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37 Well-Designed Influencer Websites

Last Updated October 12 2023

Juhil Mendpara

Written By Juhil Mendpara

This is a collection of some of the most well-designed influencer websites. The list includes all types of websites - influencers’ personal brand websites, professional/business websites, online stores, portfolio sites, blogs, etc.

I have tried to include all types of influencers—from micro-influencers to mega-influencers and social media celebrities, and from influencers creating makeup content, comedy skits, and reaction videos to influencers in tech and journalism.

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Screenshot of Johnny Harris, from the influencer websites collection.

Johnny Harris is an Emmy-nominated American filmmaker, journalist, and YouTuber known for his geopolitical series “Borders” on Vox. Post-Vox, he continues exploring global issues on his personal YouTube channel, also contributing to The New York Times, amassing over 4 million subscribers.

This site serves as a portfolio for Johnny, showcasing his work as a filmmaker and journalist. It includes a page about his biography, his works (which include Vox Borders), a link to his Presets and LUTs shop, a contact page for inquiries​, a form to collect ideas (currently 404), and other typical stuff​.

Screenshot of Peter McKinnon, from the influencer websites collection.

Peter McKinnon is a photographer, videographer, and YouTuber from Toronto. His 5 million+ subscribers YouTube channel has some awesome tutorials that help others learn in a fun way. His Instagram page, with 3 million+ followers, is where he shares his superbly edited photos.

Peter’s website acts as a dual platform of an ecommerce store and a portfolio:

Screenshot of Gaby Melian - Gaby’s Kitchen, from the influencer websites collection.

Gaby Melian is an Argentinian chef, author, YouTuber, and Instagram influencer known for her expertise in the culinary field. She was previously the Kitchen Manager at Bon Appétit and now has a significant presence all over social media, including Instagram (nearly 250k followers) and YouTube (~80k subscribers), where she shares her culinary skills and knowledge​.

Her website acts as a sort of personal brand website (with links to her social media and a short bio) + author website (with her books visible front and center).

Screenshot of Andrew Huang, from the influencer websites collection.

Andrew is a Toronto-based music and video producer known for his versatile music skills and unique musicianship. He has over 2.3 million YouTube subscribers, where he shares his music and cool stories about music, instruments, behind-the-scenes, and more.

Andrew Huang’s Website serves as a portfolio and a hub for his various creative projects in music. The homepage features a brief bio, and there are separate pages where visitors can learn about his music, watch videos, check out his gear setup, and explore his discography. There’s also a page for his merchandise, enabling fans to purchase branded apparel and accessories. The site also provides links to his social media and other platforms where fans can explore his work further​.

Screenshot of Feastable by Mr Beast, from the influencer websites collection.

Mr Beast is perhaps the most popular YouTuber. He has over 180 million subscribers on his main channel and 100 million+ more on other channels combined. Feastables is among his most successful entrepreneurial ventures.

Its website landing page with a semi-flat design uses the classic blue and pink MrBeast color scheme. It also has all the MrBeast elements sprinkled throughout the website - massive giveaways, philanthropy, an image of Jimmy, aka MrBeast, etc.

Other than the whole MrBeast branding and modern web design, the website has snappy and easy navigation, accessibility settings, a live chat/chatbot, social media buttons, logical structure, and perfectly placed CTAs.

From a marketing-on-the-site viewpoint, they use popups and spin-to-win wheels to collect emails for email marketing, they have a chatbot to increase conversions, and they have put average reviews at the top of each product page to give visitors social proof, etc.

Screenshot of Kylie Cosmetics by Kylie Jenner, from the influencer websites collection.

Kylie Cosmetics is the homegrown brand of one of the biggest social media celebrities, Kylie Jenner, who has nearly 400 million Instagram followers.

This $1.2 billion brand is known to sell out its collection in minutes. And during sales season, the traffic spike is good enough to crash just about any platform…except, of course, Kylie Cosmetics’ choice, i.e., Shopify. In 2016, Shopify made possible one of the largest product launches in ecommerce history — Kylie Cosmetics attracted over 200k site visitors, and Shopify handled it.

