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95% Customer Satisfaction

  • I'm using portfoliobbox since 4 years and I would recommend it!

    I've managed to use it and my computer network abilities are really bad so...

  • I totally recommend Portfoliobox.

    I'm happy with it. It have all the features I need for a concept art portfolio, is easy to use and works fine.

    I usually receive emails from the Portfoliobox team with updates and new features. So they are very active improving their product.

  • I'm quite happy with Portfoliobox to be honest:

    1. The interface is quite simple to use 2. The have a great customer service 3. They are constantly improving tools and functions

    However I want to change this year as I don't have the feeling that it allows me design wise to do all the things that I want to do

  • I will recommend it to others too.

    When I initially started using Portfoliobox (around mid 2017) I was getting frustrated with the limitations with the back-end and kept wondering why I didn’t just stick with Squarespace (because I have another website with Squarespace). However, over time Portfoliobox has improved its interface and keeps introducing updates which have made the experience a lot better.

    If I were to break down the reasons why I would recommend Portfoliobox to other people, I will categorize them into four:

    1. Affordable 2. Responsive customer care 3. Beautiful layout options 4. A additional platform called which Portfoliobox uses to connect its users with clients for free

    Limitations with Portfoliobox will include:

    1. Not so many templates 2. Not enough domain suffixes 3. Limitation on the size of picture. What I mean by this is that when uploading some pictures using certain options on the platform, you are not allowed to upload a picture that is higher than 10MB in size. So I have had to in some instances compress the size of my photos.

    But I see Portfoliobox getting better in heir areas of weakness and for that reason it’s worth checking them out.

  • I like it. It’s really easy to use when you get into it, and that went pretty fast for me. I got it recommended myself from a photographer friend of mine. Maybe it’s even better for photographers but it works really fine for me too. A lot of people recommended Squarespace but after trying both I went for Portfoliobox. They are really quick with their support and always helped me out when it was something.

    I would recommend Portfoliobox, even if it has some minor weaknesses, as all platforms have, that you can live without. For example I have a slideshow on my starting page. I can’t have it on the mobile version, casue it didn’t support it back then, and I think it still doesn't, so I had to think of a workable plan that could work both on computer version and the mobile.

  • I chose it because they had a good plan for students at the time when I changed from a custom built cms system to a quicker and simpler way to build an online portfolio.

    For the time being it is fine, but to be honest I miss a bit more customisation. The styles etc look great and it is very easy to use and to change things, but it definitely lacks a couple of things, like a customisable mobile function. But they are constantly adding new features. Also, their customer services is really quick, helpful and engaged, that was very surprising.

  • I like it because it’s easy. The bad thing is that they have limiten choice on templates.

  • would totally recommend portfolio box! Tried a few similar and it's the best we've found by far. Easy and intuitive to use. The 'collections' page feature is really useful for artists/projects.

    The customer support is good and they email regularly to offer help if needed.

    It is a good price too, compared to similar alternatives. The free version is great to get you started.

  • I've started with it mainly because it is easy to use for the webmaster beginner I was, and also because this platform proposes a flexible and sober interface. Using a professional accompt, it's also very interesting to have a personal support if needed and to be able (with some practice) to change the look of your website directly from the pages script.

    From a network point of view, it happened that I have been spotlighted on Portfoliobox's mainpage as "portfolio of the month", which gave me a nice visibility afterwards, also through PorfolioBox's Instagram and Facebook profils.

    To resume, I would say that it's a bit more expensive than other platforms, but it gaves useful service and assistance in return.

  • I wouldnt recommend portfolio box. Ive left them. The website was sluggish and clients and other traffic would sometimes comment that the website was slow to load.

    I also had issues creating selection pages for clients to choose what pictures they wanted editing . Or proofs.

    And the e-commerce platform was unresponsive.

    Even though its a cheap template service it really only works as a basic portfolio.

