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37 Inspirational Examples of Interior Design Websites

Last Updated January 5 2024

Written By Steve Benjamins

Interior design is about bringing order and coherence to space— just like web design. And so many of the principles of good interior design can also be found within well-designed websites.

Photography is the most critical element. It doesn’t matter if your brand is austere, minimal or warm— your website should have plenty of whitespace to showcase big photography. Stock photography is big no-no. And you don’t want fancy navigation or unusual typography— keep your work front and center.

Notice how the following interior design websites do it.

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Screenshot of Rachel Usher Interior Design, from the interior design websites collection.

Rachel Usher Interior Design is a world-renowned, award-winning firm specializing in luxury interiors. Rachel’s commitment to detail and the use of natural elements creates dream spaces for clients worldwide.

Rachel Usher’s website is a minimalist and sophisticated showcase of her interior design work. High-quality images of chic interiors invite visitors to explore Rachel’s luxurious creations, while the serene color scheme and streamlined navigation make it easy to use. Testimonials add authenticity and emphasize client satisfaction.

The overall website reflects Rachel’s design philosophy of understated elegance and functional brilliance.

Screenshot of Studio Anton, from the interior design websites collection.

Studio Anton is a top interior design firm located in Cambridge. They bring a unique combination of refined aesthetics and thoughtful planning to create interiors that not only look stunning but also resonate deeply with their clientele.

My description of them is, of course, far inferior to theirs on the ‘About’ page:

The StudioAnton website brilliantly mirrors their design ethos. It employs a clean, minimalist layout that lets their work be the focal point, using high-quality images that offer a vivid showcase of their expertise. The muted color palette and intuitive navigation make the user experience seamless. Strategically placed testimonials add credibility, and the concise “about” section provides a glimpse into their philosophy and commitment to design.

You can see their work portfolio right from the start — the landing page is the Portfolio page! You just have to hover over any of the project names on the homepage to see a full-screen thumbnail of the finished interiors:

Clicking on any portfolio item will take you to a separate page where you can see more images and descriptions of their work for the client:

Screenshot of Avery Cox Design, from the interior design websites collection.

Avery Cox is located in Texas, where she adds a unique style that is colorful and bold to the spaces she designs. She gained experience working in New York with some big-name designers, allowing her to take what she learned and apply that to her own business.

The colorful image of a well-designed sitting room right at the top immediately captures visitors’ attention. As you scroll down, there’s some text that can do better from font size and hierarchy viewpoint, but it’s nothing major.

Below that, she has added a lot of images of her interior design work, which is fantastic for leads and conversions.

Screenshot of Blackhaus, from the interior design websites collection.

This company offers a variety of services from interior design to architectural visualization. They have close relationships with big name companies located around the world. What’s great is that they accept input from their clients and learn from it.

Blackhaus’ website is a stunning example of visual storytelling. The monochromatic color scheme looks professional, and the high-quality imagery immerses visitors into the studio’s vision. The minimalist navigation keeps the focus on the content, making it simple yet engaging.

Screenshot of Studio Bramble, from the interior design websites collection.

Studio Bramble is a one stop shop for brand direction, starting from the ground up. Interior design, fabrication, custom furniture and product design are some of the services they offer.

Screenshot of Altivo Designs, from the interior design websites collection.

Altivo Designs by Susan Klingenberg does everything from new home builds to interior design.

I love this website’s aesthetic for so many reasons - the typeface is nice, the cool pastel colors are pleasing, Susan looks friendly from the photos, there’s plenty of whitespace, etc.

However, it doesn’t do the main thing a interior design website is supposed to do: It doesn’t showcase the work! There is no portfolio/project page on the website!

Screenshot of Jessica Helgerson Interior Design, from the interior design websites collection.

JHID is a Portland-based design firm that creates functional and beautiful designs. Led by Jessica Helgerson, the studio collaborates with architects, builders, artists, and artisans on residential and commercial projects. The firm operates in Portland and Paris and undertakes community projects in the US and internationally.

Screenshot of Aspect Home, from the interior design websites collection.

Richard Simmons is the founder of Aspect Home, a high-end furniture and accessory line for office spaces. Functional, beautiful and custom creations are what they provide to their customers and spaces.

