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The Best Landscaping & Gardening Website Templates

Last Updated May 1 2024

Juhil Mendpara

Written By Juhil Mendpara

This is a collection of the best website templates for landscaping, gardening, lawn care, and related service providers. It has the best, suitable templates for each top website building platform, including Squarespace, Wix, Webflow, WordPress, and more.

Sawyer: a Squarespace template.

Sawyer Squarespace Template

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McCurry: a Squarespace template.

McCurry Squarespace Template

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Bloom: a Wordpress template.

Bloom Wordpress Template By CTHthemes

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Bergen: a Squarespace template.

Bergen Squarespace Template

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Oranssi: a Squarespace template.

Oranssi Squarespace Template

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Flourish: a Squarespace template.

Flourish Squarespace Template

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Plantlife Landscaping: a Wix template.

Plantlife Landscaping Wix Template

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Fox Lawn Care: a Wix template.

Fox Lawn Care Wix Template

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The Handy Gang: a Wix template.

The Handy Gang Wix Template

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M&B Remodeling: a Wix template.

M&B Remodeling Wix Template

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Landscape 128: a Webflow template.

Landscape 128 Webflow Template By

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Gardener : a Webflow template.

Gardener Webflow Template By Nicolas Vanlerberghe

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Garden Tree: a Webflow template.

Garden Tree Webflow Template By wcopilot

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The Landscaper: a Wordpress template.

The Landscaper Wordpress Template By QreativeThemes

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Landscaping: a Wordpress template.

Landscaping Wordpress Template By vamtam

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Garden Maintenance: a Wordpress template.

Garden Maintenance Wordpress Template

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Landscape Maintenance - Divi: a Wordpress template.

Landscape Maintenance - Divi Wordpress Template

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Garland : a Wordpress template.

Garland Wordpress Template By zozothemes

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Garden Care: a Wordpress template.

Garden Care Wordpress Template By DesignArc

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GRD: a Wordpress template.

GRD Wordpress Template By SteelThemes

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Landmaster : a Wordpress template.

Landmaster Wordpress Template By 7iquid

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