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30 Examples Of Event Planner Websites

Last Updated September 26 2022

Juhil Mendpara

Written By Juhil Mendpara

Great event planner websites invite visitors to imagine their own events — how their stage will look, how the lights will shine, how the table decoration will be, how the people in the event will feel, etc.

They typically use white space, plenty of photography, and relevant color schemes & typography (for example, soft pastels and romantic fonts in wedding-related event planner websites).

The event planner is usually not in the spotlight—similar to the actual event day.

Instead, the homepage highlights events and lets visitors discover more about the event planner when they are ready. In other words, the About section, the Contact page, and anything that introduces the event planner or event planning services are secondary in the visual hierarchy.

This is a collection of event planner websites (including some wedding planner websites) that nail all the fundamental elements:

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Screenshot of Calder Clark, from the event planner websites collection.

Calder Clark has been in the wedding & event planning business for over 20 years. They are named the best wedding planners by websites & magazines like Vogue, Brides, Harper’s BAZAAR, and Martha Stewart Weddings.

The first thing in this event planner website’s hierarchy is a couple of bright and beautiful photos highlighting the event and floral decorations. And then, as you scroll, you find more gorgeous photos coupled with excellent copy, testimonials, and CTAs. Everything is introduced with nice animations, beautiful typography, and fantastic soft background color.

Screenshot of Meredith Events, from the event planner websites collection.

Meredith excels at all kinds of events. Here are a few of the tags she uses on her beautiful site: Brand Event Planner, Press Event Planner, Fashion Show Event Planner, Public Relations Event Planner, Influencer Event Planner, Promotional Event Planner, Product Launch Event Planner, and Editorial Event Planner. sigh

The homepage has a great photo highlighting her decoration for a fashion show. Besides that, the website has a typical service website feel to it.

Side note: This website homepage has a lot of text; I’d advise keeping it to a minimum — you can allow visitors to learn more, of course, but sticking all the text upfront may paralyze them.

Screenshot of Lisa Vorce, from the event planner websites collection.

Lisa Vorce is a celebrity wedding planner with accolades from all major magazines.

Also, she herself is pretty much a celebrity in the event planning business. Her company, Lissa Vorce Co, has over 50k Instagram followers and is responsible for some of the most iconic celebrity wedding events, including the wedding of John Legend & Chrissy Teigen.

Among the few event planners who could make the website about themselves and get away with it, she definitely is one. But this website hits the mark by keeping the events at the center. The homepage has just one thing besides navigation: A video of events that’d help visitors imagine the quality of events they would have if they chose the LVCO team for event planning.

Screenshot of Mindy Weiss, from the event planner websites collection.

Mindy Weiss is one of the most popular event planners in the world. She has authored multiple best-selling books on wedding planning and has over 700k followers on Instagram.

She produces weddings and destination weddings, corporate and celebrity events, social celebrations, and non-profit galas.

Her website is professionally designed and looks professional. But at first glance, it looks more like a personal website than a website aimed at showcasing event planning expertise and services (which Mindy Weiss Party Consultants is). For example: Above the fold (i.e., arguably the most crucial portion of a website), everything is about Mindy; the events and photos come after.

Now, this works for her website because her personal brand carries the company, but you should stick to showcasing your event designs upfront unless you have a good reason not to.

Screenshot of Entertee Events, from the event planner websites collection.

Gill Tee founded Entree Events in 1998. The company services include festival and outdoor event planning and production; event styling, production, and management for corporate and private parties and events; location sourcing; talent booking; and more.

As I mentioned multiple times, good event planner websites show events visually for visitors to imagine their own events. One way to show visuals well is to use a website template meant for visuals/galleries (like those used for photography websites or videography websites).

Entree Events does exactly that — they use a photography website template by Squarespace (probably Gates) to show all event photos in a gallery view. Visitors can hover over to know the event and click for more details about Entree Events’ involvement in making the event successful.

Screenshot of 23 Layers, from the event planner websites collection.

23 Layers is an event planning company in New York. They specialize in corporate and social events and have designed and produced events for businesses like Airbnb, Slack, Google, Spotify, and Sephora.

The website is professionally designed: it uses a great color combination, has a perfect typographic hierarchy (it’s especially impressive because the website uses only one font), and has a three-column gallery.

