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28 Excellent Examples of Teacher Websites

Last Updated May 25 2021

Written By Steve Benjamins

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A variety of inspiring websites from music teachers, language teachers, elementary school teachers and more.

A good rule of thumb for teacher websites is to be human. Don’t be afraid to write like you would talk and make sure to include photos of yourself instead of hiding behind stock photography.

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Karing for Postpartum provides on-demand classes to help moms thrive after having a baby. This is a light, airy site that connects with their audience and makes it easy to access their resources.

JP Pullos is a highly recognized photographer based out of New York. He teaches beginner and advanced photography to his students in private online lessons and group lessons in person.

Want to learn to bake and decorate cakes? At Victoria's Kitchen, you can take lessons to do just that. There are group classes for adults as well as children, and you can even rent out the kitchen for your own baking event.

James is an English tutor that has over 10 years of experience teaching a variety of different ages. He has even taught English as a foreign language to total newbies. You can book his services online through his calendar.

River Oaks Dance offers ballet lessons at several different locations in Texas. The owner and instructor is Sara Carbo who has been dancing since the young age of 6, and has been teaching those in that age range for over 15 years.

Laurent is a teacher of the marketing industry in general. He actually holds three different positions that allow him to lecture, one of which is Professor of Strategy and Marketing at Solvay Brussels School.

The Rehearsal Room is located in Texas and offers any type of music lesson you can think of. From piano to guitar, they focus on creating musicians, not just standard classes. You can even take a class in creating a band!

The Math Guru is a company ran by a woman named Vanessa. Vanessa used to strongly dislike the subject of math, and be pretty awful at it. It wasn't until she found a new approach and outlook that this changed. Now, she uses that approach to help others.

Dr. Deb is an author, psychologist and professor. She has been a professor at a university for over 8 years and is a continuing education provider at NYS.

Kyle is a master of math and physics and has been working for many years tutoring in that subject. He works with some as young as elementary all the way up to college and can travel to his clients or tutor at UC Davis.

Gil is a digital designer and educator to design enthusiasts. He teaches on a platform called skillshare where you can find tips on creating simplistic and clean designs.

Amanda Lynch was the founder of Institute at Brown for Environment and Society where research and teachings focus on environment and science. Specifically those with climate and environmental changes in a modern time.

Weronika Zubek teaches art and lettering lessons online. In addition to her teachings, she offers extra resources to really let her students fine tune their skills and get extra benefits from her classes.

Carolina has been a theremin soloist since she was 7 years of age. She developed a new way of teaching called the 8 finger position and now provides lessons and lectures to other musicians worldwide.

K & K Swim school teaches swim lessons from as young as a few weeks and up. Kaylee Kennedy and Karim Zayed are the owners of the school that serves cities within Western Canada.

Erika Gonzalez is a certified dog trainer and behavioral specialist. Erika and her team offer virtual dog training as well as in person. In addition, she also has a mentorship program for those that wish to learn from her and her method of teaching.

Thomas Bosket has had years and years of experience as an educator at Yale University and Pratt Institute to name a couple. He focuses on art and media and takes a different approach that encourages students to use their current knowledge to expand.

Melody Leon owns and operates Makeup and Magick. This company is well rounded in it's teachings. She offers virtual classes that teach makeup application but additionally offers classes in self love, money management and even tarot readings, hence the "magick" portion"

Piano Place offers lessons not only in piano, but in a ton of other instruments. Voice and songwriting are also options at this school where you can take lessons both in person or virtually.

21 Draw teaches those interested to not just become an artist but a true illustrator. The collaboration of several different artists creates courses that focus on characters, body movement and creature posing.

Laura works as an educator at the University of Texas at Dallas School of the Arts, Technology, and Emerging Communication. She teaches all things related to media and prefers repetition as a top method of instruction.

Haley is both an educator and an actor. As a teacher, she provides education that connects the arts with academics, really connecting with the emotional aspect of her students.

Rosie Lane teaches yoga, meditation and Pilates. Her focus of course is on the body, but also women's health in general and finding movement that's both physically and mentally challenging but beneficial.

Erin Sumner is the tutor behind CC Tutoring located in Jacksonville Florida. She supports elementary aged children in any subject needed and can help those with learning disabilities as well.

Katrina Roos is a certified health and wellness coach. She provides coaching and education for her students in both a group and one on one setting. She explores the deeper root cause that creates poor relationships with ourselves and with food.

Chris Ralph is the Cofounder of The Acting Company. He has been teaching voice and acting to students for many years at different universities, private schools and one on one. Currently, he is working at Algonquin College.

Bethany Barnosky is the tutor and teacher behind the company in New Hampshire. She provides math tutoring as well as online classes and can help with your personal curriculum when home schooling by making sure it's giving learners what they need.

Chef Jeff Seligman has a passion for food. Foodies can hire him for in home private lessons on creating a variety of different dishes. He can also teach about the dining experience from display to food.

Christian Dorn is a professional drummer, musician and educator who has worked with many different bands throughout his career. He now has a studio in Texas where he offers private lessons in addition to his free videos on the site.

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