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33 Examples of Beautiful Illustrator Portfolios

Last Updated July 13 2021

Written By Steve Benjamins

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The best illustrator portfolio websites are showcases— they put the art front and center.

You don’t need to put every piece of art you’ve ever done in your portfolio. Instead your portfolio should be a curated selection of your best work. It should be an introduction into who you are as an artist.

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Bright, colorful and bold could accurately describe the illustrations and art from Alice Zhang. Her services also include graphic design, mural paintings and motion design.

Alexis Johnson is a self-taught artist located in Minnesota. Her illustrations primarily consist of ink, but she occasionally works with other material like pastels. She continues her own education by exploring different forms of art with every new project she completes.

Clara is an artist located in Italy who is currently in freelance. She has helped companies with brand identity, print design and illustration with her artistic skills that are simplistic and clean cut.

Courtney White is a well-rounded illustrator and designer with talents in paint, drawing, event production and more. She adores animation with plenty of color and artistic freedom.

Nate Moody is a professional illustrator and concept artist that is eager to work on any artistic project he can find. His portfolio includes product design, graphic design and traditional illustrations in retail, gaming and more.

Philece Roberts is "that artista" known for illustrations that are not only beautiful, but symbolize strength specifically in black women. She has illustrated books and creates pieces using her skills in paint and pencil.

Ashley Idell lives in Colorado and works as an illustrator and educator. She is a passionate about her work and has over a decade of experience. You can find her work inside children's books too!

Schorsch Feierfeil is an award winning illustrator, graphic designer and animation artist located in Vienna. His portfolio shows off his skills in the arts that apply to unique projects like musicians album covers.

Lera is an illustrator and educator. Her passion not only lies in illustration, but in education for young artists. Check out her portfolio for toy-making and etching art as well.

Ann is both an illustrator and a painter. She earned her degree from Parsons School of Design in New York, where she learned the ins and outs of design and created her own identity. Her work is often seen in greeting cards and invitations.

Rachel is UK based and graduated from the University of Lincoln with her degree in illustration. Her work is colorful, and beautifully done to attract the eyes of young readers. Her illustrated children's books are represented by The Bright Agency.

Samantha Hahn is from Brooklyn where she works as an illustrator, author and creative director. Her portfolio consist of portraits, food and editorial designs that have been featured in design books.

Beatrice is an illustrator, author and art director. Her creations find their way into animation and publishing inside several different books and for many different companies.

Simeon Elson has been working as an artist professionally for more than 15 years and has built an impressive client list for himself along the way. Among his projects you will find illustration and design of all kinds with a strong focus in sports and music.

Corinne Alexandra is the long time artist that has been illustrating since she was very young. Her edgy portfolio has continued to grow working with all sorts of different clients. Her studio provides services in design, photography, illustrations and more.

The pen and ink artist is located in London. His training in the architectural field has allowed him to plan, and illustrate some seriously impressive buildings. He also offers educational workshops and he's been featured in plenty of different magazine and articles.

Von is the illustrator and designer that leads his studio HelloVon in London. His modernized illustrations in portraits, nature and sports have landed him jobs with Nike, the Oscars and American Express to name just a few.

Kristian works as a freelance illustrator while practicing the art of dance. Her services range from paintings of murals to graphic design. She uses her surroundings for inspiration and applies multiple art forms to her findings.

Ivelina is the illustrator and graphic designer behind Ive Penkova that has more than 7 years of experience. Companies can hire her to work on projects ranging from infographic design to brand identity and beyond.

Jamie uses collage and drawings to translate his inspirations into art, often inspired by nature. He passes his skills along to students as an educator in illustration at Leeds Arts University.

Carlos Nieto is a comic book fanatic and artist from Spain. He brings these comic books to life using illustration. Additionally, he works in advertising and character design.

The Russia based artist showcases his work in illustration and design in this simple website. He also has a blog where he continues to explore the world of art as continued education.

Courtney is currently living in California where she works professionally as a background painter. Her resume includes projects for Cartoon Network and Airbnb that show off her wide-range of artistic abilities.

The portfolio of Cory Thomas consists of illustrations and digital design. He created the successful comic entitled ‘Comet Cat’ years ago, and has since been working as a freelancer.

Martin Ballie has an art studio in Edinburgh where he also graduated with his art degree in 2007. Now days, he works with clients that need illustration, branding, print and typography services.

Mary Kuan is an observational artist creating sculpture, drawings, illustration, prints and more. Her work is investigative, often peeking into intimacy and the more serious topics of the world around her.

Art by Aleash is the home of illustrator and graphic design artist Alicia Holtz. She is continuously exploring different art forms including sculpture, painting and even costume construction. Her passion for the arts mean she is always creating something new.

Natalie Anderson grew up in California where she discovered her love for art. She focuses her designs on ink, but dabbles in other forms of illustration such as painting. Her work is often inspired by the nature surrounding her.

Paula is not just an illustrator of books, she writes them as well. Her portfolio boasts beautiful color, and black and white illustrations. She is currently represented by The Cat Agency Inc.

Rebecca Zomchek is an artist and an educator at Ringling College of Art and Design. Her art includes illustrations of many children's books, game designs and more. All of which have won her a variety of awards.

Larissa Marantz is the seasoned artist that is currently represented by Rachel Orr of Prospect Literary for her illustrations in children's books. Aside from her beautiful artwork, she also owns OC Art Studios where she offers classes and education to aspiring artists.

Betsey Marcus is an art director and illustrator from Texas. Her client list includes companies like McDonalds and Six Flags Theme Park. You could say her illustrations present a cool, almost 70's decade vibe.

Dan Kuhlken and Nathan Goldman are the design and illustration team behind this LA based studio. Since 2005, they have been combining their artistic talents and servicing clients like Disney, HBO and USPS.

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