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24 Examples Of Virtual Assistant Websites

Last Updated January 5 2024

Juhil Mendpara

Written By Juhil Mendpara

This is a collection of well-designed virtual assistant websites. See example websites from successful social media managers, administrative specialists, general VAs, niche VAs, and more.

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Screenshot of Danielle B Digital, from the virtual assistant websites collection.

Danielle B Digital offers specialized virtual assistant and social media management services for photographers. She handles social media, copywriting, blogging, and email management, allowing photographers to focus on their craft.

The website has a user-friendly layout with clear headings and easy navigation. The clean design blends well with the muted color palette, complementing the photography theme. High-quality images add a personal touch, effectively communicating the brand’s message and services.

Screenshot of Jeca Martinez, from the virtual assistant websites collection.

Jeca’s website introduces her as a vibrant and creative social media manager, video creator, and GIF animator. Her colorful and eclectic approach is reflected in her offerings to create an authentic online presence for brands and businesses.

The website uses bold fonts and a free-form layout with playful graphics and bright colors to showcase her creative spirit. It effectively communicates her unique style and engaging content creation and social media management services.

Screenshot of Jessica Conner, from the virtual assistant websites collection.

Jessica Conner is a business consultant who specializes in virtual assistance, business management, and operational streamlining to help business owners build and grow their companies.

The website for Jessica Conner features a monochromatic color scheme with a clean, modern design that speaks to her professional brand. The use of black-and-white photography adds a sophisticated touch, while the navigation is straightforward, ensuring that visitors can easily understand the range of services offered. The overall design supports her branding as a provider of structured, professional consulting services.

Screenshot of Holly Roberson, VA, from the virtual assistant websites collection.

Holly is a virtual assistant for creative entrepreneurs. She specializes in content, design, and marketing with a focus on providing a positive and stress-free experience for her clients.

Her website has a professional and modern design with a neutral color palette that creates a sense of calm and organization. The well-spaced content and high-quality images reinforce the branding as a detail-oriented and creative professional, and clear calls to action encourage engagement.

Screenshot of Crown Creatives Virtual Services, from the virtual assistant websites collection.

Crown Creatives Virtual Services provides values-based content creation services, focusing on crafting meaningful and impactful content that aligns with the values of their clients.

The website’s bold color scheme, dominated by purple, creates a sense of creativity and uniqueness. Its straightforward design, with clear headings and easy-to-read fonts, makes the information easily accessible. Client testimonials add credibility, while strategically placed calls to action boost user engagement, making the design effective for its purpose.

Screenshot of Virtual Creative Co., from the virtual assistant websites collection.

Virtual Creative 8 offers holistic operational, systems, and social strategy support to help business owners reclaim their time and maintain their peace of mind.

The website has a simple and elegant design with a calming color palette. It uses plant imagery to reinforce the idea of growth and nurturing, in line with its goal of helping businesses succeed. The website is easy to navigate and communicates the brand’s value proposition effectively.

Screenshot of MadSavvy VA, from the virtual assistant websites collection.

MadSavvyVA is a digital marketing and social media management agency focused on supporting ambitious and innovative female entrepreneurs. They offer services like content creation and digital marketing to help scale their businesses.

The website uses a bold and dynamic design with geometric shapes, earth tones, and pops of orange and green.

Screenshot of Sonia Smith Creative, from the virtual assistant websites collection.

Sonia Smith VA offers virtual assistant services for the wedding industry, helping professionals manage their workload and save time.

The website design features a professional yet inviting aesthetic, with pastel colors and clean typography. The layout is user-friendly, showcasing services with engaging visuals and concise descriptions. The site effectively uses testimonials and calls to action to market the business.

Screenshot of Keeping The Creativity, from the virtual assistant websites collection.

Keeping the Creativity is a virtual assistant service that assists business owners, particularly in the creative and design industries, with administrative tasks.

Their website design is contemporary and inviting, featuring personal photography and friendly text to create a relatable and approachable feel. The design effectively communicates their supportive and collaborative approach to virtual assistance, with clear navigation and client testimonials to build trust.

Screenshot of First District Studio, from the virtual assistant websites collection.

First District Studio offers virtual assistance and operational consulting services. The website’s minimalist design and monochromatic color scheme, combined with professional photography, create a calming and organized atmosphere. Clear calls-to-action encourage users to explore services and engage with the brand.

Screenshot of Karisa Dally Virtual Assistant, from the virtual assistant websites collection.

Karissa Daily’s website offers virtual assistant services to help business owners concentrate on growing their businesses. The warm and minimalistic design uses personal branding photography and elegant typography to create a professional atmosphere. The website is easy to navigate, making it simple for potential clients to learn more about Karissa’s services.

