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26 Examples Of Stunning Squarespace Artist Websites

Last Updated January 5 2024

Juhil Mendpara

Written By Juhil Mendpara

Squarespace has some of the best templates for artist websites.

Combine that with the fact that it is easy to use and has all the features an artist’s website may need, and Squarespace becomes the most appealing website builder for artists.

All types and popularity of artists use it for portfolios, personal sites, selling art, and more.

This is a collection of well-designed artist websites made with Squarespace.

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Screenshot of Steeven Salvat, from the squarespace artist websites collection.

Steeven Salvat is a French artist with a very unique set of skills. His tool of choice is a Rotring pen, which allows him to create incredibly detailed and almost historical looks of modern art that take many hours to produce.

As much as detail is appreciated in art, simplicity is appreciated in website design. And Steeven’s website is among the most organized and simple web designs.

Screenshot of Benjamin Hardman, from the squarespace artist websites collection.

Benjamin is a photographer that captures some amazing images of harsh environments that’ll give you the chills just looking at them. His work is often completed in Iceland; you can find images of beautiful landscapes and animals that live in the wild.

If you visit his website, you’ll immediately notice his photography is the hero of the website. The homepage has nothing but a slideshow of full-size photos he clicked. Besides that, there’s just a small navigation bar that’ll take you to other essential pages.

Overall, the artist’s website is minimal and is built with potential clients in mind. Look at it from his potential clients’ point of view, and you’ll see why I say so: Potential clients of a photographer want to see their work, contact them, or know more about them ⁠— in that order. Benjamin ensures the visual hierarchy takes the clients where they want to go.

Screenshot of Samantha Keely Smith, from the squarespace artist websites collection.

Samantha is an artist currently working from Brooklyn, New York. Her paintings of people and the world around her have a unique way of connecting with viewers psychologically.

The homepage of the artist’s website features a full-page picture of one of her paintings, which is one of the best ways to showcase art front and center.

Then, on clicking Enter, you’ll find the rest of her portfolio. She presents her best work categorically and structurally. The first portfolio page has her latest works (2015-2022), which you can scroll through or leave to see her older works or works in a particular category (Portraits or Ariel).

Screenshot of Kate Vass, from the squarespace artist websites collection.

Kate Vass Gallery is a community of artists that specialize in photography and upcoming technology. You can find the works of these artists in different museums located in London, New York, and locations across the globe.

The website’s goal is to attract people to the exhibitions, so the homepage focuses on that. To view the artists’ works, they have provided a quick link to collections on the navigation bar.

Screenshot of Sophie Kahn, from the squarespace artist websites collection.

Sophie Kahn is an artist that focuses on the human body by using digital and sculpting techniques. She uses a neat 3D image laser to bring her ideas to life, and you can find these in both print and video formats.

This website’s design is classic — it shows the best work front and center. Plus, it allows visitors to discover more work, learn more about the artist and exhibitions, and contact her through an easy navigation bar.

Screenshot of by Mark Lange, from the squarespace artist websites collection.

Mark Lange is a freelance graphic designer and artist based in Minneapolis. He has an eye and talent for art, which shows in his beautifully colorful website.

His website features a stunning graphic that reads “Hello, I’m Mark” in perhaps the most artistic-yet-legible way possible. Just the hero image is enough to convince you that Mark is a combination of a designer and an artist. His client work and artwork just add to it.

By the way, Mark is also a painter, a musician, and a drawer as well.

Screenshot of Jason Arkles, from the squarespace artist websites collection.

Jason is a sculptor with skills that accentuate the taste of the 19th century. He also teaches at Studio Della Statua which is located in beautiful Florence. Although his tastes are historical, he loves to apply that in a modernistic and forward-moving manner.

The homepage of this website is beautiful and simple. It has the two main elements: the art and links to important pages. I find the inner pages’ design a bit outdated, though.

Screenshot of Jessica Chou, from the squarespace artist websites collection.

Jessica Chou is a photographer serving California. Her work has a documentary vibe to it, and she likes to take a raw approach to her practice. You can find images of some big names within her portrait portfolio.

The site uses a well-built Squarespace photography template, and hence makes the art pop and looks beautiful overall.

Screenshot of Jingna Zhang, from the squarespace artist websites collection.

Jingna was born in Beijing and now works out of New York City as well as Seattle. Her photography and directing portfolio consists of high fashion shots that have been featured in magazines as well known as Vogue.

Again, a website using a classic Squarespace portfolio template to showcase beautiful work beautifully.

Screenshot of Alex Tran, from the squarespace artist websites collection.

Alex is living in Montreal and providing photography services including head-shots and editorial work. He actually has a second website where he shows more of his photography projects. He originally was studying biology and made the switch a couple of years ago.

