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25 Inspiring Examples of Yoga Websites

Last Updated July 13 2021

Written By Steve Benjamins

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A good yoga website feels fresh and calm. Muted colors and a minimalist layout are common ways to create this feeling.

Photography is critical— you’ll want to show bodies in motion, doing yoga. It’s also an opportunity to tell your brand story: are you aspirational? Gentle? Soulful? Communicate that through your photography.

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Yoga Off East is in North Carolina and offers classes, retreats and teacher training. The small studio was created by Kathryn Sell Smith, a tennis competitor that transitioned to yoga and invites others to discover its benefits as well.

Located in Switzerland, this yoga studio offers both in person classes as well as virtual classes. Sophie D'Avenia started Feel Good Yoga many years ago after she fell in love with the practice, she has since created this studio with many different instructors and types of classes.

Kira has been practicing yoga and healthy living since 2012. Her studio has grown rapidly in her home state of Tennessee, where she helps students connect their minds with their bodies.

India Reinartz started Papaya Wellness, which is a combination of therapeutic Yoga and Surfing. A simplistic life is found here by using water, the mind and body energy. Retreats are also available in beautiful locations for a full out refresh.

Becoming Balance was created by Danial Rama, a seasoned yoga instructor with a passion for maintaining a humble and simple life. His sessions target all experience levels, and you can find them conveniently on The Becoming Balance App.

Stephanie Snyder has become extremely popular in the yoga world. She started Love Story Yoga in 2017 where classes are offered featuring Vinyasa Yoga. Her style is said to be both inspirational and light-hearted in nature.

Lila believes that nature and yoga combine to create the perfect life medicine. She has been practicing Yoga for over 20 years and invites you to EcoYoga Life TV, where she teaches yoga and the eco lifestyle.

Cristi Christensen was a former Olympic Gymnast that suffered from injury, causing her career to fall short. She has made quite the name for herself in Yoga, being featured in many magazines for her teachings. She has also written the book, Chakra Rituals.

Level Six Studios was created in 2017 by four locals with an interest in yoga, health and well-being. Not only do they offer yoga classes, they also serve organic food, offer luxurious retreats and more.

This Yoga studio also offers Pilates, a Health Clinic and even support for smokers trying to quit. Their courses range from yoga for pregnancy, special evening wind down sessions and general yoga for all.

Vanessa is part yoga instructor, part traveler and part blogger. She fell in love with Yoga back in 2015 and has been sharing her healthy lifestyle with her followers ever since.

One Yoga offers four different types of yoga classes, they encourage you to try them all and have flexibility in your practice. This beautiful studio is located in Vienna and welcomes both beginner and advanced experience levels.

Dr. Erica Matluck is a Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine. Her practice has been recognized globally for its healing abilities using yoga, meditation and energies. Her classes, retreats and programs aim for a personalized experienced.

Mel is the long time yogi behind MAH Yoga. Mel was diagnosed with epilepsy as a young girl, and has realized the importance of knowing your own body and mind from the inside out. She is also an avid reader and writer who finds inspiration for her practice from books.

Dr. Gruber has a love for yoga in more ways than one. She believes that yoga benefits nearly all areas of your life. Whether it's mental or physical, she believes it will change for the better.

Dr. Anna Roth is a licensed psychologist and yoga instructor based out of Minnesota. During her studies, she discovered how important Yoga is in Mental Health and makes them both available in her practice. She also offers one on one services, workshops and more.

Jessica Sandhu has been practicing Yoga for over 17 years. During her practice, she realized how many layers of her life were being improved by Yoga. She now offers a variety of classes, health coaching and workshops.

Located in Hong Kong, Little Yogis is the first yoga studio made specifically for kids. Carina is the Yoga Instructor and Matthew is the cooking instructor. Working together, they teach kids how to live a healthy lifestyle.

Yoga Maya in New York is all about the practice of the Vinyasa style. They offer classes by levels of experience, some that are more relaxing in nature and some prenatal options as well.

This Yoga Studio has several different locations throughout the state of Texas. Their facilities are kept at 90 degrees for detoxification with yoga classes for beginner and advanced levels. Some classes are meant for building power and strength, while others are for relaxation.

Meditation and Yoga are at the heart of Mindful Intentions. Yoga classes are offered on the beach, and aim to connect those that attend even after the class. Crystals, Oils and Beads are used to improve one's energy.

Valentina is originally from Italy, and is now living in Marbella Spain. She became a yoga instructor to provide gentle, caring and creative classes suitable for all skill levels.

Located in Montreal, Pura Video provides Yoga services in combination with a Juice Bar. Their mission is to provide quality and healthy drinks that will support energy levels for any type of yoga. They also offer corporate classes for a team building experience.

Holistic Bodywork by Marcel offers a unique approach to movement. He combines massage tactics with yoga practices that are beneficial for the body and mind. He enforces many ancient methods, one which is called Thai Yoga Massage.

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