  • I think it's great! I don't know if I recommend the free version, since it's very limited, but I pay the monthly fee for their premium service and you have a lot of templates to choose from,as well as a lot of ways to customize it very easily. You can use custom fonts, logos, and easily add tags for your site for search engine purposes. Adding new pages and a store front is super easy as well, and even allows you to use PayPal and Stripe. Blog posts and uploading artwork and videos are also simple. They just added a function where you can even use a video as your entrance page, which I think is neat if you are doing a video editing or special effects based portfolio.

    I have been using it for a few years now and I honestly don't have any complaints, other than the max file size for images is a little on the low side (even if you are paying), but that really only matters if you want to upload very high resolution images. Most websites usually only allow uploads of a small file size, so it's really not a big deal. I've tried other portfolio websites, such as Carbonmade, and this one is by far the best. ArtStation also offers a free portfolio site, but I really don't like how they force you to use square thumbnails, making the artwork hard to see at a glance. PortfolioBox also allows you to change your domain name pretty much anytime very easily. Honestly I really don't know anything negative to say about it, haha. I guess in terms of originality, templates are a little limited, but for a portfolio I feel like the artwork should be talking more than the template you choose anyway, and what they do have is very sleek and classy looking. The site is also only nine dollars a month and the customer service for questions and help is fast and convenient. It takes a little bit of time getting used to the navigation of the back end and figuring out the different ways to create pages, but it's really no where near as complicated as building your own site.

  • I'm using portfoliobox. I'm not sure if I'm the best guy to tell my experience. I started using it years ago, and it was so difficult. But, they had, in my opinion, one of the best templates and designs for photographers, designers, painters...

    Since then, they grew up a lot and now it's more intuitive to use, they incorporated more languages and more templates, video galleries... and the most important things, they have a really good help services attending your demands and including your ideas. Also you can monetize your site (I'm not interested on this).

    You can try their services for free with a .portfoliobox domine or upgrade to have your own domine. You have also a personal email.

    Honestly, for me it's one of the best options, design is really good, service is easy to use and they don't use java scripts as wix.

  • I really like PortfolioBox and I think I will recommend it for friends and other people. In common everything is cool, but there is only one thing that I am upset in - fonts. Variations of the fonts are really poor and they are all standard. No options to install your own fonts, or to choose the design fonts.

    As for me,I think that this is the real problem especially for advanced users and designers which are directly related to it.

  • portfoliobox is really suiting me but the thing is that I had one specific need :

    I was (4 years ago) at first looking for a platform that could display multiple tabs that all have the mosaic option (which is something tumblr for example couldn't do) and a clean style.

    So I've choosed portfoliobox although I thought it was a bit pricy (60 - 65€ something a year). I've found it very intuitive to use, fast & simple, with a clear interface & lots of options to custom your website.

  • I recommend it. I think it allows the most per-page customization, out of all platforms for portfolio sites.

    They have some bugs here and there, but it's bearable. I also do some of my own customization via CSS, for things they do not allow to customize over their interfce.

    After 2-3 yers of using it, I decided to reevaluate and consider other platforms, but PB turned out to still be the best for my needs, so I'm sticking around.

  • I would recommend PortfolioBox.

    I've used their platform for a few years and have been satisfied with it.

    There are some things I am not happy with, but overall I am.

    Your email address does not seem to match what is on record for you via your website.

    It's just something one is concerned about when being cold contacted via email.

  • I can say that so far it has been good experience for what I need in terms of my photography and the pictures. It's easy, intuitive and very graphical. And quite many options to choose from the menu when we do the setup.

    Now so far my requirements have been quite basis, so some other users who may need more complex setups or customization could find it limited - but I cannot confirm on this aspect.

  • I started out with it and it was perfect back then, since I didn’t know what I was doing. It’s very simple and it updates quite often so as a pro subscriber, I get new stuff available for me quite often. It does have a few issues- for example if I write something and forget to click on the site to update it, it doesn’t get saved and a lot of work can just disappear in a second. Happened to me quite often. Also been in touch with the customer care and they reply very quickly and thoroughly so that’s nice.