The homepage has more of a business website feel. Visitors need to click Gallery from the navigation bar or CTAs on the homepage to see their work. This design works for 23 Layers because it targets corporate people who are used to visiting service websites. However, I’d still suggest you make things obvious for the visitors, especially if you target regular people (for weddings, birthday parties, etc.).

Screenshot of BDI Events, from the event planner websites collection.

BDI Events is a full-service event planning company specializing in corporate and virtual event planning. But they’ve also planned fundraising events, meetings & conferences, social events, and more.

Since they mainly deal with corporates (and is itself a business), their website has that corporate feel to it: The copy reads corporate; the colors used are corporate; the website hierarchy is typical of a service business website; they use logos of their clients for social proof; etc.

Overall, the homepage has some elements of a typical event planner website — like the background images — but most of how their events look is only on the Gallery page.

Screenshot of Bassett Events, from the event planner websites collection.

Bassett Events handles everything from negotiations and logistics to design and catering for events of all kinds. Their portfolio includes wedding events, business anniversary events, afterparty events, NGO events, and more.

Overall, the website is good — it follows all the event planner website-cum-small business website principles — but some elements could be improved.

For example, the hero section of the homepage has a great video, but it’s presented in a small size in the center. It would look much better if it was full-size and replaced the background image completely (and also auto-played).

Screenshot of Fox Events, from the event planner websites collection.

Lauren started Fox Events in 2013 and grew it ground up to a company that now has its floral team and decor rental warehouse. In addition, they work with the best people (chefs & vendors) across the nation to deliver unforgettable events. Fox Events’ service card includes weddings, corporate & DMC, and social & nonprofit events.

I really like this website. It does everything right. For example, the event images come first in the visual hierarchy; the navigation bar is on point; the thin borders around all sections look nice; the photography throughout is beautiful; the gallery is well-designed; the fonts suit the website well and are easily readable.

Screenshot of Allison Sargent Events, from the event planner websites collection.

Allison Sargent Events has been in the business for over 25 years. It is a full-service event design and planning firm based in New Jersey. They have a great portfolio of planning corporate events, charity events, weddings, destination events, and more.

Firstly, the website does a great job of showing and telling together: On the homepage, they introduce all the types of events they manage.

As a background for each title, they use a related full-sized image to display the kind of event planning and design you could expect from them. For example, here’s them introducing their corporate events service:

Second, I like the parallax scrolling on this website homepage. Scroll and see how background images move with respect to the foreground content.

Screenshot of Marcy Blum, from the event planner websites collection.

Marcy Blum is one of the most sought-after wedding & event planners. She is the owner of Marcy Blum Associates in New York City and has been in the event planning business for over 35 years. She is also an author of multiple wedding planning-related books, including Wedding Planning For Dummies.

Her website features excellent photography, ample social proof, nice typography, and a clear (and perfect) visual hierarchy.

Screenshot of Randi Lesnick, from the event planner websites collection.

Randi Lesnick is the founder of Randi Events, a full-service event designing firm. She started her event management journey in 1998 and has helped many big corporations (like Target, Pepsi, Disney, etc.) and entertainment companies (like Sony, Pandora, MTV, Fox, etc.) design successful events.

Screenshot of Brilliant Event Planning, from the event planner websites collection.

Brilliant Event Planning’s website is nothing short of brilliant and elegant. They have gorgeous photos, suiting fonts, a nice color palette, and all the necessary pages. The site navigation is obvious, and CTAs are well placed.

Their services include full-service event planning for weddings, baby showers, engagement parties, bridal showers, and occasions where love and family are involved.

Screenshot of Spark Event Management, from the event planner websites collection.

Spark is a full-service event management firm based in Calgary, Alberta.

In other words, they handle everything regarding events - project management, financial management, event branding & marketing, logistics, tradeshow sales, etc. They have helped many clients with conferences, summits, not-for-profit events, and more.

Screenshot of Conventures, Inc., from the event planner websites collection.

Conventures is a leading event planning company in New England. They help with virtual events, non-profit events, expos, conferences, sporting events, and other things like marketing & graphic design.

Screenshot of Dover Entertainment, from the event planner websites collection.

