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28 Examples of Therapist Websites

Last Updated May 19 2021

Written By Steve Benjamins

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A good therapist website should feel calm. Let soft colors and photography set the tone and communicate a sense of compassion.

You may use photos of landscapes and rivers but rely on just those photos. Most important is photos of the actual therapist. Call-to-actions (typically a contact page) should be obvious without being pushy— visitors will get to it when they are ready.

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Jessica is located in New York and is a licensed professional in the mental health field. Empathy and personal growth is the approach she takes, creating a safe space for patients.

Dr. Michelle Harwell created the practice in 2011 and it has continued to blossom with many other therapists since then. They offer many services from prescription management, assessments and of course one on one therapy.

Janelle offers counseling services in the San Diego area. Her patients include couples, individuals and families whom she offers guidance to through the toughest of circumstances.

Jeff is a licensed psychologist located in Blue Springs, Missouri. He offers telehealth options and in person options that focus on depression, anxiety, grief counseling and more.

Jonathan Shehee is a psychoanalyst that helps people specifically with relationship and personal issues that are genuinely unhappy. He helps break the cycle that is frustrating his patients.

There are several different therapists within this practice that service the California Area. Their practices differ slightly from others because they take more of an "action" approach rather than talking about previous events.

Rachel Rudman is a pediatric occupational therapist that explores the entire picture of a child's developmental physical state. She can evaluate children, provide sessions and at home exercises to help them grow and evolve.

Laura focuses on counseling using Integrative-Body Psychotherapy. Stress management and relationship issues are just a couple of the areas she helps others work through.

Jessamy Holland is a psychosexual therapist. Her role as a therapist is all about relationships, the people within them and how they connect. The goal is to take that connection to a new level.

Active Potential Therapy offers physical therapy including massage, sports therapy and osteopathy. They begin with scheduling, appointments and then really focusing on the after and at home care for patients.

Zoe Riggs has a private practice located in Washington. With over 10 years of experience, she has provided care and guidance to many different situations. She has since taken on a focus in relationships, infidelity and general communication.

Claire is a Registered Nutritional Therapist that can help you heal your mind and body with food. She believes that food can not only help us feel our best, but actually cure chronic symptoms.

Myobalance offers professional massage services by licensed therapists including reflexology and pregnancy services. The practice is modern, eco friendly and feminine.

Dr. Sara Douglas offers services in the neuropsychological field for school age children. She is recognized as a school psychologist who is able to assess and treat learning and emotional setbacks.

Mommy Speech Therapy is ran by Heidi Hanks, a Speech Pathologist located in Utah. She now offers private therapy in her home to children that help them thrive in the speech department.

Attuned Psychology is compiled of a group of psychologists and therapists all with their own specialties. This allows them to have a well-rounded approach depending on exactly what the client needs.

Milja has many years of experience in the world of psychology and has worked in a private practice for over 10 years. Additionally, she offers retreats for her patients that give them the space they need to breathe and find new outlooks.

Eva Shpak is a licensed massage therapist offering her services in Washington. Her goal is to provide a comfortable setting for her guests and to customize the care from start to finish.

Jane Garnett is the creator of Banana Jane where she provides care to patients allowing them to explore a deeper sense of self and freedom from trauma. Her retreats, general sessions and work as an author all aid and support her style of therapy.

William is a hypnotherapist that offers weight loss therapy, quitting smoking support and naturopathy sessions. He strongly believes that the mind and body are connected and that we are all able to rewire our brain through therapy.

Dr. Rich Hycner has over 30 years of experience as a clinical psychologist in the San Diego area. His specialty is relationships and building the impendence as well as the partner aspect so it all flows more seamlessly.

Angie is a licensed therapist in marriage and family, an educator and public speaker. You can find her coaching both women and men from all different kinds of backgrounds guiding them toward an improved life overall.

New Heights Counseling is a small private practice ran by Jill Bradford in Illinois. Her down to earth personality provides a relaxing environment for clients allowing them to grow mentally.

Dr. Adams is a marriage and family therapist as well as an author. He provides individual therapy that can help with depression and anger among other issues. He also helps families navigate though pregnancy, divorce and blended families.

Mindy Marcantelli has a Master's Degree in Marriage and Family Counseling. She offers a free 15 minute phone consultation to see if she's the right fit for you and your family.

Dr. Phillipe Wuyts is a psychiatrist and psychologist offering therapy and medicine management out of Paris. He can help those suffering with mood disorders, depression, and stress management struggles.

Mantis Massage is a massage business with therapists focusing on deep tissue, swedish and medical expertise. There are two locations located in Austin Texas.

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