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24 Inspiring Web Designer & Developer Portfolios For 2021

Last Updated July 13 2021

Written By Steve Benjamins

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Here’s the thing with any portfolio: they should show not tell. So a good design gets out of the way and showcases the work.

If you’re a web designer, keep things simple and use whitespace to frame the visitors attention. If you’re a web developer maybe use a blog to show how you think through problems— however you do it, just remember to show your visitors instead of telling them.

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Note: My work is supported by affiliate commissions. Read more »

This web developer has over 10 years of experience in the field. He focuses on simplicity and user friendly ideas that provide functionality in a company website.

Akasha Michelle is a developer and UX designer located in South Dakota. Her creativity and never ending curiosity compliment one another perfectly, making for beautiful designs.

Michael lives in Toronto and offers a ton of different services to his clients including wed design, graphic design and photography. He is also skilled in different software programs like Photoshop and Premier Pro.

Sonja is a freelance web developer and comic creator. She helps take websites to a new level that is both visually appealing as well as well written.

Graduating from UNC-Chapel Hill with a web development degree is just the beginning for this designer. She has already had several internships within design companies that put her problem solving and artistic abilities to good use.

Devon lives in Pennsylvania as a web developer. He works specifically with Squarespace web formats, creates codes, and even has user friendly videos he offers to his clients for tips and tricks.

Kate Gilbert is a designer, illustrator and photographer located in Los Angeles. She has a specific connection to branding, but combines and applies all of her skills to each project.

Daniel Teeny is a designer with a reputation for excellence located in California. He works on website design, branding, logos, photography and more.

Josh's design and development skills can not only create impressive content and design, but he can also rework current projects as well. He specializes in both Squarespace and Shopify.

Alan Sherman is the designer and marketer behind Sherman Website Design. Several years of experience have encouraged professional growth in the ever changing technology world, always learning something new.

Currently working out of Los Angeles, this software engineer and web developer works with iOs and Mac. His love of science led him to discover a passion in program development.

Not only is Michael Lackey an engineer and full stack web developer, he also teaches others about the digital field. Many of the projects he has worked on are in healthcare and solve problems in that line of work.

Jessica Ruiters is located in Toronto. Years ago she started as an Art Director and during that time discovered her passion in web design. Her style consists of beauty and function simultaneously.

Jonathan was a member of the Marine Corps before he became a web developer. He studied at Yale University and offers simplicity in his ideas and designs.

Josh is a web developer and designer that can no doubt create a beautiful website, logo design and mail and marketing services. Even better, he offers training that teaches you how to manage and build your own sites too.

Kevin is a designer and developer located in Arkansas. His work with popular companies such as Home Depot and Mercedes have been recognized with honors more than once.

Kani Leung was born in Hong Kong and moved to New York to obtain her college education. She is now a successful project manager and web developer with her own studio. She creates simple and elegant web designs.

Erin Dawson fell in love with the art of web development many years ago. The combination of logical science and the arts caught her attention and she looks forward to new and exciting projects.

Leilani is a web developer currently working from Seattle and perfecting her UX skills. Every design decision she makes within a project are a reflection of user feedback.

Sam Bohon offers a little bit of everything including web development, marketing, design and administrative. His process is organized and his creativity is explorative creating unique websites and more.

Laura Hines is a designer and developer that earned her degree from Flatiron School in New York. Her designs are sleek, provide problem solving, and create a unique experience using code.

Creating speedy and attractive websites are top priorities for Joe Stanford when working on new projects. He also teaches the client how to easily manage their own website, graphic design and advertising assistance.

Henry Hu is filled with curiosity, creativity and an open mind when working on a project. He appreciates team communication that allows him to focus on the details that matter most.

Lyn has more than 10 years of experience as a professional web developer. She works with many companies helping to make their lives easier, and also shows them how to maintain.

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