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23 Inspiring Examples Of Writer Websites

Last Updated January 5 2024

Written By Steve Benjamins

Whether you are a freelance writer, copywriter, blogger or social media writer— your website should serve one purpose: showcase a portfolio of past work for potential clients. 

Beyond your portfolio, you’ll also want to make it easy for potential clients to get in touch with you— have an easy and obvious contact page. It’s also a great idea to sprinkle in testimonials from past clients.

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Screenshot of Createfully, from the writer websites collection.

Joanna is the talented freelance writer behind the brand Createfully. After a lifetime of writing experience, she started Createfully in 2015 and offers writing services for startups and tech companies.

Screenshot of Marlen Komar, from the writer websites collection.

Freelance writer and fashion enthusiast Marlen Komar is located in Chicago. Her writing, for many different companies, has been featured in Bustle, Time and Vox to name just a few.

Screenshot of Beth Demmon, from the writer websites collection.

Currently in San Diego, Beth is an award winning writer. She’s a beer and cider fanatic, two topics that land at the forefront of her writing and podcasts.

Screenshot of Catherine Conelly, from the writer websites collection.

Professional writer Catherine Conelly has a true love for words. Lifestyle and Editorial, Content Writing and Interviews are a few of her specialties that continue to get her hired.

Screenshot of Matt Phil Carver, from the writer websites collection.

This self proclaimed “Word Nerd” goes by the name of Matt Phil Carver. Copywriting, blog writing and improving brand image overall with his clever words are all a part of his services.

Screenshot of Ally Denton, from the writer websites collection.

Ally Denton is a freelance writer located in Indianapolis with a portfolio in editorial, copywriting and content writing. She’s also a musician that performs at live events and a yoga teacher offering both group and private lessons.

Screenshot of Kate Hogg, from the writer websites collection.

Dr. Kate Hogg is a freelance writer, marine conservation consultant and environmentalist. She appreciates the opportunity to write about unique pieces that she is very passionate about.

Screenshot of Jeremy Herriges, from the writer websites collection.

Sports journalist Jeremy Herriges is the writer behind the website That Boxing Writer. For many years, his focus has been on the sport of Boxing and his resume is filled with articles in and Boxing News Magazine.

Screenshot of Locke Hughes, from the writer websites collection.

Freelance writer and health coach Locke Hughes, is the author of “Melatonin: The Natural Supplement for Better Sleep.” Her wellness articles have been featured in popular publishing’s such as Shape and Women’s Health Magazine.

Screenshot of Brandecdote, from the writer websites collection.

Chris Ayan is the founder and writer behind Brandecote. His services include copywriting and telling a brands story in a unique and engaging way that will determine the ideal customer.

Screenshot of Camryn Rabideau, from the writer websites collection.

Since 2016, Camryn Rabideau has been a solo freelance writer working from Rhode Island. She loves to write about a wide range of topics, keeping her articles light hearted and positive in tone.

Screenshot of Blake Hester, from the writer websites collection.

Currently working for Game Informer Magazine, Blake Hester is a seasoned writer for the gaming industry. His freelance articles and opinions have been featured in Rolling Stone and Game Spot among many others.

Screenshot of Natasha Writes, from the writer websites collection.

Natasha is a freelance writer with a service menu that includes blog creation, article and copywriting. Technology is one of her favorite topics to write about, and she’s helped tech companies fine tune their message through the use of words.

Screenshot of Shanley Cox, from the writer websites collection.

Shanley Cox is the talented writer and photographer behind her company Shanley Cox Creative. Brands can hire Shanley to help form their message using her words in copywriting, blog writing and social media content.

Screenshot of Amanda Loudin, from the writer websites collection.

The Washington Post, ESPN and NBC are just a few outlets you may find Amanda’s award-winning articles. Her passion for telling a great story combined with years of experience, have earned her amazing reviews from clients.

Screenshot of Meredith Hoffa, from the writer websites collection.

As a writer and an editor, Meredith Hoffa works in Los Angeles on several different types of projects. Her freelance work has been featured in the New York Times, Entertainment Weekly and many other outlets.

Screenshot of Reed Tucker, from the writer websites collection.

Reed Tucker is a writer with a niche in Pop Culture and Entertainment. You can find his work often within the New York Post, but his list of clients and endless articles range much further.

Screenshot of Martha Hayes, from the writer websites collection.

The Los Angeles based British writer by the name of Martha Hayes creates articles in a variety of different industries ranging from entertainment to personal grief. She also has a passion for interviews and bringing them to life for her readers.

Screenshot of Monica Reinhard, from the writer websites collection.

Freelance writer Monica Reinhard applies her proofreading and writing skills to legal documents, blog posts, resumes and more. Her professionalism with words aims to save her clients time and money while perfecting their image.

Screenshot of Andy Barton, from the writer websites collection.

Andy Barton is a writer and musician currently living in Georgia. His freelance writing work includes copywriting and writing bios for bands and musicians which combines both of his specialties.

Screenshot of Joakim Book, from the writer websites collection.

Joakim Book is a freelance writer and financial fanatic. Historical and current economics are a couple of his favorite topics to write about, adding his unique personality to his writing.

Screenshot of Leslie Osmond, from the writer websites collection.

Content creator and freelance writer Leslie Osmond, combines writing and financial topics for much of her content. Her lifestyle growing up in Colorado as well as life experiences, have landed her in this specific niche that is meaningful to her.

Screenshot of Joanne Carew, from the writer websites collection.

Joanne Carew has been freelance writing for many different types of companies for over five years. Her services include article writing, content creation and transforming ideas into organized words on paper.