Dover Entertainment helps with event design, logistics, production, and more. They are known for live event design and have a good portfolio (with even design work for corporate annual conferences & meetings, parties, and festivals).

Screenshot of The DC Event Planner, from the event planner websites collection.

Planners from The DC Event Planner do a great job designing all types of events - weddings, gatherings, government events, non-profit events…all. And the testimonials on their well-thought-out Success page are proof.

Screenshot of D. R. Roberts Event Management, from the event planner websites collection.

Started in 1997, D. R. Roberts Event Management is a full-service global event planning agency based in Oakland, California. Their services include corporate events & tradeshows, fundraisers, sports & entertainment, weddings, and much more. They also offer event planning coaching and courses to people entering the business.

Screenshot of Tiberias - NYC, from the event planner websites collection.

Tiberias in New York City is a catering planning company. Their website is primarily a restaurant website, but they mention their catering services and have quick navigation to the section on the top menubar.

If event planning (or a subgenre of it) is your secondary service, going the Tiberias way for your website is one good way to go about it.

Screenshot of CBD Meetings and Event Planners, from the event planner websites collection.

The company name can be misleading, but they are your typical event planners. They help with logistics, catering, destination management, and the whole event planning process.

Screenshot of Chef Cordelia, from the event planner websites collection.

Chef Cordelia offers service food & bar catering services in Los Angeles. Since the company focuses on food and drinks, the website highlights just those things instead of the whole event. Their gallery has some fantastic photos of food & drinks and people enjoying them.

Screenshot of Gretchen Larkan Events, from the event planner websites collection.

Gretchen Larkan is the owner and lead event designer of GLE. She has been a professional event planner in various sectors (weddings, non-profit galas, and large corporate events) for over six years.

I like how she presents her work on the website. Unlike most other websites, there are no photos of the whole event on the homepage — she shows just a specific piece of work her team has done. For example, the focus is on floral work, the tables & chairs, balloons, etc.

Screenshot of Cornucopia Events, from the event planner websites collection.

Cornucopia Events’ website is mediocre at best. But they have been involved in designing some high-level events, including film premiers and the White House correspondent’s dinner.

Their client list is massive, with work for most of the world’s major brands like Audi, BMW, Coca-Cola, Deutsche Bank, Estee Lauder, Ford, Google, Honda, Johnnie Walker, L’Oreal, Marks & Spencer, Mercedes, Nike, Nintendo, Nissan, Playboy, Rolex, Toyota, Universal Pictures, and many many more.

It goes to show there are many bigger factors than a good website to win an event planning job. Of course, a website helps showcase and market your expertise and testimonials.

Screenshot of Statt Designs Home & Events, from the event planner websites collection.

Ashley Statt does event planning and home design. Her event services include full wedding planning, coordination, birthday parties, baby showers, and custom events.

Screenshot of CeleCrateCo, from the event planner websites collection.

Allison Inhelder is behind CeleCrateCo. She primarily engages in designing small events & parties and charges per hour. Her pricing is transparent - $55/hr for event planning, $55/hr for event design, and $85/hr for event planning + design.

Screenshot of Engaged and Inspired, from the event planner websites collection.

Michaela is the creator of Engaged and Inspired, which has been featured in many different bridal magazines. She is located in California but works worldwide, offering a variety of different planning services in addition to rentals (such as dessert tables) for the big day.

Screenshot of Chappelow Events, from the event planner websites collection.

Chappelow Event specializes in planning nonprofit events. Plus, they also do custom events and private parties. I am not a fan of the entire website, but it does some things well. For example, I like the navigation bar design and the color scheme used.

Screenshot of Bridal Bliss, from the event planner websites collection.

Bridal Bliss has a strong reputation in the wedding planning industry. With features in Bridal Magazines for their elegant standards, brides will appreciate their attention to detail and one on one support.

Screenshot of The Empress Table, from the event planner websites collection.

This event planning company has over 30 years in the business. Their style is edgy and stylish for a modern vibe to any wedding. Each package is unique and offers something for any budget.

Screenshot of Piper and Muse, from the event planner websites collection.

Piper and Muse is Houston-based, award-winning, and reputable in more ways than one. They offer wedding planning from start to finish. They also offer destination wedding services that will allow your day to go off calmly and collectedly.