Screenshot of Kayleigh

Kayleigh’s Got It! features a virtual assistant service focused on administrative help, with a personal touch emphasizing the relief provided from daily business tasks.

The website has a bold, user-friendly design, with vibrant colors, clear navigation, and a simple three-step process. It offers stress-free admin support.

Screenshot of The Organised VA, from the virtual assistant websites collection.

The Organised VA’s website is targeted at health and wellness professionals, offering services like podcast editing, email marketing, and general virtual assistance to streamline their operations.

The website boasts a clean, modern design with a refreshing teal color scheme that reflects a health and wellness vibe. High-quality images and clear, concise service descriptions make the site welcoming and easy to navigate. Its effective use of testimonials adds credibility, and the prominent call-to-action for booking a discovery call is well-placed to convert visitors into potential clients.

Screenshot of Emily Reagan, from the virtual assistant websites collection.

Emily Reagan’s website offers digital marketing training for freelancers.

The playful design, with pastel colors and whimsical star patterns, aligns with the “freelance unicorn” theme. Users can access free resources, podcasts, and calls-to-action for engagement and learning opportunities. The website effectively captures attention and directs visitors towards learning online marketing skills.

Screenshot of The Imani Michelle, from the virtual assistant websites collection.

Imani Michelle offers self-care and intentional planning resources & services to help individuals achieve their goals and organize their lives.

The website’s design promotes a serene and warm environment in line with the self-care and intentional living theme. The minimalistic design and use of whitespace create a spacious and uncluttered look, which aligns with the brand’s message. The user-friendly layout encourages visitors to explore the content and services.

Screenshot of Samantha Alice, from the virtual assistant websites collection.

Samantha is an ecommerce consultant with a bright, colorful website. Her main services are administration, creative, Shopify, and events. She includes testimonials, links to her social media— LinkedIn and Instagram— and a portfolio of past projects.

Screenshot of Hello Daisy Digital, from the virtual assistant websites collection.

Hello Daisy Digital provides virtual assistance services to enhance productivity for businesses. Her tailored packages include social media support, Pinterest management, and creative design.

This website has a fresh and modern design with a clean layout. Soft whites, pastels, and bold yellow accents add vibrancy, while circles and rounded edges create a friendly feel. This design successfully portrays the brand as a contemporary and approachable service for businesses looking to outsource tasks and focus on growth.

Screenshot of EC Virtual Services, from the virtual assistant websites collection.

EC Virtual Services specializes in helping business coaches and podcast professionals grow their audience by repurposing content and managing their podcasts, enabling them to build teams and delegate less desirable tasks​​.

Screenshot of LawVA Virtual Assistant, from the virtual assistant websites collection.

LawVA specializes in virtual assistance for legal professionals, offering a range of administrative and organizational services.

The website’s professional and clean design prioritizes text over visuals, reflecting the legal field it serves. Orange highlights and a simple layout make information accessible, with easy navigation to services and contact details. It supports the brand’s focus on efficient and expert legal administrative support.

Screenshot of Amanda Kime, from the virtual assistant websites collection.

Amanda Kime’s website highlights her virtual assistant services for entrepreneurs. It features a colorful and dynamic design, personal photos, and playful typography, showcasing her unique personality. The navigation is simple, providing easy access to her portfolio and blog.

Screenshot of Envision Virtual Assistance, from the virtual assistant websites collection.

Envision Virtual Assistance offers strategic support and a touch of creativity to passionate entrepreneurs to conquer their business goals​​.

Screenshot of Sarah Fletcher | Virtual Assistant , from the virtual assistant websites collection.

Sarah Fletcher is a virtual assistant who offers efficient business support and project management services to clients.

Her website features a simple and clean design with ample whitespace, emphasizing organization and efficiency. The soft color palette and personal storytelling add a friendly touch to the professional layout, conveying trust and competence. The website clearly outlines services and encourages engagement.

Screenshot of Less Task , from the virtual assistant websites collection.

Less Task offers virtual assistant services for business owners in Canada, taking on administrative tasks to free up their time. The site features a minimalist design with a simple and efficient navigation, detailing the services offered and inviting users to book a consultation. The clean and unfussy aesthetic aligns well with the brand’s promise of reducing clients’ workloads, decluttering their busy lives.

Screenshot of EG Virtual Solutions, from the virtual assistant websites collection.

EG Virtual Solutions offers services to business owners looking to delegate tasks for smoother operations, emphasizing ease and efficiency. The site highlights its bilingual capabilities, being fluent in both English and Spanish, catering to a diverse range of clients​​.