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50 Examples Of Handyman Websites

Last Updated December 13 2022

Juhil Mendpara

Written By Juhil Mendpara

The best handyman websites are simple—both in web design and content. Your visitors just want quick answers to a few questions, so show them front & center. Anything fancy (like excessive animations or your life story) is just a distraction.

Anyone who visits a handyperson’s website wants to know:

Display answers to all these questions with a straightforward web design. Use simple & readable fonts, a suitable color scheme, and an obvious visual hierarchy that helps visitors quickly scan the website and find answers.

For inspiration, see how the following handyperson websites do it. I dissect the first few for you.

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Screenshot of ToddSunn Company, from the handyman websites collection.

ToddSunn Company by Todd Hauser offers window washing services in the Seattle area. Here’s how the company’s website answers visitors’ questions:

Overall, anyone can scan this website in like 30 seconds and get all the information they want.

Screenshot of Trailside Handyman, from the handyman websites collection.

The website of expert handyman Michael Rodriguez looks amateur-made (probably he made it one afternoon). There’s a lot an expert designer would change in this website, but it’s a perfect handyman website to showcase how answering the fundamental questions and displaying them in a proper hierarchy is 80% of the work.

Potential customers can find all their answers in under a minute:

Screenshot of The Home Team, from the handyman websites collection.

In 1996, The Home Team began as a housekeeping company. Soon they expanded to multiple services - pressure washing, gutter cleaning, yard clean-up, handyperson services, and more. They have separate web pages for all their services.

Here’s how the Handyman Services page looks:

It answers all the questions with short sections for contact details, testimonials, services offered, office address, and well-shot before/after photos.

Screenshot of Fix-It Friend, from the handyman websites collection.

The above three handyman websites are excellent on the “simplicity” front. They have minimal content, and they highlight only the needed pages. Fix-It Friend’s website is the exact opposite.

Check out this handyman website to know what not to do if simplicity is your goal.

Of course, the website’s not all bad. For instance, the project gallery is lovely. Also, all projects under Project Spotlights are well-put.

Screenshot of MRP Services, from the handyman websites collection.

MRP Services’ skilled technicians can handle all of your home repair and maintenance needs. Carpentry, electrical, painting, drywall, and plumbing are among their handyperson services.

This website looks like your typical service website, which is good. People are familiar with the layout and know where the essential information is.

Screenshot of CJ

CJ’s Handyman Services has quick navigation for visitors to find answers to all questions quickly.

Screenshot of Mark Of Interiors, from the handyman websites collection.

Mark Of Interiors offers a range of home improvement services in Blythewood, Killian, Pontiac, Elgin, Lugoff, Ridgeway, Northeast Columbia, and surrounding areas. And they succinctly put all the information on their single-page website.

This website isn’t perfect by any means. For example, some of the text in the hero section is not readable as it’s not contrasting enough (a common design mistake), or the page doesn’t have any testimonials (an obvious content mistake).

But it does have a few elements worth looking into. For example, see the simplicity of the content. While many websites give a blurb for their services, Mark Of Interiors simply lists all the services (and it works perfectly). They also list their service areas similarly. I also like their project gallery:

Screenshot of Pro Property, from the handyman websites collection.

Pro Property offers handyperson services in Switzerland. Everything is well-put on the website, but I especially like this Before & After section on their About page:

Screenshot of Columbus Handyman, from the handyman websites collection.

Columbus Handyman has been serving Central Ohio for over 25 years. Their services include most general contracting and handypeople services - basement remodeling, carpentry, plumbing, electrical, etc.

This website’s excellent. It’s straightforward, and every design choice — from typography to color — represents an experienced contractor company’s website.

Screenshot of Johnny

Johnny’s Handyman Services offers everyday handyman services and more. I like this website’s work gallery and live chat options. The Testimonials navigation link is directed to their Google reviews page, which works, but it’d be better if they had embedded a few of those on the website.

