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40 Examples of Inspiring Charity Websites

Last Updated January 2 2023

Written By Steve Benjamins

Charity websites often have to juggle different goals— connect clients to services, accept donations from donors, find volunteers, share news, inspire people who are interested and much more. It can be a lot!

So the best charity websites are often the organizations that have managed to be disciplined and clear in their messaging. They understand what their organization stands for and they’re clear and upfront about that.

Screenshot of Red, from the charity websites collection.

Red has one goal in mind, to end the battle with HIV/AIDS. They have raised millions of dollars worldwide to continue the education and fight that continues in the sub-Saharan African area where more than 26 millions people are infected.

Screenshot of Try Alpha, from the charity websites collection.

Try Alpha is an organization made up of groups around the world, and videos for those interested in Christ. No specific background is necessary and it’s open to opinions and questions from people of all backgrounds that have an interest in learning more about Christ.

Screenshot of Sean Casey Animal Rescue, from the charity websites collection.

This animal rescue is a no kill shelter aiding in the proper placement of homeless animals. Based out of New York, they have saved thousands of animals since their birth in 1998 that are ill, have behavior issues or homeless for a number of reasons.

Screenshot of InHerShoes, from the charity websites collection.

For girls and women around the world, often we lack courage. This community is here to encourage females to be courageous, productive and impact the world in a positive way all at once.

Screenshot of WBENC, from the charity websites collection.

WBENC stands for Women’s Business Enterprise National Council. You can guess that the group supports women that are entrepreneurs and business owners. They provide resources, education and certifications to ensure that females are set up for success.

Screenshot of The Foodbank Project, from the charity websites collection.

In an effort to help those in need of food, The Foodbank Project provides a simple way to give needed grocery items. By using their online systems, you can donate once or on a reoccurring basis. Food will then be delivered to your local Salvation Army and distributed appropriately.

Screenshot of Q Christian Fellowship, from the charity websites collection.

The Q Christian Fellowship is a non-profit group organized on behalf of Christ believers that come from different backgrounds and often are considered non-traditional, such as those from gay and lesbian communities. The goal is to embrace members of all kinds and move forward as a group regardless of personal circumstances.

Screenshot of Crisis Text Line, from the charity websites collection.

This non-profit organization is an amazing tool and resource for those suffering from a variety of different crisis situations such as anxiety, depression and suicidal thoughts. You can find literature on the topics and more importantly, contact someone that can help you immediately so that you are no longer alone.

Screenshot of PL+US, from the charity websites collection.

The non-profit organization is working diligently to gain paid family leave for the United States. They understand the importance of bonding after the birth of a child, and are targeting Congress and specific companies to make sure this change actually happens.

Screenshot of BosMUN, from the charity websites collection.

BosMUN stands for Boston Invitational Model United Nations which is an event that occurs every February. This organization and conference is run through Boston University and provides its members education and real life debates in international affairs.

Screenshot of WWOOf France, from the charity websites collection.

Willing Workers On Organic Farms started in 1971 as a very small group organized by Sue Coppard. She hoped to provide the opportunity for people to learn all about organic farming, the process and more importantly, the benefits.

Screenshot of World Relief, from the charity websites collection.

There is currently work being done in 20 different countries by the World Relief group. Focusing on the local church and their belief that it is the greatest resource to help those in troubled and vulnerable situations, they plan to rebuild communities from the inside out.

Screenshot of Obama Foundation, from the charity websites collection.

The Obama Foundation is based out of Chicago and is ran by four Chicago citizens who hope to make a difference. It supports and promotes a variety of foundations from women’s equality to paving the way for all of our youth.

Screenshot of Paper Airplanes, from the charity websites collection.

Bailey Ulbricht is the founder of Paper Airplanes. During her previous travels, she realized that there was a need and a request for educational help with young Syrian students. The non-profit has expanded and now offers tutoring in several different subjects.

Screenshot of World Vision, from the charity websites collection.

World Vision is a Christian based non-profit that battles the issues and recovery of poverty worldwide. With Jesus at the base of their practices, they have helped over 3 million children and invite you to sponsor and do the same.

Screenshot of Amnesty International, from the charity websites collection.

This is the largest organization for human rights representation. With a passion to make a difference and ignite change, this organization defends issues such gun rights and the death penalty using campaigns.

Screenshot of Unsung, from the charity websites collection.

Unsung is a wonderful organization that strives to relieve world hunger and wasting food. They collect donations and would love for volunteers but they make it super easy to donate extra food by scheduling pickups and delivering your extras to those in need.

Screenshot of Kitten Lady, from the charity websites collection.

Hannah Shaw is the feline fan behind this organization and site. Her goal is to educate others on saving, training and treatment of kittens. She has been featured on Animal Planet, is an author of two books and has an impressive social media following.

Screenshot of Adam Smith Institute , from the charity websites collection.

This non-profit group is located in the UK focusing on domestic and international economic policy. By using books, media outlets and continuous research they hope to educate and change opinions on free people and the liberal state of mind.