    I’ve done a website with squarespace for my friend after that, and if it was easy to just switch sites without uploading all my photos again, I would switch there. It has much more options to customise the site and you can for example make boxes that link to your cv file so people can download it - instead of having it written down on your site. Squarespace though took me quite a while to get a hand of it since it’s much more complex than portfoliobox but now that I have it down, I’d go there.

    So simply put : if you’re just starting out, portfoliobox is simple and easy to make good looking sites if you have a good eye for websites. If you don’t know what you’re doing, might turn out a bit boring. Squarespace I’d recommend of people who know they way around with website building and want to take their sites to the next level.

  • I have been with portfoliobox for several years and for my needs it is perfect. I use it as a simple portfolio site and I do not use any of the more complex features like the online store or analitics implementation, etc., so I cannot speak about those, but I am aware they are there. So it has a ton of features. Also I have noticed (they inform very unobtursively, with few emails, but well timed) they keep updating and adding options and features periodically. The service has really come a long way since I first started using it, but the price has not changes a lot.

    That being said, I have no idea how much other similar services cost or what they offer. For me portfoliobox has been providing an affordable hassle free service with regular updates and upgrades. I have never had any reason to look for another provider.

  • Honestly, I wouldn’t recommend it. It has a lot of issues and glitches and it’s tricky to get what you want out of it. Stuff won’t align properly, text randomly appears where you don’t want it, YouTube videos embed terribly. It’s easy for beginners who want simple sites though. But for game developers just stick with Artstation.

  • I really recommend it. It is easy to set up/ design, it looks sleek and uncomplicated. I didn't want something too fancy but sturdy and fresh and it does the job. It is great for displaying /selling paintings because images shown as a products are not automatically cropped (unlike some other similar websites). It has ecommerce built in so that's handy too. Lots of good templates to make quick easy page for map / forms / contact / etc...

    The only thing that is not good for me is that products (paintings) can't be entered as 'unique items' so when it sells, it doesn't show as sold out but is still for sale so potentially can be bought twice if you're not quick enough to manually remove it from the shop. But I think they are working on it. Apart from that I think it's great.

  • I'm using Portfoliobox for few years now.

    I have to say that the team is great. Service is even better.

    Very often they work late in the evening or on weekends. That makes a very responsible and reliable service.

    The team is very fast with replies and with the assistance of fixing problems on the website.

    Overall I'm very happy with what they offer. I think price performance is also good.

    They have various designs and many options to combine everything. So a user can build a website and his own design.

    You also have many features like WEBstore, or multisite, section pages etc.

    And advanced options for custom CSS programming. For extra personalization of portfolio...

    I'm a happy user for sure.

  • I would recommend portfolio box because it has a easy to use interface. All the the templates are pretty straightforward and can be manipulated to your own personal taste.

  • I chosed pfb because I wanted something easy and fast to do my portfolio. Yes Wordpress or Squarespace are very popular and they are both great but I was losing so much time building my website on these platform. Wordpress, squarespace etc are great if you have time because you can really push the customization.

    Pfb is waaayyy much lighter and so easy to use, and imo there is enough customisation to make something unique and personal.

    Also the team is very easy to reach if you have question, feeback etc.

    Yes, they probably missing one or two minors things, but for now, I'm very happy with my experience.

  • I'm using PortfolioBox and love it!

    We have been in the a design business since 72 and built a lot of sites for our customers. I have tried them all but mostly used joomla as late.

    I got tired of all the malware and virus that seemed to increase towards the end.

    My wife and I have gone into fine art now. So I was looking for something like a art portfolio site.

    I tried wix, square, weebly, and shopify all the rest.

    I needed a site for our art business and was very happy to find PortfolioBox. It's intuitive, clean, fast, and comes with a shopping cart and pretty much unlimited all for one very cheep price.

    The only downside is no mail, but I found zoho had a free mail accounts that I could use my domain name with. Both have been great.

