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51 Examples of Inspiring Food Websites

Last Updated January 2 2023

Written By Steve Benjamins

The key to a good food website— whether it’s a recipe blog, a restaurant website or selling a product— is photography. When you browse the designs below, notice how all the best designs have excellent photography.

A good food website design don’t need to be ornamental— it can be simple and straightforward in order to let the food photography shine. It’s not that branding isn’t important, it’s just that it’s best communicated through colors and logos.

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Screenshot of Pierre Thiam, from the food websites collection.

Chef Pierre Thiam not only creates delicious food in the fine dining world, he also writes and teaches his skills in the kitchen to others. He has catered huge events that have involved the President and big name celebrities too!

Screenshot of Brew Tea Co, from the food websites collection.

The Brew tea company has a really cool and modern website design. The colors are very muted and earthy, which goes well with the theme of tea. The layout is very clean and easy to navigate. I really like how they have a lot of information on each page, but it is still easy to find what you are looking for.

Screenshot of Jones Bar-B-Q, from the food websites collection.

Inspired by and located in Kansas City, Jones Bar-B-Q is famous for its’ delicious flavors. The restaurant started back in 1970, and has since grown producing sauces that can be purchased from anywhere in the world.

Screenshot of Kettle & Fire, from the food websites collection.

Kettle and Fire is an ecommerce company that sells bone broth. The designers did a great job of making the site look clean and modern, while still conveying the rustic, natural aesthetic of the product. The photos are beautiful and make me want to buy their product!

The navigation is easy to use and understand, and I like that there are different sections for different types of bone broth.

Screenshot of Laird Superfood, from the food websites collection.

Laird Superfoods is a company that produces healthy food products. They offer a variety of items such as snacks, meals, and drinks. Their products are all natural and free from preservatives.

The website for Laird Superfood is clean and simple. The design uses a lot of white space, which makes the site easy to navigate. The menu is easy to find and the products are clearly laid out. The overall design is modern and stylish.

Screenshot of GT

The first you notice on this website is the stunning video that autoplays — it’s playful colors and animation are beautiful!

Screenshot of Jus Jus, from the food websites collection.

Julia Sherman and Martha Stoumen are the women behind the popular Chardonnay Jus Jus. It’s been featured in all sorts of publications for its taste, but without the aftermath of a hangover.

Screenshot of Bandits, from the food websites collection.

Bandits is a restaurant and bar located in New York. It prides itself on cold beer and popular cocktails complete with traditional bar food.

Screenshot of Manilife, from the food websites collection.

The web design of the Mani Life is clean and playful. I like how the overall aesthetic is minimalistic while also preserving a sense of play. The colors are also really nice and calming.

Screenshot of Ocelot Chocolate, from the food websites collection.

In 2013, newlyweds Matt and Ish started the company Ocelot Chocolate right from their apartment. Their passion for organic, quality chocolate combined with their design skills has helped their company flourish reaching customers around the world.

Screenshot of Supernatural, from the food websites collection.

The Supernatural brand features an exciting, plant-based way to get creative in the kitchen. All of their powder products and recipes are vibrant in color, better for you and fun to use in the kitchen!

Screenshot of Minna, from the food websites collection.

Minna is an organic tea company selling many different tea flavors in individual cans or in a variety pack. Their teas are free of the excessive sugar you’ll find in most teas, yet still taste light and delicious.

Screenshot of Oishii, from the food websites collection.

Oishii is a Japanese based company featuring the Omakase Berry. The company prides itself on quality over quantity berry farming available at their locations in New York, LA or New Jersey.

Screenshot of Binging With Babish, from the food websites collection.

Andrew Rae is the chef and filmmaker that is in charge of this company. He has a cooking show, and loves to educate and encourage others and their love of food on his YouTube channel.

Screenshot of Tasty Shop, from the food websites collection.

Tasty Shop has some pretty cool and different recipes, that look delicious! Aside from that, you can purchase their products like cookware, bake ware and utensils in vibrant color choices.

Screenshot of A Perfect Plate, from the food websites collection.

A Perfect Plate, is a small company in Charlotte, NC that brings professional chefs to your home to prepare delicious, customized meals. It’s a fresh, clean site that feels honest and dependable by incorporating bright backgrounds and friendly imagery.

Screenshot of Sakara, from the food websites collection.

Sakara is a home meal delivery service that features nutrient rich ingredients, created by top of line chefs. You can place your order and receive it within 48 hours, delivered in coolers to keep it fresh!

Screenshot of Heavenlynn Healthy, from the food websites collection.