Screenshot of Hart Howerton, from the interior design websites collection.

Hart Howerton is a global group of designers from interior designers to architects. Their main hubs are in New York and San Francisco. They handle each job as a place and not a project.

Hart Howerton’s website offers a luxurious visual experience with high-quality images. In addition, the website includes news and a detailed footer, which adds to the professional and credible feel of the site. The site is easy to navigate and showcases the firm’s portfolio, values, and expertise.

Screenshot of WCA, from the interior design websites collection.

West Chin Architects and Interior Designers work out of New York City and East Hampton. You can check out a ton of their high end projects on the website in a few areas of specialty. They have also been recognized for several different awards in their field.

WCA’s portfolio website is a reflection of its modern design ethos. The generous use of whitespace, complemented by high-resolution project images, provides a visual treat for visitors.

Screenshot of Ver Designs, from the interior design websites collection.

Ver Designs is a design and merchandising company located in California. They work on commercial spaces, project management, architectural critique and more. The firm’s philosophy centers around harnessing the power of design to deliver not just aesthetics, but lasting impressions, whether it’s for model homes, apartment communities, or sales offices.

VL Designs website offers a sophisticated visual experience. A neutral color palette emphasizes the design approach, while vibrant photos showcase their work. The site is easy to navigate and separates “What We Do” from “Who We Are” for clarity. The president’s bio and portrait add a personal touch.

Screenshot of Auriga Studio, from the interior design websites collection.

Joshua Harrison is the brain behind this successful company. He’s a boutique designer that works around world at spas, resorts and estates. His style is always unique as he collaborates with other designers nearby.

Screenshot of Jacobs Ladder Design, from the interior design websites collection.

Tammy Jacobs has always had a love for design and decorating. You can view her shop and purchase items that will add special touches to your current space. She also will design items for you in addition to providing space design.

Screenshot of Debbie Dahl Interiors, from the interior design websites collection.

Debbie has over 30 years of experience in Interior Design. She has even won an Emmy Award for her skills. She strives to keep the personality of the client when working with them on any project.

Screenshot of Neotecture, from the interior design websites collection.

This interior design firm loves to keep things simple and clean. They can design your home or office at an up front price. Their fees are laid out on their website so there is no confusion on the agreed upon amount per job.

Screenshot of Robert Sepulveda Jr., from the interior design websites collection.

Robert is an interior designer, but also an activist, philanthropist and more. His design talents are applied at private residences. What’s neat is he offers one day makeovers, when he comes to the home and reworks what’s already there for a quick update.

Screenshot of Camens Architectual Group, from the interior design websites collection.

Marc Camens created this business from his years of experience in the commercial industry. He now works on residential projects, churches and more. He evaluates the needs of the building from the inside out, by learning from the client.

Screenshot of HKS Architects, from the interior design websites collection.

HKS designs some large and impressive buildings, from sports arenas to health buildings. The goal of their designs is to be fresh and productive and connect those within them successfully.

This website’s design is captivating and modern, featuring vibrant colors, dynamic visuals, smooth interactions & animations, and a 3D brain graphic. It effectively showcases the company’s commitment to innovation, research, and design excellence.

Screenshot of Fluentdesign, from the interior design websites collection.

Fluentdesign works with architects, furniture dealers and contractors, to name a few. They can help you design a space, or jump in later in the project to finish things off. You can view a variety of projects in their portfolio.

Screenshot of Sean Michael Design, from the interior design websites collection.

Sean Cowen founded this company back in 2007. He designs spaces that are not overly trendy, but super functional and meant to last. He’s been featured in many design magazines for his beautiful looks.

Screenshot of Studio JARI, from the interior design websites collection.

Studio JARI, pronounced “JAH-RHEE”, is a New York-based design studio specializing in interior design, home décor, and event styling for various spaces. It was founded by Seoul-born Seyeon Jeong and Jeehyun Kim. The name “JARI” signifies “space” or “trace” in Korean, reflecting the founders’ vision for creating authentic and truthful spaces.

Screenshot of IBB, from the interior design websites collection.

