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20 Inspiring Examples Of Squarespace Coaching Websites

Last Updated May 31 2024

Juhil Mendpara

Written By Juhil Mendpara

You might be surprised at how many different kinds of coaching businesses there are. There are life coaches, dating coaches, career coaches, health coaches, and business coaches— just to name a few. You can find excellent websites made with Squarespace for all these types of coaches—here are a few examples:

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Screenshot of Jen Carrington, from the squarespace coaching websites collection.

Jen is a coach for busy creatives. Both professionally and personally, she is passionate about improving the lives of others, ensuring that they find success while feeling joy in the best way for them.

Here’s how she introduces herself on the homepage: “Hi, I’m Jen…and my superpower is supporting online business owners to build and run simple, spacious, and thriving businesses.”

There’s a certain warmth & calmness in this intro + her smiling photos throughout the website, the dull color choice, and the always-modern-looking Futura font adds to the vibe. Moreover, most of the client stories mention how Jen’s style is “gentle, encouraging, and warm.”

One thing I found a bit odd is all the client stories (there are like 50 of them!) are of female creators/entrepreneurs. The website vibe sort of communicates that her target audience is female, but there’s no explicit mention of it.

Screenshot of A Branch of Holly, from the squarespace coaching websites collection.

Holly Bray is a productivity coach for entrepreneurs and busy professionals seeking a life outside of work. Clients can find several different courses to enroll in, listen to “The Busy to Boss Podcast” and obtain overall support in finding a balanced and happy life!

Screenshot of Annie P Woods, from the squarespace coaching websites collection.

Life Coach and Public Speaker Annie Woods keeps bravery at the forefront of motivating her clients. Pushing and motivating them with bravery, awareness and knowing that perfection is not the goal has earned her success.

Screenshot of The Baby Loss Mentor, from the squarespace coaching websites collection.

The Baby Loss Mentor provides personalized support and guidance for women who have experienced pregnancy and infant loss. Rochelle Olsen offers tailored mentoring and coaching to help navigate grief and find healing.

Screenshot of LIVEASYOU WELLNESS , from the squarespace coaching websites collection.

LiveAsYou Wellness provides intuitive eating coaching and therapy for eating disorders and ADHD. Lauren supports clients in breaking free from diet culture and living authentically through a Health at Every Size (HAES) approach.

Screenshot of Jess Van Garsse Meditation , from the squarespace coaching websites collection.

Jess V Meditation offers easy and enjoyable meditation coaching tailored to busy individuals. Jess Van Garsse specializes in making meditation accessible and effective for those with active minds and schedules.

Screenshot of Pinwheel Strategies , from the squarespace coaching websites collection.

Kolleen Bouchane specializes in work, life, and climate coaching. Her company, Pinwheel Strategies, provides coaching and consulting for individuals aiming to create positive change in their lives and the world.

Screenshot of Daniel Rama Yoga, from the squarespace coaching websites collection.

Becoming Balance was created by Danial Rama, a seasoned yoga instructor with a passion for maintaining a humble and simple life. His sessions target all experience levels, and you can find them conveniently on The Becoming Balance App.

This website has a nice, concise copy that’s well-placed and structured. Here’s an excellent example from directly below the homepage hero section:

Let’s analyze this simple section step-by-step, from top to bottom:

  1. The “Thailand — 2024 BALANCE RETREAT” heading clearly states about a retreat session somewhere in Thailand sometime in 2024. The subtitle “JUNE 18 TO 24, 2024 - VIKASA, THAILAND” the exact details of the retreat.
  2. Then there are a few images from a previous retreat showcasing the approach and the flexibility their clients are achieving.
  3. Below it is my favorite part: The short, effective copy that reads, “When was the last time you felt truly balanced? Are you able to hold postures for as long as you choose? Have you ever felt the power of being purely in control of your body in space? Would you like to practice in paradise for 7 days? Click below to Reserve” It uses a simple-yet-effective problem-solution copywriting technique — the problem is the unawareness of your unbalanced body, and the solution is the coach’s retreat.

The whole website follows this approach.

Screenshot of Body by Amanda, from the squarespace coaching websites collection.

Amanda Edell is the creator of Body by Amanda, a holistic health company located in New York. Amanda offers coaching in nutrition and training, but also in life practices such as journaling and meditation.

Screenshot of Jessica Sandhu, from the squarespace coaching websites collection.

Jessica Sandhu has been practicing Yoga for over 17 years. During her practice, she realized how many layers of her life were being improved by Yoga. She now offers a variety of classes, health coaching and workshops.

Screenshot of Jaree Basgall , from the squarespace coaching websites collection.

Jaree Basgall offers somatic trauma therapy to help individuals heal their nervous systems and transform their lives. She utilizes modalities like Somatic Experiencing, Internal Family Systems, and EMDR to address trauma holistically.

Screenshot of Hayley Carr, from the squarespace coaching websites collection.

Life Coach Hayley Carr has been mentoring her clients in a fierce way for years. She tailors programs based on the individual, their goals and even their personality. Her coaching commitments can range from one year to some clients requesting her for lifetime support.

Screenshot of Linda Raynier, from the squarespace coaching websites collection.

Linda Raynier is a life coach that helps professionals have a successful career and reach their true potential. Her catered approach and endless resources help clients stand out from the crowd, and land them in leadership roles if desired.

Screenshot of Many Worlds Many Possibilities, from the squarespace coaching websites collection.

Many Worlds Many Possibilities offers astrology and human design coaching to help individuals unlock their potential with personalized guidance from Marla Tseng for soulful success.

Screenshot of Greg Faxon, from the squarespace coaching websites collection.

Greg Faxon is a coach of coaches. He works with other individuals that are trying to create a successful coaching business of their own in a variety of different fields. His guidance will expedite landing new clients, increase productivity and improve sales overall.

Screenshot of Anna Morgenstern, from the squarespace coaching websites collection.

Anna Morgenstern is a dating coach and match maker offering courses to help those seeking relationships. She’s been coaching in busy NYC for more than 5 years successfully.

Screenshot of Jessica Santosa, from the squarespace coaching websites collection.

Dateability is the relationship and dating coaching brand by Jessica Santosa. Her niche is helping prospects with a Christian belief system find connections that are healthy and ideal for them.

Screenshot of Ashleigh Kast, from the squarespace coaching websites collection.

Ashleigh Kast coaches those interested in practicing a healthy lifestyle through nutrition and fitness. She designs programs that target many different personal goals such as running a 5k, fixing your metabolism and one on one coaching.

Screenshot of Real World Creatives, from the squarespace coaching websites collection.

Real World Creatives is ran by Sonya, a wealth expansion coach with a passion for improving life as a whole. Clients will receive a unique method of coaching that nurtures the mind, body and soul to improve both business and personal success.

Screenshot of Sophie Carefull, from the squarespace coaching websites collection.

Sophie is a professional photographer, life coach and branding expert. As a life coach, she aims to support those in need of help both personally and professionally. She does this by destroying self doubt and building confidence.