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24 Well-Designed Squarespace Fitness Websites

Last Updated January 5 2024

Juhil Mendpara

Written By Juhil Mendpara

At the heart of any great fitness website is photography—you’ll want to show bodies in motion.

Beyond photos, you have a story to tell about your brand: Is your brand gentle? aggressive? soulful? innovative? community-focused? focused on affordability? Use that story to distinguish yourself from competitors.

Plus, of course, don’t forget the regular content elements (price, services, etc.) and web design elements (mobile responsive, easy navigation, etc.).

If you cover the above, you’ll have a great fitness website. And Squarespace helps you do that easily and effectively, which is why many fitness professionals and businesses choose Squarespace to build their websites.

See the following websites for inspiration—I’ve covered well-designed, Squarespace-built websites of gyms, yoga studios, personal trainers, pilates studios, and even dieticians:

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Screenshot of Pilates by Amanda, from the squarespace fitness websites collection.

Pilates instructor Amanda Kassar is a popular fitness guru in Los Angeles. Her approach is personal and customized for her clients, offering both private and online courses.

Her fitness website makes for a great example for one particular reason, if not more: Right at the top of her website is a GIF of women (with flexible bodies, strong core, and perfect posture) doing low-impact pilates. It’s a classic example of show, don’t tell. The GIF shows the results clients will get (strong core, great posture, flexibility) if they take pilates training from Amanda.

Screenshot of Jessica Manning, from the squarespace fitness websites collection.

Jessica Manning is a personal trainer who, as the website mentions, “will get you spending more of your life feeling confident, strong and empowered” with exercise schedules, meal plans, sleep habits, and more. On the website, she also mentions “I AM NOT A STARE-AT-A-CLIPBOARD-AND-COUNT-REPS TRAINER.”

Everything about the website displays her personality and training style, making it among the best fitness websites. For example, the font size and style, the beautiful smiling pictures, the website copy, her journal, the testimonial thanking her for “constant support and body-positive attitude”…all shows that she’s a gentle, empathetic trainer who’ll slowly and steadily get you to your fitness goal.

Screenshot of Body Design By Brit, from the squarespace fitness websites collection.

Brittney is a personal trainer located in California. Her journey began with intense fitness, which caused infertility. She has now come full circle, offering gentle fitness for everyone, including classes for pre and postnatal.

I absolutely love the hierarchy and content of this website. In the hero section, there’s a background image of a fit Brittney doing her exercise, and in the foreground are simple text and important CTAs — this is good but not that unique. The best part comes below the hero section.

Where most personal trainer websites focus on training and showcasing training photography, the Body Design By Brit website starts with an About section emphasizing her “gentle and effective ways” and “sustainable and balanced approach to long-term health.” Beside the text is a photo of her as a pregnant mom — which adds to the relatability and trust factor.

The About section, where she tells her story and shares her journey from extreme fitness ways to a long-term & gentle fitness approach, is really the star of this website.

Screenshot of Kezia Lopez, from the squarespace fitness websites collection.

Kezia Lopez is a certified personal trainer and Nike brand ambassador located in London. She is skilled in transforming the lives of her clients using custom nutrition and fitness plans based on the individual.

Though I am not a fan of the long-winded ‘about me’ section right below the hero image, her website goes on to show the importance of high-quality photos for fitness websites. The hero image is a picture of Kezia looking focused like an Olympic athlete; if it weren’t for the heading “PERSONAL TRAINER IN GIBRALTAR,” you might’ve assumed she, in fact, is a professional athlete. Then there’s a gallery of professionally-clicked images of her exercising. And, at the bottom, she has attached her Instagram gallery, where you can the behind-the-scenes photos of Kezia - the fitness professional and Kezia - the person.

Screenshot of Daniel Rama Yoga, from the squarespace fitness websites collection.

Becoming Balance was created by Danial Rama, a seasoned yoga instructor with a passion for maintaining a humble and simple life. His sessions target all experience levels, and you can find them conveniently on The Becoming Balance App.