Lynn created this blog and its recipes after being diagnosed with hypertension years ago. This inspired her and her love of food and nutrition to create tasty recipes that are both satisfying and healthy. She also has a lifestyle section of her blog where she talks about natural beauty products and more.

Screenshot of Milk Bar, from the food websites collection.

Christina Tosi is the brains behind Milk Bar, which is a fun and unique twist on sweet treats. Everything she makes has a unique finish that screams fun and deliciousness, which is why she has 16 store locations at this point in time.

Screenshot of a fork and a pencil, from the food websites collection.

An all around lovely and clean-cut website for all of your recipe desires. Find collections based on meals, in addition to snack beverages and more. You can subscribe to a monthly newsletter as well to have recipes delivered to your inbox.

Screenshot of Dandelion Chocalate, from the food websites collection.

Dandelion Chocolate is a small-batch chocolate maker based in San Francisco, California. They source cacao beans directly from farmers, and then roast, winnow, grind, and conch the beans in-house to make their chocolate. All of their chocolate is made with just two ingredients – cacao beans and cane sugar.

Dandelion Chocolate’s online store is minimalistic. It is easy to navigate, and all the important information is easy to find. I think the website does a good job of representing the brand.

Screenshot of, from the food websites collection.

This site is a digital food publication based in Singapore. You can read about all things related to food, travel and nightlife. They provide authentic reviews on all their trials so that you know what your getting into!

Screenshot of This Healthy Table, from the food websites collection.

Emily is the creator of This Healthy Table. A website and blog that focuses on healthier choices and delicious meals. She’s lived in several different locations around the world, and often find herself creating recipes with a focus on the Middle East and Midwest.

Screenshot of Jo Cooks, from the food websites collection.

Joanna Cismaru is the writer, photographer and chef behind the website and her cookbooks. You can read her blog, purchase her books and follow her detailed instructions for creating all sorts of different recipes.

Screenshot of Phoenix Vegan, from the food websites collection.

This website is dedicated to help you live a vegan life in Phoenix. Using ongoing research, they have compiled lists of restaurants, meal services and other businesses that support this lifestyle choice.

Screenshot of Appetite for China, from the food websites collection.

Diana Kuan is a food writer and photographer. She is based in New York but has lived in places like China and Puerto Rico and has a passion for the foods of different cultures. Her work has been featured in magazines and on TV as well.

Screenshot of UpNature, from the food websites collection.

UpNature is a line of essential oils in a variety of different scents. They are sold at a reasonable price, but at high quality so they assist in the healthiest lifestyle possible.

Screenshot of Sous Chef Cooking Shop, from the food websites collection.

You can find everything related to the kitchen in this shop. Find the ingredients for your next meal, cookware to make it, and awesome techniques to make the job easier.

Screenshot of Craft Gin Club, from the food websites collection.

Craft Gin Club is based out of the UK and is for the gin fanatics of the world. Monthly, they choose a specialty gin from around the world and combine it with other goodies that work well with the flavor.

Screenshot of Cookie and Kate, from the food websites collection.

Kate lives in Oklahoma and absolutely loves food, cooking and photography. She’s passionate about using whole foods and creating vegetarian recipes that are mouth watering and delicious.

Screenshot of Tori Avey, from the food websites collection.

Tori has a love for history and food, and combines the two seamlessly. Her educational way of writing about food and her creations make for a unique approach in comparison to other chefs.

Screenshot of Huel, from the food websites collection.

Huel gets back to the basics. Their goal is to provide products such as ready made shakes, powders and flavor boosters that give the nutrition that we lack from many foods available to us. You can now live more simply knowing you are getting what’s needed from Huel products.

Screenshot of Rachael Hartley Nutrition, from the food websites collection.

Rachael Hartley loves food and the way it helps us take care of our bodies. She has a background in psychology, she combines this with ideas that will help us rethink the idea of food in general giving you tools to be successful, healthy and happy.

Screenshot of Sweet C

Courtney O’Dell loves food, traveling and photography. All the components that make up a wonderful blog for others to tag along. Check out her recipes, travel expeditions and holiday based menu lineup.

Screenshot of Brussels Bistro, from the food websites collection.

Brussels Bistro is owned and operated by two friends named Thomas and Nicholas. Their goal was to create an authentic Belgian experience to California, there are now two restaurants in Laguna Beach and San Clemente.

Screenshot of Xi

A combination of Chinese and Middle Eastern flavors make up the menu of Xi’an Famous Foods. It started as a small location in New York, and has since opened several locations within the state.

Screenshot of The Healthy Grocer, from the food websites collection.