Screenshot of iJustine, from the influencer websites collection.

Justine Ezarik, aka iJustine, is a tech reviewer, host, New York Times best-selling author, and video editor. She has been creating online content for over two decades, accumulating over a billion views on her YouTube channel. She has also guest-starred on various TV shows and collaborated with numerous notable brands​​.

Her website features a collection of her work, updates, and a podcast she hosts with her sister. It also invites visitors to join her mailing list and follow her on all social media pages.

Screenshot of Maverick by Logan Paul, from the influencer websites collection.

Logan Paul is an American YouTuber and social media personality with over 26 million Instagram followers and 23 million YouTube subscribers. After finding massive success as an entertainer, he is now also considered a well-rounded businessman. He has multiple entrepreneurial ventures. His clothing line, Maverick, is one of his most profitable ones.

Screenshot of PRIME By Logan Paul x KSI, from the influencer websites collection.

PRIME is a popular energy/hydration drink company. It was started by Logan Paul and KSI, who have 50 million Instagram followers combined.

This website is the online store of PRIME. You can find a variety of flavored beverages under categories like ‘Hydration,’ ‘Hydration+ Sticks,’ and ‘Energy.’ The site also provides information about where to buy their products in-store in different countries.

Screenshot of Amanda Cerny, from the influencer websites collection.

Amanda Cerney became popular on Vine and has now successfully built an audience across social media. Her Instagram account has 22 million+ followers, and her TikTok page has over 10 million followers.

This website is a one-stop place to know everything about her: see her acting portfolio, the brands she is associated with, the causes she supports, and more.

Screenshot of John Green, from the influencer websites collection.

John Green is a The New York Times bestselling author of several books, including “Looking for Alaska” and “The Fault in Our Stars.” He is also one-half of the ‘vlogbrothers,’ ‘Crash Course,’ and several other YouTube channels with 10 million+ subscribers combined. He also hosts the critically acclaimed podcast “The Anthropocene Reviewed.”

John Green’s website elegantly showcases his published works, featuring a concise bio and his latest book on the homepage. Its clean, modern design offers easy navigation through a drawer to essential pages like his blog, YouTube, podcast, store, and contact information. Separate pages list all his books and provide access to his podcast and vlog, along with a FAQ section for those seeking insights on Green or writing advice.

Screenshot of Duncan Trussell Family Hour, from the influencer websites collection.

Duncan Trussell is a stand-up comedian, podcaster, writer, and actor. He has over 400k followers and hosts the now 570+ episode “Duncan Trussell Family Hour” podcast.

His website primarily hosts the Duncan Trussell Family Hour podcast, i.e., it’s a podcast website. The homepage displays the latest episodes, each with a description and links to the guests’ work or projects. The site also provides links to Duncan’s social media, offers promotional deals from sponsors, and has a section for merchandising.

Screenshot of Tsuki Market, from the influencer websites collection.

This brand offers unisex clothing and home products, ethically made and created by Felix Kjellberg (aka PewDiePie, 100M+ YouTube subscribers) and Marzia Bisognin. The website features a variety of products, including apparel, accessories, and home decor items, all designed with creative and fun aesthetics.

Screenshot of James Hoffmann, from the influencer websites collection.

James Hoffman is a coffee expert who has been working in the coffee industry since 2003, authored a book, and started several coffee-related companies. He also has a popular YouTube channel where he shares his tips and thoughts on coffee and everything surrounding it (from roasting beans to coffee machines).

His website provides insights into his work in coffee, links to his social media accounts, and a contact option. It also hosts his “The Ultimate Series” - a series of recipes to make the ultimate coffee, and “Weird Coffee Science” - a series where James teaches making weird coffee.

Screenshot of Jeffree Star Cosmetics, from the influencer websites collection.

Social media personality Jeffree Star runs one of the world’s biggest YouTube channels (15 million+ subscribers) in the beauty and make-up space. Like most big celebrities in the space, he also runs his cosmetics and fashion line — this is the business’s official website.

