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27 Inspiring Examples of Event Websites

Last Updated May 19 2021

Written By Steve Benjamins

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A good event website is about brand. You’re trying to entice someone to get off their computer and attend something— so you want to motivate them with lots of striking photography. Don’t be afraid to exploit their FOMO (fear-of-missing-out).

Beyond that, event websites have a clear and simple goal: sell tickets. So there should always be a clear call-to-action and plenty of scheduling information.

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In Zurich Switzerland you'll find this small and intimate festival that includes low key bands and delicious snacks. It is put on entirely by volunteers and is a non-profit organization that uses any earnings it makes to help put on the next festival.

François Capdeville and Aure Briand-Lyard are the talent behind The Live Experience and the journalistic vibe they capture. Using their photography skills, they capture the moments that tell a story within a performance and try to bring you as close to it as possible.

All Together Now is a celebration of artistry. Musicians, writers and poetry buffs are the focus of the festival. You and your family can camp out for the weekend and enjoy the many stages that are filled with shows and pieces that everyone can enjoy.

Femergy is an organization supporting young females in preparation for the future. Located in Ohio, they prep girls for college, life skills and exploration of career options.

BLOGHER is a website created for the event that occurs each year in celebration of women. The event consists of creators coming from Hollywood, social media influencers and activists that speak about a variety of different subjects on health, women's rights and beauty and wellness.

Jaclyn Johnson is the founder of Create & Cultivate which is a support system for women and small businesses. They have a few different events that they host each year that include public speakers with a wealthy amount of experience in the industry. It's a continuous effort with an ever changing economy and resources.

The Elements Festival is a music and art festival where you can camp out. You can find a variety of art on display and for sale combined with a wild party of electronic music shows. There's a fire, earth and air stage offering different types of music hence the name "elements".

DCYF stands for Department of Children, Youth and Their Families. The mission of this group is to continuously research programs and the growth of our youth within the San Francisco area. They collaborate with a variety of the other organizations to make sure the community is set up for success.

Located in Newport Rhode Island is a yearly festival of all things folk music at Fort Adams State Park. They have a huge lineup of artists in celebration of the art that lasts for the whole weekend. You can get there by water shuttle or bicycle.

Reactor school is for our youthful entrepreneurs ages 13-24. It's a program to inspire and teach young minds and give them on the job tools that will pave the way for success. Schools can adapt the program as well and provide it separately to students with an interest.

Krimi is a festival that celebrates the German culture and festivities in Italy. It is the very first of its kind and uses food, beverages and writers to put on the event. Guest speakers and authors assist in telling their stories throughout the event.

Summit is a franchise gym with many locations throughout Texas. Browse their classes and available options via the site. They offer Yoga classes, leagues, and workshops in a variety of fitness options including awesome indoor rock climbing.

Think Chicago is a platform for technology and overall innovation. It encourages new opportunities and the continuous growth of the economy and opportunities in Chicago. They host several different events that include scholarship programs as well.

This international film festival connects film fanatics located throughout the world. At their scheduled events, passionate leaders come together to learn from one another, exchange ideas and network.

Desertscene London is a company handling promotions and events. With a focus on underground sounds, they also handle tours and specialty club based shows in the UK.

Women's Business Enteprise National Council puts on this special event in Houston Texas. It lasts for 3 days and consists of hundreds of companies that are owned by women that network, brainstorm and learn from one another.

The Richmond Festival is for new performers ready to learn, be seen and be accepted. It is a festival of dance, music and performance. It is separated by talent, and each performance receives gentle criticism following the experience of live performance.

Cyril Salomon and Manon Grimwood created this primarily film festival of their love for the mountains, the energy and scenery it creates. The festival takes place in Europe and France and has been in the works since 2013 and continues to flourish.

This group is for the Youth in ASEAN countries. There are conferences for the youth and 24-7 support for education, and motivation to have a love for learning and leading. The also have a school located in Cambodia call the "Coconut School" made form only recycled materials.

This festival and yearly event is a celebration of story writing and short films. Within this festival, they bring to light specialty films and the talents that work hard to create them. You can find public speakers, workshops and other fun events here.

Global Music and Dance is the ultimate idea of this cultural center. Using events and shows, that hope to expand education and appreciation in the world of dance and music and the many forms it takes.

The San Francisco Mural is a deep documentation of the streets and it stories. Using interviews, photography and videos an artistic book was then created and available to view at San Francisco Museum of Modern Art.

Andy Whittaker created Dogwoof, which is a documentary film production company. They have been nominated for a whopping 24 Oscars for different films and series, and you can find all of their unique work on the website.

A Dickens Festival located in Holly Michigan that has been in celebration for over 45 years. It's a super fun celebration of Christmas and an old school village atmosphere with carriage rides and all.

This festival lasts for 9 days and is highly entertaining collection of independent films. The films and the teams that make them get to mingle, learn and celebrate their efforts. It ends with an awards ceremony for that years very best films.

You can purchase tickets to this show that takes place at the Jerusalem Theatre. It's a musical celebration of the Jewish culture that features guests Benny Friedman, Mordechai Shapiro & Ishay Ribo.

The founder of Daisy Camp is Jennifer. She battled through a divorce many years ago and created this community to allow other women to overcome divorce and the troubles that accompany it. They offer many resources and events such as retreats that help get women where they need to be mentally for the life change.

Women Startup Competition is sponsored by Avon and supports women entrepreneurs through Europe. It's mission is to provide resources and guidance in the early years of business ownership. They use competitions as opportunities for women to find sponsors and investors for their companies.

The Splore Festival takes place in New Zealand and is a magical and expressive event celebrating entertainment and the arts. Each year is a wild dress up party with no rules. Imagination is encouraged through each and every part that you choose to participate in.

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