This website has a nice, concise copy that’s well-placed and structured. Here’s an excellent example from directly below the homepage hero section:

Let’s analyze this simple section step-by-step, from top to bottom:

  1. The “Thailand — 2024 BALANCE RETREAT” heading clearly states about a retreat session somewhere in Thailand sometime in 2024. The subtitle “JUNE 18 TO 24, 2024 - VIKASA, THAILAND” the exact details of the retreat.
  2. Then there are a few images from a previous retreat showcasing the approach and the flexibility their clients are achieving.
  3. Below it is my favorite part: The short, effective copy that reads, “When was the last time you felt truly balanced? Are you able to hold postures for as long as you choose? Have you ever felt the power of being purely in control of your body in space? Would you like to practice in paradise for 7 days? Click below to Reserve” It uses a simple-yet-effective problem-solution copywriting technique — the problem is the unawareness of your unbalanced body, and the solution is the coach’s retreat.

The whole website follows this approach.

Screenshot of HEAT Bootcamp, from the squarespace fitness websites collection.

HEAT Bootcamp is an Austin, Texas-based gym. You can easily book online to join them in any of their bootcamp courses that promise to push you to the max. You can also hire trainers one on one instead.

HEAT Bootcamp’s website is a solid example of how to show personality in a fitness website. The hero image, the black & red theme of the website, the bold fonts, the straightforward copy…all point in one direction: intense workouts, likely meant for building muscles and body toning than anything else.

Screenshot of Ballet Body Sculpture, from the squarespace fitness websites collection.

Asta Bazeviciute is the ballet dancer and sculpting professional behind this barre based studio. Her company has been featured in magazines such as Elle for unique programs that transform the body and mind.

This website has a good structure & visual hierarchy, nice photography, well-written content that explain the process & benefits of ballet, and appropriately placed CTAs.

Screenshot of Black Hive, from the squarespace fitness websites collection.

The Black Hive Athletics gyms are located in Florida, with three convenient locations for its members. They offer CrossFit classes, personal trainers, and fun fitness courses for kids to encourage a healthy lifestyle from adolescence onward.

The Black Hive Athletics’ website is an interesting example of a combination of a small business website and a fitness website. Their website lacks personality compared to the above personal trainer websites and individual-owned and one-location fitness studio websites.

At the first glance, on the homepage, every visitor sees elements of a “company” than of a fitness website. For example, the first few things I noticed were a trademarked logo, a top menu bar with a mention of “locations,” the “Get Started” CTA, the lack of people/person in the hero image, and a corporate-y color scheme.

BTW, the lack of personality doesn’t make it a bad fitness website; otherwise, it wouldn’t be on this “best fitness websites” list. The website shows what they probably meant to show ⁠— that they are a gym group.

Screenshot of Kit Rich, from the squarespace fitness websites collection.

Kit Rich is a high-profile personal trainer and seasoned Pilates instructor that wants her clients to always feel their best during exercise. She has worked with celebrities and has been featured in multiple fitness magazines.

This is more of a personal branding website rather than a website promoting personal training services. But I get it — she is a nationally-recognized celebrity fitness trainer whose clients likely come from word of mouth or meetings, not from the website.

Screenshot of Vigorous Fitness, from the squarespace fitness websites collection.

Vigorous Fitness is a community in Australia offering memberships, classes, and personal training in a fun atmosphere. Their approach is to allow the client to set the pace and encourage them along the way to meet their goals.

And the fun approach is visible from their website. I like the choice of the hero image – it looks like a cover photo for a music album meant to listen on car journeys. The yellow in the text is often associated with cheerfulness and warmth. Scroll a bit down, and you’ll see a video of clients and the founder/trainer, Sean, having fun exercising. And just below that is the “Latest News” section, where you can see Sean having fun in nature on the cover images.

Everything about this fitness website homepage says the fitness club is as much about having fun, self-discovery, positivity, and body-mind connection as it’s about weight loss, bodybuilding, and increasing muscle mass.

Screenshot of Body + Soul Fitness, from the squarespace fitness websites collection.

Body and Soul have three modern fitness locations in Toronto. They offer all your gym needs from equipment to classes and have a long list of qualified personal trainers to help you train in person or virtually.

Let’s start analyzing this one starting from its name. The name and logo both immediately tell this is for fitness enthusiasts looking for body + soul exercises. The hero image and team member photos with wide smiles also tell the same story. The heading on the website–

Love The Gym Again–is also a smart copy choice that successfully compliments the Body + Soul story.