    I have been with them for about 2 years now.

  • My experience using portfoliobox has not been good. It is far from intuitive and has very limited options. It took many hours to get to the kludgy site presence you see there.

    Instead, I discovered, and created a very decent site using their very intuitive option, and it's free! I absolutely recommend that instead.

  • I actually would not reccomend Portfoliobox, as it is very limited in terms of styling options and back-end editing. I've had some trouble achieving the exact look and feel I wanted for my website. In fact Im planning to change to another builder at some point.

    As for other portfolio builder options, WordPress is a very good platform for people with development knowledge. Wix is nice for users who are stronger on the artistic side. Behance is optimal for people who prefer to just upload their work to display online.

  • I use it and I am delighted. as soon as we have a problem, the staff is reactive and makes every effort to solve it ... The interface is really well done and there is something new regularly!

  • I definitely recommend it. It’s an amazing, easy and quick way to create a portfolio without any big experiences of web design.

  • I would just like to say that it is such an easy way to make a professional fun looking website containing all the information ive ever needed, It would be nice to be able to have a slight bit more customisation within the styles and layouts, but the tools given allow you to create a unique website for any need you can think of. The customer services is also amazing being extremely interactive and really easy to talk to, makes the site much more enjoyable and usable!

  • I'd recommend it.

  • I’d recommend Portfoliobox. Its a very user friendly portfolio builder so ideal for people (such as myself) who are looking for something quite easy to use but with decent results. It also has a reasonable selection of templates to choose from and they seem to update features on a regular basis.

  • I like it very much for my portfolio. There are a lot of options to choose from.

  • I actually didn’t have any experience with web pages and I created that page myself so i would say I recommend it yes.

    It’s easy to use , have a lot of options and it had bring me to the first page on Google and brought me a lot of clients.

  • It´s really good plataform. Easy, artistic and beauty!

  • I would absolutely recommend it. I was searching for an easy way to build a website that I can also update as easy as updating a facebook profile. Portfoliobox was the answer.

  • i would and I do recommend it. Its easy to use and you can use their templates or build your own.

  • I would recommend it! It's very easy to customize and they have great customer service (very responsive).

  • I like the service and quick tech support I have received from PortfolioBox. I would recommend it.

  • Personally, I’ve been really happy with it during the past four years. I find it very easy to use and have been especially content with the help center whenever I needed anything. So yes, I can definitely recommend it!

  • I have been with them since they started. Very professional and they keep improving the tool. I have recommended it to my friends too. Good value for money.

  • I'm using portfoliobox and I'm quite happy with it but to be honest I've never used any other portfolio builder so it's hard for me to compare. But I used to manage websites built with wordpress and I think portfoliobox, even if more expensive, is easier to use. It gives me all the templates etc. Ok, their number is limited but for me it's better, I couldn't make any decision if they were more :'D Portfoliobox is very reliable. Once I've chosen the template and set everything website is just "working" itself. I never had any technical problem or crisis with it. What I don't like is the lack of language versions - I would love to do english and polish version but it's not possible here. I've been using portfoliobox for few years, I don't remember, 4? 5? I would recommend it with notice it's quite expensive ;)

  • I would absolutely recommend portfoliobox! I can tell you I know only the basics of technology and I have had no issues using the site. It looks professional and it's super easy to customize! I've tried to convince a lot of people to use it... And I get tons of compliments on my site from various photographers.

  • I would highly recommend to anyone want to build a webpage! It’s easy and very good support!

  • I'm using portfoliobox and it's really great. It's versatile and very easy to use. So I recommend

  • Yes, I would. Almost perfect for photographers like me.

  • I would recommend it :)

  • It is a great service. I really like it. Affordable and professional.

  • It’s brilliant

  • For me portfolio box is great!!! If you want to know more opinion you can see the section they have.

    It's very easy and intuitive, and if you have any doubt you just need to send then an email and they help you in any question.

    I really like the option they have and the layout.