Screenshot of Girls Who Invest, from the charity websites collection.

Seema Hingorani launched the Girls Who Invest group in 2015. The focus is education for women that works simultaneously with different colleges and investment companies to encourage portfolio management and overall investments.

Screenshot of Oscar Mike, from the charity websites collection.

Oscar Mike is an inspirational organization based on the injuries of our wounded Veterans. Born from personal experience, it’s primary goal is to provide adaptive sports to keep those injured on the move and more importantly provide a team and support system for those involved.

Screenshot of U.S. Naval Institution, from the charity websites collection.

The Naval Institution and it’s longevity are supported whole heartedly by this forum. This is a safe space that discusses growth, debate and long term goals of topics relevant to global security.

Screenshot of Hamilton-Wentworth District School Board, from the charity websites collection.

This school board is located in Canada and loves to keep students and their needs at the forefront of their goals and ideas for education. They hope to inspire a love of education and to explore dreams as always being possible.

Screenshot of Embark, from the charity websites collection.

Embark is the connection for students into job placement. The program simplifies the process of application review, enrollment and merging data within their software so the transition is easy as pie.

Screenshot of Historic Route 20, from the charity websites collection.

This association was created to encourage travel and business to small businesses and communities located on the original US Route 20. In between Boston and Newport, you can visit the site to read up on history from several different states and discover what might peak your interest in regards to your next trip.


Screenshot of Operation Enduring Warrior, from the charity websites collection.

For wounded veterans, this volunteer based community offers continuous support and resources for both physical and mental health strategies. You can check out all the programs they offer on the site as there is sure to be something for every situation.

Screenshot of Dallas Theological Seminary, from the charity websites collection.

The Dallas Theological Seminary is providing educational courses for students that follow God and the teachings of the Bible. There are many courses available that provide the tools needed to form those interested into servants of the Lord.

Screenshot of BRAG, from the charity websites collection.

BRAG’s non-profit group is a support and educational system made for individuals of color. It operates to prepare those that aim to have leadership status in retail, fashion and similar fields. They also offer scholarship programs and internships.

Screenshot of Golden Apple, from the charity websites collection.

Golden Apple is on a mission to prepare and create top of line educators in Illinois. These educators are ready for difficult situations and schools in need. There is a large number of teaching positions left unfilled, and Golden Apple is pushing more extensive education for teachers so they can receive appropriate pay and positions.

Screenshot of Humorology, from the charity websites collection.

Humorology is a yearly musical and show that is produced by students at the University of Wisconsin. This show is used to raise money for a charity of their choice. They recently raised more than $400,000 dollars for a children’s cancer charity and used their creativity to accomplish this.

Screenshot of The Richmond Forum, from the charity websites collection.

The Richmond Forum is a series of speaking events that are held in Richmond Virginia. Current and past presidents as well as other inspirational speakers take the stage to discuss many different types of topics that promote discussion and critical thinking.

Screenshot of Ondalinda, from the charity websites collection.

This foundation is organized in order to preserve the cultural and artistic practices within Mexico. They want to spread the word on the importance of this heritage and allow others to give back so it can live on successfully.

Screenshot of Daisy Camp, from the charity websites collection.

Jennifer is the founder of Daisy Camp. After her own experience with divorce, she sought out to create this community for women that are struggling with divorce. She provides emotional support, and resources to make the difficult transition more manageable.

Screenshot of Kappa Delta Phi , from the charity websites collection.

This sorority was founded in 1971 as a sisterhood to Kappa Delta Phi Fraternity which is located in Maine at a university. Over time it has grown to be a part of many more campuses, with a continuous goal of helping others not only within but also throughout their local areas.

Screenshot of Maine Coast Fishermen

This non-profit protects fishermen and their resources in Maine. By staying on top of the community and enforcing appropriate guidelines, they can protect the future and ensure success for their practices.

Screenshot of Bill of Rights Institute , from the charity websites collection.

September 1999 this institution began in hopes to protect the message and privileges of the Constitution. They work with schools and students and encourage conversations and resources to maintain our society.

Screenshot of IVECA, from the charity websites collection.

Intercultural Virtual Exchange of Classroom Activities is a group encouraging worldwide education that prepares students for a wider variety of cultural readiness. Their courses are suitable for grades K-12.

Screenshot of AIAA, from the charity websites collection.

The American International Accreditation Association has been in the works since 1992. They offer accreditation for education that are outside the United States. They aim to have supportive relationships that equalize education on a broader level.

Screenshot of Neil R Anderson, from the charity websites collection.

Neil Anderson is a supportive individual and system that helps Pastors that feel overwhelmed and overworked, reconnect with this mission. Often the love and dedication to religion can be stressful and Neil will help cope with that stress and provide ways to rest to his members.

Screenshot of Reactor School, from the charity websites collection.

The Reactor School and syllabus is made for individuals between the age of 13-24 that want to focus on entrepreneurial skills that are real life. Courses are available to take for anyone, but can easily be added to other schools that would like to have this preparation available for their current students.

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