This website does everything well except it has a lot of text on the homepage. It’s likely for SEO purposes, but I would suggest having minimal and scannable text on your fitness website.

Screenshot of BearWolf, from the squarespace fitness websites collection.

Personal Trainers Ben and Scott were friends that were both passionate about their careers. They have since teamed up and created the fitness community BearWolf, where becoming a “strong pack” is the goal.

Screenshot of Stephanie Snyder, from the squarespace fitness websites collection.

Stephanie Snyder has become extremely popular in the yoga world. She started Love Story Yoga in 2017, where classes are offered featuring Vinyasa Yoga. Her style is said to be both inspirational and light-hearted in nature.

Screenshot of Cristi Christensen , from the squarespace fitness websites collection.

Cristi Christensen was a former Olympic Gymnast that suffered from an injury, causing her career to fall short. She has made quite the name for herself in Yoga, being featured in many magazines for her teachings. She has also written the book, Chakra Rituals.

Screenshot of Dr. Anna Roth , from the squarespace fitness websites collection.

Dr. Anna Roth is a licensed psychologist and yoga instructor based out of Minnesota. During her studies, she discovered how important Yoga is in Mental Health and makes them both available in her practice. She also offers one on one services, workshops and more.

Screenshot of The Cliffs, from the squarespace fitness websites collection.

The Cliffs is a climbing facility where people can challenge themselves and make friends. They have locations in Harlem, Gowanus, Dumbo, and a few more places.

Screenshot of Jessica Sandhu, from the squarespace fitness websites collection.

Jessica Sandhu has been practicing Yoga for over 17 years. During her practice, she realized how many layers of her life were being improved by Yoga. She now offers a variety of classes, health coaching and workshops.

Screenshot of BearWolf , from the squarespace fitness websites collection.

Personal Trainers Ben and Scott were friends that were both passionate about their careers. They have since teamed up and created the fitness community BearWolf, where becoming a “strong pack” is the goal.

Screenshot of Tristen

You guessed it. Tristen’s Puppy Gym is a gym for puppies, where Tristen gives science-based training to dogs. She’s been doing it for more than 11 years in Bendigo, VIC.

Screenshot of Yoga Off East , from the squarespace fitness websites collection.

Yoga Off East is in North Carolina and offers classes, retreats and teacher training. The small studio was created by Kathryn Sell Smith, a tennis competitor that transitioned to yoga and invites others to discover its benefits as well.

Screenshot of Hello Balance, from the squarespace fitness websites collection.

Once struggling with her diet, Katie discovered health through understanding blood sugar. This led her to study female health and create Hello Balance, an online resource. It provides women with trusted advice, delicious recipes, and recently, guidance on fertility and pregnancy nutrition.

Screenshot of Feel Good Yoga , from the squarespace fitness websites collection.

Located in Switzerland, this yoga studio offers both in person classes as well as virtual classes. Sophie D’Avenia started Feel Good Yoga many years ago after she fell in love with the practice, she has since created this studio with many different instructors and types of classes.

Screenshot of One Yoga, from the squarespace fitness websites collection.

One Yoga offers four different types of yoga classes, they encourage you to try them all and have flexibility in your practice. This beautiful studio is located in Vienna and welcomes both beginner and advanced experience levels.

Screenshot of Sweat Shed, from the squarespace fitness websites collection.

Swear Shed is among the first independently owned gym in Stockport. They started in 2011 and are the reason behind getting hundreds of Stockport people in shape.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should a personal trainer website have?

A personal trainer website must have high-quality photos of the trainer, plans & rates (optional), testimonials (or some kind of social proof — like before-and-after photos), an about section to tell story/qualifications, timing, location (if applicable), links to social media profiles, and contact information. Besides, the site must follow basic web design and copywriting principles.

How do I start my own fitness website?

The easiest way to start your own fitness website is by using a website builder like Squarespace.

Do you need a website as a personal trainer?

If you plan to build an online audience or run online ads, a website is good to have as it acts as a center of information for people interested in knowing about you. However, you don't 'NEED' a website, especially if you are an established fitness professional.