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7 Weebly Alternatives

Although I recommend Weebly, I know it isn’t always the right fit for what you have in mind. Some users may need more layout control, while others may need the power of a self-hosted site. Whatever you're looking for, you can cut some corners with my list of the top 7 Weebly alternatives.

Jan 11 2019 · Steve Benjamins By Steve Benjamins

If a sleek, modern design is your priority... Indeed, Weebly offers a wide range of stylish site themes for you to build upon. However, if you want to take it up a notch with a sophisticated, polished finish, Squarespace may be a better option.

Squarespace gives you access to 90+ carefully-selected themes, all organized by the type of site they were designed for.

Squarespace is also a solid option if you’re ready to add a little more of your own personality to your final site. It grants you further control over customization, allowing you to edit the much finer page elements such as header fonts right down to the likes of navigation spacing.

Example Squarespace theme

If you’re looking to switch web hosts freely… One downside of website builders such as Weebly is that you can't transfer your site to other hosts. This can even result in you paying more for server resources than you first expected. Take 1&1’s website builder, for example — their introductory pricing can increase between 7 and 20 times after the first 6 months!

But that won’t happen with a CMS (content management system) like WordPress — it only takes a few steps to download a complete copy of your site’s code, which can then be uploaded to a different server.

Plus, thanks to it being a CMS rather than a website builder, it also offers greater flexibility than Weebly. It’s a little harder to get used to, but there’s light at the end of the tunnel if you’re looking for a wider selection of options to play with, including the power of having 54,000+ plugins at your fingertips.

Screen themes.png?1546013405?ixlib=rails 1.1

Wordpress backend.

If you’re opening an online store… Although Weebly does offer a fairly sophisticated Online Store package, eCommerce is certainly not its primary focus. If you need that extra bit of oomph with your online storefront, Shopify is an excellent alternative.

Shopify solely supports eCommerce sites, and that concentration has resulted in a set of extremely useful eCommerce-specific features. For example, you can add customer account functionality, customize the look of your gift cards, or divide your customers into groups to help manage high order volumes.

Asd.png?1541698164?ixlib=rails 1.1

For the photography crowd… Like Shopify, the big advantage that Format has over Weebly is the fact it focuses on the needs of a particular target audience. In this case, it’s photographers.

While Weebly does have a good number of portfolio themes, its jack-of-all-trades mentality means it doesn’t go nearly as in-depth as Format when it comes to providing useful tools for still image work.

Format lets you upload directly from Adobe Lightroom, offer client-focused proofing pages and add a print store. Plus, if you need further reassurance: my survey of 1,630 website-owning photographers showed that Format users produced the highest customer satisfaction percentage — an enormous 97%!

Format themes.png?1547212674?ixlib=rails 1.1

Browsing Format themes.

If you want a free plan but don’t want to use a subdomain… Using a custom domain (e.g. rather than a generic subdomain (e.g. can be the difference between an amateur impression and a professional one.

Fortunately, Ucraft offers a free plan that allows you to connect a custom domain without paying a cent.

Like Weebly, Ucraft will place its own advertisement at the bottom of your free site. However, it’s a lot less intrusive than Weebly’s — it’s closer to a watermark than an ugly banner advert.

The tradeoff of using Ucraft’s free package, though, is that you’ll be limited to a single site page.

Ucraft displays an ad in the bottom right of free websites.

If you find yourself constrained by Weebly's editor, take a look at Wix.

Weebly has a structured editor that keeps you within grids and columns— Wix is different in that their editor is closer to a blank canvas. Wix lets you drag and move elements wherever you'd like. .

You also have a lot more freedom when picking a template to start building on — Wix has a big advantage here with 500+ professional templates compared to Weebly’s 50.

Wix's blank canvas editor lets you drag elements anywhere on a page.

If you’re feeling adventurous... Building on a pre-designed template can be limiting. While Weebly restricts you to building upon an existing template, Webflow allows you to start with a clean slate and design your own.

Although most website builders are designed for total beginners, Webflow is better suited to the tech-savvy crowd — while it doesn’t technically require any coding, you’ll certainly benefit from some HTML or CSS knowledge. The WordFlow experience is far closer to using a design tool than a user-friendly website builder.

Wbfow.png?1541697966?ixlib=rails 1.1