Read the full review now.

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User Experience

My first problem with the website editor was obvious as soon as I logged in— there are two huge sidebars. The sidebars covered up large chunks of website, which means I couldn’t even see my full website on a normal-sized laptop.

Website editor.png?1456502537?ixlib=rails 2.1

Right: Sidebars are covering the website

Editing individual website elements is an absolute mess. To the right is a screenshot of my page ...

Screenshot.png?1456502544?ixlib=rails 2.1

Right: Page

... When I accidentally clicked and moved the background shape element, it covered my entire page. Just vanished. Or at least that’s what it seemed like— it turned out moving the background shape moved it ahead in the layer order of all other elements, so in order to get my page back I had to change the layer order. (Many users will probably never even figure this out.)

Blank page.png?1456502554?ixlib=rails 2.1

Right: And for some reason hitting undo doesn’t solve the problem. Ridiculous… is a blank canvas editor— which means you can drag and drop elements anywhere on the page. This presents a problem for footers. Most blank canvas editors (such as Wix and have figured out ways to deal with this. But not There is no footer system. You’re footer just sits at the bottom and gets in the way of content if it overlaps it:

Footer overlap.png?1456502676?ixlib=rails 2.1

Right: The footer overlaps content

Overall has one of the worst website editors I’ve seen. It’s just so painful and frustrating. I don’t want to be so harsh but I really can’t believe they charge people for this. Do yourself a favor and support companies that invest in a great user experience such as Squarespace or Weebly.

Website editor.png?1456502680?ixlib=rails 2.1

Right: Website Editor


  • Blog

    No blog support.  

  • Ecommerce

    No ecommerce support.  

  • Form Builder

    There is a full form builder. You can add paragraph inputs, single line text inputs, radio buttons, checkboxes, email fields and more. Form submissions are sent to your email address (submissions are not saved to a database, so make sure you save those emails!). You can edit the error and confirmation message and redirect to a URL upon successful submission. Solid.  Show Screenshot

  • iOS & Android Apps

    No apps.  

  • Retina Ready

    No. Images appear slightly blurry on retina displays (iPhones, Macbooks etc.).  

  • Newsletter


  • Membership System


  • Design from Scratch

    You could delete everything from a theme and create a new design from scratch. Customizing navigation is surprisingly sophisticated. You can add padding, borders, corners, shadows and more. You can customize the hover and active states when hovering navigation. Unfortunately there is no way to set global styles— which means if you want to have a consistent look and feel, you will need to make sure every element is styled individually. This is less than ideal.  

  • Multi-lingual


  • Restaurant Menu


  • Donations


  • Audio Player


  • Podcasts


Themes includes a bunch of themes. Most of theme feel a little out of date.

Example theme.png?1456502730?ixlib=rails 2.1

Right: Example Theme

Unfortunately, even if a theme looks nice, they end up falling a part in the website editor once you start to customize them. They’re just too specific— once you start editing them, they start to break. (One of the reasons is you can’t select more than two elements at once— making it very precarious to move elements.)

Theme edit.png?1456502735?ixlib=rails 2.1

Right: Good luck editing this theme ...

One of the few bright spots in is style customization. There is a good amount of style customizations you can set for each element— for example you can customize object transparency, drop-shadows, corners, borders, background colors and more. That’s cool. Unfortunately you set styles for each element individually so there is no way to set a global style for a consistent look and feel.

Customizing.png?1456502788?ixlib=rails 2.1

Right: Customizing elements

Mobile is a joke. You have to pay an extra $4.95 per month for their “mobile theme.” These are not responsive themes, but instead it’s just a simple little mobile template that looks the same for every website. Worst of all, I paid for the mobile upgrade but I could not figure out how to enable it on my website! Eventually I just gave up.

Mobile.png?1456502793?ixlib=rails 2.1

Right: I paid for the mobile upgrade but I could not figure out how to enable it on my website.

Bad Billing Practices

Update: On top of what I've written below, please also note that's "monthly" plans are only 28 days long. Which is bullshit. That means you end up paying 13 months in a year.

My first problem is that there is no free trial (almost every website builder offers at least a 14 day trial or free tier). But with you have to pay to try.

But things get really bad when it's time to cancel.

They don't let you cancel, instead you have to call them between 8am - 8pm EST Monday to Friday. When I called support they transferred me twice before I ended up in tier 2 support. Tier 2 support repeatedly asked me why I was cancelling and how they could get me to stay. I just kept repeating, äóìplease cancel my account.äóù

Finally, they said they could cancel my accountäóî but in order to do so they required me to tell them my password over the phone. This is an incredibly lazy and HIGHLY insecure way to cancel an account. Passwords are privateäóî most modern, secure databases encrypt passwords so that not even a developer can see what your password is. Many people use the same password for multiple services so keeping passwords private is very important. But in order to cancel your account you are highly exposed and vulnerable to a customer support agent (remember: these agents can also see your email address!)

In all the phone call took 15 minutes which sucks. But worst of all is the requirement to tell them your password. Terrible.