The Healthy Grocer is an all organic and wellness retail store located in Pennsylvania. They offer groceries, supplements and catering options. They strive to encourage everyone to live a healthier lifestyle.

Screenshot of Wertman Farm, from the food websites collection.

Wertman Farm and Greenhouses is a beautiful farm located in New York. They have several different greenhouses selling flowers, and produce seasonally. You can find information on the history of the farm in addition to tips for taking the best care of your flowers.

Screenshot of The Paleo Running Momma, from the food websites collection.

The creator and Mom of this blog is Michele, who lives a paleo based lifestyle and provides ways to do this with her large list of recipes. Her journey began in 2013 when she revamped her lifestyle and found a passion in helping others do the same.

Screenshot of The Country Cook, from the food websites collection.

Brandie is the author of the blog The Country Cook. She lives in Virginia, and has been cooking and baking from a very young age. You can find the basics like week night dinner recipes, as well as decadent dessert options depending on your skill level.

Screenshot of Nicecream, from the food websites collection.

Gil Welsford and Sandra Tran created Nicecream when dating in college. They use liquid nitrogen and create and freeze ice cream right in front of their customers, which creates a super fun and interesting treat. They have a whole bunch of flavors and also sell specialty coffee drinks as well.

Screenshot of The Kombucha Shop, from the food websites collection.

The Kombucha Shop sells brewing kits for tea lovers. All products are American Made, and 100% organic. They want others to have access to top of the line products within their own home.

Screenshot of Southern Kitchen, from the food websites collection.

Located in Tacoma Washington, this is good homemade comfort food. They are extremely popular not only for their food and atmosphere, but also for their efforts in using locally grown fresh products in their restaurant.

Screenshot of Firehouse Bakery, from the food websites collection.

Patrick Ryan acquired a law degree, and then realized his passion was in culinary arts. He now has a bakery that makes hand crafted breads, pastries and more. They even offer a delicious pizza menu that goes beyond your local pizza delivery service.

Screenshot of Spend With Pennies, from the food websites collection.

Holly is the writer behind the blog Spend With Pennies, where you can find home cooked recipes and videos that make following along super easy. She also has a section for kitchen tips that she shares with her audience that make life in the kitchen super simple.

Screenshot of Cap Beauty, from the food websites collection.

Cap Beauty is a store that combines and sells brands in the food, beauty and wellness industry. They believe beauty starts from within and offer organic snacks, teas and other grocery items.

Screenshot of Memphis Meats, from the food websites collection.

Memphis Meats practices the art of using meats from the cells instead of animals. Their food is better for you, nutritious and better for the world as a whole.

Screenshot of Wholesome Yum, from the food websites collection.

Wholesome Yum is recipes galore for low carb and keto meals. In addition to recipes you can find weekly

Screenshot of Tsubi Soup, from the food websites collection.

Tsubi Soup is a vegan soup line that is frozen and ready to make. The difference is that it is extremely healthy and free of all the bad stuff. You can check out all their flavors and order online.

Screenshot of Curry Place, from the food websites collection.

This restaurant has two locations in Maryland. They love all things fresh and using different spices, specializing in different flavored curry spices. You can also get kabobs and other specialty recipes within a specific cuisine.

Screenshot of La Tapatia , from the food websites collection.

Helen Hansen started this company that makes corn and flour tortillas in 1969. She still is the head of the brand, and has expanded greatly since then. Find yummy Mexican based recipes to try on the site.

Screenshot of Big Tree Farms, from the food websites collection.

Big Tree Farms offers sustainable farming and supply of coconut flower nectar. They work with local farmers and provide transparent pricing for an all around business that benefits everyone involved.

Screenshot of SAPeople Tasty Recipes, from the food websites collection.

Fazila Olla-Logday loves to create South African recipes. She loves to cook and has since she was a little girl. She doesn’t have professional training but her hands on experience and love of serving others compile an impressive recipe lists for others to enjoy.

Screenshot of Biotrust, from the food websites collection.

Biotrust was created by best friends Josh Bezoni and Joel Marion. They have a passion for nutrition and sell products like proteins, supplements and more. From the sales of their products they make a point of giving back to the community.

Screenshot of La Belle Assiette, from the food websites collection.

This company is perfect for fine dining at home. You can book a chef to shop, cook a fabulous meal of your choice, and clean up after themselves right in your own kitchen. Not only is it fun, it’s educational and healthy too!

Screenshot of Miracle Noodle, from the food websites collection.

This company lets you have noodles no matter what your diet plan is. You can shop their products based on your choices and find unique recipes to make with their products.