IBB Design Fine Furnishings is a store located in Texas. It began in 1989, and has grown since then. They carry top notch brands and unique pieces to design your space, but also have specialists on hand to help you design and create the plan.

Screenshot of Love Decor, from the interior design websites collection.

Love Decor works with residential, office, retail spaces and more. You are ultimately the designer, they want to bring to life what you have envisioned for your space. Their niche is specialty printing machinery, using unique materials which gives them a design edge.

Screenshot of Wilson Architects, from the interior design websites collection.

Wilson Architects create beautiful spaces for people and production, such as laboratories and healthcare facilities. You can view some of the projects they have worked on, and check out their large team of professional out in Australia.

The website showcases architecture expertise with impactful imagery and clear typography. The layout is intuitive, guiding visitors through their vast portfolio and over 139 years of design excellence.

Screenshot of Amanda Katherine, from the interior design websites collection.

Amanda Penning is the designer and stylist for this company. She loves to help you style, but also teach you how to do it yourself. You can sign up for courses, read her blog and take quizzes that will help you find your own way.

Screenshot of Interior By Sabrina, from the interior design websites collection.

Sabrina Yost started her business in 2012. They are located in New York where you can purchase unique furniture and decor pieces, or set up a customized 2 hour consultation.

Screenshot of Benavides Design House, from the interior design websites collection.

This design company is based in New Jersey, and operated by Kristen Benavides and Oscar Benavides. They work together in different ways that compliment and create a unique design experience that’s both traditional and contemporary.

Screenshot of Anna Duval, from the interior design websites collection.

Anna was born in Russia, and now works in high end residential and commercial design. She has a love for using natural materials to compliment a fresh and authentic look with the right touch of beauty.

Screenshot of Margaret Winter Interiors, from the interior design websites collection.

Margaret loves to add spirit to the spaces she creates. She knows that a great space can be done on any budget and should truly be functional and make you feel content while living it.

Screenshot of Julie Nolta Design, from the interior design websites collection.

Julie operates out of Portland, Oregon. She wants to take the stress away from the entire design process and help you bring your vision to life. She works with any needed contractors throughout the process so you don’t need to.

Screenshot of AMI Design and Associates, from the interior design websites collection.

Annette Rogers found this company and has over 20 years of experience. She has worked on huge commercial projects and recently moved her focus to Luxury Homes. She keeps a down to earth vibe, which clients can appreciate.

Screenshot of Intec Design, from the interior design websites collection.

Intec Design takes on a more streamlined approach. They focus on the bar, hotel and hospitality business. They work with clients worldwide, with their home base being in Dublin or Belfast.

Screenshot of Duett Interiors, from the interior design websites collection.

Tiffany, a designer from New York, brings her global journey’s aesthetics and Queens’ vibrant art into emotive, authentic interiors. She leads Duett Interiors, a Portland-based firm that celebrates imperfections and timeless design. The firm has received recognition from major publications and industry honors.

Besides the great imagery, I love the splash page of this website – it looks clean and elegant.

Screenshot of Karageorgiou, from the interior design websites collection.

Karageorgiou Interiors has been creating elegant and timeless spaces, and making custom handcrafted fine furniture for almost a century and three generations. As the hero text of the website says, they have a “passion for quality.”

Screenshot of Rachel Elizabeth Interiors, from the interior design websites collection.

Rachel Elizabeth Interiors & Textiles is led by the mother-daughter duo of Toni and Rachel Scott. It is a boutique interior design and decoration studio based in Brisbane. They specialize in creating timeless interiors, event styling, and design, servicing areas including the Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast, and Tweed and Byron Bay shires.

Screenshot of Kati Curtis Design, from the interior design websites collection.

Kati Curtis Design merges New York’s sophistication with California’s essence in interior design. Their approach is unrestrained yet refined, creating livable and culturally rich spaces. Kati Curtis, a LEED Accredited Professional, uses sustainable and healthy materials to craft beautiful and durable environments.

Screenshot of Sashya Thind, from the interior design websites collection.

Sashya Thind is a Boston-based interior designer with a focus on modern kitchen design. Her firm creates calm environments by blending traditional and contemporary elements. The firm has won Best of Houzz 2024 for Design and Service and has been featured in Architectural Digest and Modern Luxury.