Screenshot of Eric Pickersgill, from the squarespace artist websites collection.

Eric is both an artist as well as a teacher. His focus is on photography and teaching others to look more deeply beyond the image, and he studies the behavior of his subjects as well.

Screenshot of Herrick Gallery, from the squarespace artist websites collection.

Alice Herrick is the talent behind the Herrick Gallery. It started as a gallery in Mayfair, but has now permanently shut down. She is still a busy working artist with exhibitions full of different kinds of work. You can also check her site for upcoming events.

Screenshot of Robert Wilson, from the squarespace artist websites collection.

Robert Wilson applies his talents to the world of theater. By using light, he has a unique way of adding to shows and the pieces he creates. He also has work that has been put to paper, and works with design of spaces and furniture.

Screenshot of Luke Adam Hawker, from the squarespace artist websites collection.

After studying interior architecture, Luke uses pen and paper to create some amazing drawings with a focus on these skills. He resides in London and has some beautiful exhibitions full of his work in illustration and design.

Screenshot of The Tokyoiter, from the squarespace artist websites collection.

The Tokyoiter is a collection of artists and their work created in Tokyo. It continues to grow so that artists and non-artists alike can view and appreciate the pieces that are here.

Screenshot of Lucy Blooms, from the squarespace artist websites collection.

Lucy Bloom is a creative floral design studio, and their work is nothing short of art—at least from what I can tell from the website.

I love the website tagline, the color combination combined with floral designs and other illustrations, and the font choice, among other things.

Screenshot of Philippa Rice, from the squarespace artist websites collection.

Phillipa Rice lives in Nottingham and has passion for creating comics first and foremost. She doesn’t limit herself to just that, she loves exploring illustration and animation. You can see her work on the covers of children’s books.

Screenshot of Jay Adan, from the squarespace artist websites collection.

Jay Adan is model builder and painter who has had a love for the field for many years. He has a Youtube channel with thousands of followers that watch and learn from his specialty. You can also visit his shop where items are for sale.

Screenshot of Vanessa Chakour, from the squarespace artist websites collection.

Vanessa Chakour is a visual artist and an art educator with a passion for nature. She is also a herbalist, naturalist, and environmental activist. Her website is a personal website that covers all her facets, including her artwork.

Screenshot of Will McPhail, from the squarespace artist websites collection.

Sophisticated yet fun, can be words to describe Will McPhail and his artistry skills. As a cartoonist, his resume is stacked. He’s also created a book that will be released in the next year.

Screenshot of Isabella Bannerman, from the squarespace artist websites collection.

Isabella Bannerman is a seasoned cartoonist with gigs on MTV, Magazines and Newspaper publishing’s. Beyond short cartoon strips, she also enjoys longer story telling and delivering messages about the health industry through her art.

Screenshot of Jeremy Nguyen, from the squarespace artist websites collection.

In 2011, Jeremy Winslife’s cartoons and illustrations began being published across major magazines, advertising campaigns and even board games. He continues to be hired for projects that combine his humorous style and artistic ability.

Screenshot of The Art of Dr. Seuss, from the squarespace artist websites collection.

You’ve likely seen, read, and purchased at least one, if not all, of the Dr. Seuss books. Theodor Seuss Geisel is the cartoonist that we all know as Dr. Seuss. His legacy continues on in museums and other unique collections that showcase his illustrations.

Screenshot of Clara De Lorenzi, from the squarespace artist websites collection.

Clara is an artist located in Italy who is currently in freelance. She has helped companies with brand identity, print design and illustration with her artistic skills that are simplistic and clean cut.

Screenshot of Seth Clark, from the squarespace artist websites collection.

Seth Clark is from Massachusetts where he studied the arts. He uses both collage and sculpture techniques to create truly unique pieces that have received countless awards, and have been featured at different art exhibitions throughout the US.

Screenshot of Kevin Garrett, from the squarespace artist websites collection.

Grammy-nominated singer and songwriter Kevin Garrett has worked with some of the most successful artists in the music business. He also performs his own songs that can be streamed on Spotify and Apple Music.

Frequently Asked Questions

What website do most artists use?

Squarespace is perhaps the most popular website builders among artists. The website builder has clean and modern templates to showcase art in the best possible light.

What is the best online store for artists?

Etsy is very popular among artists, but artists wanting to sell art on their own and not pay the big Etsy fees prefer Shopify.

Check out the pricing difference between Shopify and Etsy.

What should an artist website include?

First and foremost, an artist's website should include art. The art is central, and so it should be showcased front and center or at least be accessible.

Besides, an artist's website should have an about page and a contact page. Other good-to-haves include a blog, store, exhibition page, etc.