Screenshot of Tyler Mitchell Construction, from the handyman websites collection.

Tyler Mitchell handles carpentry and handyman residential projects for people in the Durham region’s Ajax, Brock, Clarington, Oshawa, Pickering, Scugog, Uxbridge, and Whitby towns.

The website designer Janna Lynn has designed it beautifully, but for some reason, the website is on Shopify (an ecommerce builder). In my opinion, a website builder like Squarespace or Wix would’ve suited the job a lot better. Check out Squarespace vs Shopify or Wix vs Shopify to understand why I think so.

Screenshot of The Britting Group, from the handyman websites collection.

The Britting Group’s primary offering is to take care of all your tedious tasks. This means they provide handyperson services, among others.

This website features beautiful colors, suiting & gorgeous photos, great typography, and an overall friendly design/vibe.

Note: They sell service packages through the website (like the 10 Hours package for $800, 20 Hours for $1400, etc.). And yet, they don’t use Shopify because Squarespace Commerce does the job easily.

Screenshot of Full Circle Lawn Care, from the handyman websites collection.

Full Circle Lawn Care specializes in the creative design, professional installation, and maintenance of landscape plantings, walkways, patios, retaining walls, landscape lighting, water gardens, and other amenities.

This website is professionally designed, and the content is professionally written: The design is clean, the three-column gallery layout with colorful photos looks nice, and the service pages are easy to follow.

Screenshot of OddJob, from the handyman websites collection.

OddJob is a handyman service provider for both residential and commercial places in the Toronto area.

This website’s nice: It features your classic 2015ish-styled business website template, nice professionally-clicked photographs, good icons, and a consistent & well-chosen color scheme.

Screenshot of Smith Handyman Service, from the handyman websites collection.

Smith Handyman Services serves Knoxville, Lenoir City, Oak Ridge, Maryville, Kingston, Powell, and surrounding areas. The service card has a wide range of items - Carpentry, Gutter installation & repair, Drywall repair, Junk removal, Flooring, Electrical, Gutter cleaning, Plumbing, and more.

The website has great photos upfront and minimal content above-the-fold, which I like. They also have a nice blog section that showcases their expertise and a testimonials page that proves they know what they are talking about ;)

Screenshot of Wizard Fix, from the handyman websites collection.

This is the kind of fancy website that doesn’t quite suit the handyman services website. Things on this website (like the heroes section animation) take attention away from important things (like the CTA or reviews).

Screenshot of P5 Painting, from the handyman websites collection.

P5 is a family-owned painting company involved in both residential and commercial projects. Their services include everything from patching minor drywall damage to painting huge retail stores.

This website’s homepage features a clean design and awesome typographic hierarchies.

The project gallery page has a standard design, but it can use more and better-clicked images.

Screenshot of Hillier & Co , from the handyman websites collection.

Hillier & Co is carpentry and decorating business in Dorset servicing the Christchurch, Bournemouth, Poole, Wimborne, and New Forest areas.

This is a friendly, simple website with plenty of testimonials, ample whitespace, an excellent projects gallery, and well-placed CTAs.

Screenshot of Hernandez Handyman, LLC, from the handyman websites collection.

Oscar (the face of Hernandez Handyman, LLC) has been helping San Franciscans with both small and large interior and exterior home projects for over 15 years. His services include painting, all types of installations, furniture assembly, drywall patching, electric fixtures, light plumbing, and more.

Liza Zamarin of LZ Designs has done a good job with website design. It communicates what Oscar does and how well he does well.

Note: This website uses Shopify, but I’d recommend any other easy-to-use website builder for pretty much all handyperson websites.

Screenshot of Murphy

Murphy’s Home Services offers maintenance plans, handyman services, and property management services.

The website looks nice and is great for web design inspiration. However, it lacks a lot of basic content. I couldn’t find where they provide services. Plus, the website doesn’t showcase any testimonials or previous project photos.

You can replicate the website design and add all the necessary content, and your website is golden.

