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21 Examples Of Cartoonist Websites & Portfolios

Last Updated January 5 2024

Written By Steve Benjamins

Whether you do editorial cartoons, comic books or original art— this collection of outstanding cartoonist websites and portfolios will get you inspired.

A good cartoonist website is a showcase. The design should stay out of the way and push the cartoons front and center— that’s what the visitor has come to see.

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Screenshot of Will McPhail, from the cartoonist websites collection.

Sophisticated yet fun, can be words to describe Will McPhail and his artistry skills. As a cartoonist, his resume is stacked. He’s also created a book that will be released in the next year.

Screenshot of Isabella Bannerman, from the cartoonist websites collection.

Isabella Bannerman is a seasoned cartoonist with gigs on MTV, Magazines and Newspaper publishing’s. Beyond short cartoon strips, she also enjoys longer story telling and delivering messages about the health industry through her art.

Screenshot of Evan Lian, from the cartoonist websites collection.

Evan is a Michigan based cartoonist and illustrator that’s been a frequent part of The New Yorker since 2018. His work has been featured in many popular publishing’s and he even has a podcast discussing his line of work.

Screenshot of Sarah Webb, from the cartoonist websites collection.

Originally from Alaska, Sarah Webb now resides in California where she happily creates illustrations of many kinds. Her work in cartoons, comics and background painting have landed her roles with Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network.

Screenshot of Gina Kirlew, from the cartoonist websites collection.

Gina Kirlew is a bubbly cartoon artist and illustrator that adores her career. Her work is cute, yet defined and certainly full of color. Exactly what you’d expect from a cartoonist.

Screenshot of Luke McGarry, from the cartoonist websites collection.

Luke McGarry is currently working in Los Angeles as an illustrator and cartoonist. His client list includes big names like Google, Playboy and Visa. He has a massive lineup of GIFs he’s created as well that have been featured in different outlets.

Screenshot of Seamus Jennings, from the cartoonist websites collection.

Seamus Jennings has been in the art business for years as a cartoonist and illustrator, with impressive editorial work. Currently, he focuses on both writing and illustrating children’s books.

Screenshot of Jenny Atkins Cartoons, from the cartoonist websites collection.

Since she was a small child, Jenny Atkins had a love for drawing and creativity. Her work is strongly inspired by her life in Japan and covers a wide range of topics from technology to fashion.

Screenshot of Rayma Suprani, from the cartoonist websites collection.

Rayma Suprani is from Venezuela, which she has recently relocated from. Her controversial cartoons were criticized due to their reference to politics and other sensitive subjects. Now she is in the United States and freely creates cartoons that hold a political message but also has more light-hearted work as well.

Screenshot of Peter Kuper, from the cartoonist websites collection.

Since 1997, Peter Kuper has been the cartoonist behind the series Spy vs. Spy featured in Mad Magazine. That’s just a small portion of his work in comics, illustration and sketchbook.

Screenshot of Josh McGill, from the cartoonist websites collection.

Josh has been an artist since he was a young boy. As a professional, he has illustrated a ton of different children’s books, is a master in political cartoons and dabbles in graphic design too!

Screenshot of Emil Ernst, from the cartoonist websites collection.

Emil Ernst is a cartoonist working from Denmark. He earned his degree from The Animation Workshop in 2017. His portfolio consists of work in illustration, comics, concept and more.

Screenshot of Jeremy Winslife, from the cartoonist websites collection.

In 2011, Jeremy Winslife’s cartoons and illustrations began being published across major magazines, advertising campaigns and even board games. He continues to be hired for projects that combine his humorous style and artistic ability.

Screenshot of Dr Seuss Art, from the cartoonist websites collection.

You’ve likely seen, read and purchased at least one, if not all of the Dr. Seuss books. Theodor Seuss Geisel is the cartoonist that we all know as Dr. Seuss. His legacy continues on in museums and other unique collections that showcase his illustrations.

Screenshot of Paige Weldon, from the cartoonist websites collection.

Paige Weldon is a successful cartoonist, comedian and creative overall. She can also be heard on certain podcast episodes that are comical, unique and quirky.

Screenshot of Jason Chatfield, from the cartoonist websites collection.

He’s a well-known cartoonist, illustrator and comedian. Jason Chatfield is an Australian artist with a history of pieces featured in the New Yorker, MAD and The Weekly Humorist.

Screenshot of Liam Francis Walsh, from the cartoonist websites collection.

As a cartoonist, author and illustrator, Liam Francis Walsh has won many awards for his work. He has created two children’s books, been featured in The New Yorker and is currently working on a new novel.

Screenshot of Isabella Rotman, from the cartoonist websites collection.

Isabella Rotman is the cartoonist and illustrator behind This Might Hurt Studios. Comic books, educational design and even a deck of tarot cards are featured within her portfolio.

Screenshot of Stephanie Zuppo, from the cartoonist websites collection.

Stephanie Zuppo is a professional cartoonist and designer from Philadelphia. Her current focus is on her love of comics and education, where she hosts workshops to other prospective artists.

Screenshot of Jacob Warhop, from the cartoonist websites collection.

A creative at heart, Jacob Warhop offers cartoon design, advertising and copywriting services. All of which combine seamlessly and have landed him positions with plenty of successful companies to date.

Screenshot of Steve Thueson, from the cartoonist websites collection.

Steve Thueson is a cartoonist from Utah that received his degree in cartooning back in 2017. His work has since appeared in both magazines and different comic publishing’s.