Screenshot of Skims by Kim Kardashian, from the influencer websites collection.

Skims is an underwear and shapewear brand by TV celebrity and social media star Kim Kardashian. Kim has over 365 million followers on Instagram!

Screenshot of Icelandic Explorer, from the influencer websites collection.

Icelandic Explorer showcases the work of Reykjavik-based photographer Gunnar Freyr. He isn’t a “social media influencer” but has been recognized as a creator/maker by Squarespace.

His beautiful Squarespace site features a blog, a section for Gunnar’s photography projects categorized by themes like wildlife, nature, commercial, etc., a store selling prints and other products, and a page detailing workshops and events hosted by Gunnar.

Screenshot of Corey Rae, from the influencer websites collection.

Corey is an activist, actor, model, producer, and writer aiming to break stigmas surrounding the transgender community by educating and entertaining through her work and words.

Corey Rae’s website is a blended space of a personal blog, portfolio, and educational platform. It’s designed as a safe space for both transgender and cisgender individuals, aiming to break stigmas surrounding the transgender community through education and entertainment.

Screenshot of Fieldcraft Home, from the influencer websites collection.

Alivia Fields is a photographer and DIY enthusiast who shares her love for simple living, repurposed goods, and thoughtful design through her blog. She shares similar things in Reels with her 91k Instagram followers.

Fieldcraft Home primarily hosts her blog, but it also features a shop, a portfolio of her work, and an option to book their Airbnb. The site extends an invitation to explore Alivia’s world of creativity and simple living philosophies through her writings and projects.

Screenshot of Laura Melhuish-Sprague, from the influencer websites collection.

The influencer behind this website has about 90k YouTube subscribers and 40k Instagram followers.

Laura Melhuish-Sprague’s website, Living My Style, is a personal blog that chronicles her life journey alongside her partner, Oliver. They share their experiences of moving from London to the South West of England, purchasing and renovating a Victorian fixer-upper, and their daily life adventures, including family and travels. The website has a casual, friendly tone and invites readers to follow along their life ventures, showcased through blog posts and YouTube videos.

Screenshot of Binging With Babish, from the influencer websites collection.

Andrew Rea, known as Babish, is a self-taught chef and filmmaker with a popular YouTube cooking show, “Binging with Babish,” where he explores fictional foods. He combines his love for teaching, cooking, and film from his Brooklyn kitchen​. His YouTube channel has over 10 million subscribers.

His website features recipes inspired by various movies and shows, each accompanied by a video and detailed instructions. It’s sort of like a well-formatted text version of his videos. Additionally, it houses a blog, FAQs, equipment lists, and links to Babish’s cookbooks and cookware for sale.

Screenshot of Mark Tilbury, from the influencer websites collection.

Mark is a self-made millionaire based in London, England. He teaches business, personal finance, and investing to the next generation through his YouTube channel (almost 2 million subscribers).

His website is a personal brand platform showcasing his journey from a school-leaver to a self-made millionaire. It’s a blend of a personal blog and a hub for his YouTube channel. The site reflects his passion for educating the next generation on financial literacy. Additionally, it features a ‘Press’ section for his media appearances and a ‘Contact’ page for business inquiries.

Screenshot of Julie Solvstrom, from the influencer websites collection.

Julie Solvstrom’s website is a neat portfolio showcasing her expertise in design and illustration. The site is structured into sections including Design, Illustration, Shop, and About, offering a glimpse into her creative works and a shop for purchasing her designs. It also has a contact section for inquiries and a link to her (40k+ followers) Instagram profile for further engagement with her artwork.

Screenshot of Jimmy Tries World, from the influencer websites collection.

A website featuring content from Jimmy, a YouTube content creator based in Houston, Texas. He started his channel, Jimmy Tries World (now at 180k+ subscribers), in 2016 to make videos on technology from an average person’s perspective, often incorporating humor.