Note: Murphy’s Home Services using Shopify makes sense to some extent because they at least sell something and accept payment online.

Screenshot of Construction Corfu, from the handyman websites collection.

Construction Corfu is a dedicated team of skilled workers that has been building and renovating homes, historical buildings, and commercial sites in Corfu, Greece, for the last ten years.

Screenshot of New Bern Home Improvements, from the handyman websites collection.

Dennis is a hands-on contractor with over 30 years of experience in the building industry. You can expect a smooth and efficiently managed process from start to finish from Dennis. He is serving the New Bern, North Carolina area.

Screenshot of Tanner Flanagan, from the handyman websites collection.

Tanner moved to Jackson in 2004 and has been a painter and handyman for 15 years. He is an excellent resource for design ideas, products that last, and budget-friendly solutions.

He enjoys the science of paint and takes pride in the perfect color or stain match. His projects history includes painting for large commercial projects to small rental units.

Screenshot of Hire Ralph, from the handyman websites collection.

Ralph has been in the handyperson services and contracting business for more than 15 years. He is from Florida and serves Miami, FL, and surrounding areas.

Screenshot of Streamline Services, from the handyman websites collection.

Streamline Services is a family-operated business in Rio Rancho, NM. Mekali and Tyler Olson help people with home cleaning and more with the support of their 10-year-old daughter and 2 dogs.

They are soon launching handyperson services, and they use their website to communicate that. But, of course, they primarily share about the home cleaning services on the website.

Screenshot of One & Done Handyman, from the handyman websites collection.

One and Done Handyman is a local Kansas City handyman company serving the metro since 2016. The experienced team of handymen and subcontractors are perfect for all the fixing Kansas City people need.

Screenshot of Handyman Connection, from the handyman websites collection.

Handyman Connection is the go-to company for many homeowners across North America. They offer everything from carpentry and remodeling to painting and plumbing services.

The company’s been in the business since 1991 and has franchises throughout the USA. Each Handyman Connection franchise is locally owned and operated.

Screenshot of The Handy Squad, from the handyman websites collection.

The Handy Squad was established in 2005. It has offices in Fulham and a great team of experienced handypeople, carpenters, electricians, and more, helping people throughout London.

This website is your typical small business website.

Screenshot of Convivium Contracting Corporation, from the handyman websites collection.

Convivium group is a construction company specializing in residential renovations, construction & handyman services in west Calgary.

Screenshot of One Man & A Toolbox, from the handyman websites collection.

One Man & A Toolbox has been in the professional handyman services business since 1997. They take on both commercial and residential projects, as apparent from the link text on the navigation bar.

Screenshot of Reddi Repair, from the handyman websites collection.

I love the hero text of Reddi Repair: “Free Your Weekends”. It communicates that they provide repairing services that the customers can do themselves but would rather not do.

Screenshot of C-MAC Services, Inc., from the handyman websites collection.

C-MAC offers a range of services (including handyman services) to commercial and residential owners. And they communicate all of it well with their professional-looking website.

Screenshot of Handyman Services of CT, from the handyman websites collection.

Handyman Services of CT uses the Handyman template by Squarespace to share about the business. The website has too much information for my liking (three paragraphs about the service, unnecessary descriptions of the services, 10 testimonials on the homepage, etc.), but it’s easy to scan.

Screenshot of Jeterbuilt Construction, from the handyman websites collection.

Jeterbuilt lists all their handyman services on the homepage and has a separate, well-designed page describing all the services with a professional video and suitable photos.

Screenshot of Cal Pacific Roofing, from the handyman websites collection.

Cal Pacific Roofing primarily offers roofing services. But they also offer construction services, including handyman services, gutter cleaning and repair, skylights, fencing, decks, doors, drywall, and more. And that’s exactly what the website conveys through the minimal, one-page website.

This website is too minimal, though. It skips important content like testimonials.

Screenshot of Hourly Husbands Handyman Service, from the handyman websites collection.