Screenshot of Ankur Warikoo, from the influencer websites collection.

Ankur Warikko is an internet entrepreneur, content creator, author, and investor based in India, known for his educational content aimed at fostering awareness. He was the founding CEO of Groupon India and has a following of over 8 million across various social media platforms.

His website offers insight into his ventures, books, and educational courses. Warikoo shares his thoughts through a blog and connects with his community via various social media platforms listed on the site​.

Screenshot of Zach King Team, from the influencer websites collection.

This is a website for Zack King’s Los Angeles-based production studio that brings magic and wonder to the world through social media. The video produced by this team reaches hundreds of millions of viewers across Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook.

The website details Zach King’s massive social media reach, with sections dedicated to speaking engagements and opportunities to join the team.

Screenshot of Lele Pons, from the influencer websites collection.

Lele Pons is an internet personality, actress, singer, dancer, and host known for her videos on Vine and YouTube. She has over 44.5 million followers on Instagram as well. Her website is very basic, with not much besides links to her music, videos, and social media.

Screenshot of D

D’Amelio Footwear is a women’s footwear brand launched by Heidi, Dixie, and Charli D’Amelio, who combined have 100s of millions of followers across TikTok and Instagram.

Screenshot of The Blonde Salad, from the influencer websites collection.

This is a popular fashion and lifestyle blog by influencer Chiara Ferragni (who also has 30 million+ Instagram followers!). The blog shares insights into the latest fashion trends, style tips, and lifestyle content, with features on various fashion events and celebrities.

Screenshot of Sommer Ray

Sommer Ray is a model and influencer with over 25 million followers. This is her official online shop offering a collection of women’s activewear, workout shorts, and yoga shorts.

Screenshot of Quotidian Writer, from the influencer websites collection.

Quotidian Writer by Diane Callahan offers videos and articles filled with practical advice to assist aspiring authors in improving their writing craft and becoming published. Diane is a developmental editor and ghost plotter, and her niche-popular YouTube channel, Quotidian Writer, provides practical tips for aspiring authors.

Screenshot of Nathaniel Drew, from the influencer websites collection.

Nathaniel Drew is a content creator who explores themes of mental clarity and intentional living through his videos and writings. The website offers insights into his journey, thoughts, and his editing, animation & filmmaking master course, Frame by Frame.

Screenshot of Alicia Souza, from the influencer websites collection.

Alicia is a renowned illustrator and entrepreneur. Her website is a store filled with happy products designed to make you smile wide, featuring various items, including planners, calendars, stationery, home decor, and fashion accessories.

Screenshot of Christy Anne Jones, from the influencer websites collection.

Christy Anne Jones is a writer and video maker who searches for magic in ordinary objects. The website features her work, including an illustrated guide & memoir titled “A Year in Tōkyō,” detailing 13 magical months spent exploring the city. It also offers insights into her thoughts and projects, and a link to her Patreon for behind-the-scenes content and updates.

Screenshot of David Imel, from the influencer websites collection.

David is a storyteller working across various mediums, including writing, photography, and video. The website showcases his diverse portfolio, including features, reviews, portraits, product photography, landscapes, urban photography, video reviews, and narrative and educational videos.

Screenshot of Joe Rogan, from the influencer websites collection.

Joe Rogan is a multifaceted personality known as a comedian, podcaster, UFC commentator, and martial arts enthusiast. He hosts the popular podcast “The Joe Rogan Experience,” where he invites a wide range of guests, including politicians, celebrities, and martial artists, to engage in in-depth discussions on various topics. The podcast boasts a viewership of an estimated 11 million people per episode, making it Spotify’s most popular podcast.

Screenshot of Casey Neistat, from the influencer websites collection.

Let’s end this article with a super-minimal website of none other than Casey - a renowned filmmaker and YouTuber based in NYC, known for his high-energy vlogs and creative video content. His website just has links to his YouTube, Instagram, OnlyFans, and Twitter accounts, along with a contact option. The website achieves its goal, so there’s nothing to critique.