The Hourly Husbands Handyman Service website does beat around the bush a bit (like by adding an “Our Mission” section up top), but overall it’s a fundamentally solid website. Clear navigation, consistent color scheme, readable fonts, nice testimonials page with three featured testimonials and links to Google and Yelp reviews, and nice photos.

Screenshot of Gadget Guy MN, from the handyman websites collection.

Paul Burnstein describes himself as the tech handyman. His services include In-Home Support for Computers, iPads, Tablets, and Smartphones-related problems.

Screenshot of Handyman Services in DC, from the handyman websites collection.

Handyman Services in DC website is keyword stuffed for SEO. Everything from domain to headings and content on the homepage to navigation link texts tries to tell Google, “Hey, down here, we are the handyman services in DC.”

I’d recommend against this strategy or ask to do it better because this ruins the reader’s experience. Plus, it likely won’t get good results because most of the top SERPs are from Google or other review sites like Yelp, Houzz, Angi, etc.

The website design is decent, though.

Screenshot of House Doctors, from the handyman websites collection.

House Doctors has franchises across the US that help with small projects & repairs. The website of House Doctors has the classic 2015ish service website vibe.

Screenshot of Fixer, from the handyman websites collection.

Fixer sends its people to fix electrical, door repair, plumbing, painting, and other problems in Chicago, Naperville, Dallas, Seattle, and Denver.

Screenshot of Honest Renovators , from the handyman websites collection.

This is a nicely designed website and has a fantastic copy. The website looks fancy but communicates what it wants to communicate: The navigation helps get to important sections, CTAs are well-placed, the color scheme is a bit unusual for a contractor/handyperson website, but it works, and the pictures are nice.

Screenshot of The Ultimate Handyman, from the handyman websites collection.

Just like the Honest Renovators site, The Ultimate Handyman website has a bit too much content. But unlike the Honest Renovators site, this site is a bit overwhelming and crowded. Nothing and everything is in focus…which you should avoid when making your website.

Screenshot of Roby Services, from the handyman websites collection.

Roby Services offers a nice chat button to book any of their services - electrical, handyman, plumbing, etc. The website lacks a few things, but I like the color scheme and how “professional” everything looks.

Screenshot of ECOCLEAN, from the handyman websites collection.

Ecoclean’s website is sleek. It has tasteful animations, good color choices, relevant visual elements, and obvious hierarchy. However, it does lack some essential elements (like Testimonials, for example).

Screenshot of Gaspar

This design + remodel + handyman website starts nicely but then gets clunky. You can use the above-the-fold section for your website inspiration.

Screenshot of Zach of all trades, from the handyman websites collection.

I love the wordplay of Zachary Brown’s Zach of all trades. I also like a lot about this website, like it features testimonials right below the hero section, it has a good gallery, etc. However, I don’t care much for in-your-face color and font choice.

Screenshot of Seattle Best Handyman, from the handyman websites collection.

Located in Seattle, Washington, Seattle Best Handyman is a full-service handyman services provider. They offer home renovation and repair, framing, insulation, electrical, HVAC, drywall, painting, and many more services.

Screenshot of Shadow Creek Home Service, from the handyman websites collection.

Shadow Creek Home Service is a handyman and contractor in the Houston area. The company’s website has some unnecessary animations (like the on-hover animations in the services list) and an unusual web design.

Tip: Stick to the obvious when designing your website. People look for a navigation bar at the top, so keep it there.

Screenshot of Mr Does All, from the handyman websites collection.

Mr. Does All is a known handyman service provider in Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan, Bronx, and Staten Island.

And for the business, this website is well-structured. For example, the CTAs to get estimates in the hero section suit it because it’s already popular. On top of that, they also have enough information for people who don’t know them.

Screenshot of Holton Handyman, from the handyman websites collection.

The Holton Handyman website looks dated and is bad from a web design perspective in many ways, but it sure communicates most of what a handyperson website should communicate.