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21 Well-Designed One Product Shopify Stores

Last Updated January 5 2024

Juhil Mendpara

Written By Juhil Mendpara

Typically, I analyze hundreds of websites before compiling a list like this—unfortunately, not this time.

One-product stores are hard to come by.

But I scoured the internet and found these 21 well-designed single-product Shopify stores.

These stores are proof that sometimes less is more. They center their business around a single, carefully selected item and ensure every web design element helps sell that one product.

A note before starting…

Many of the stores below aren’t technically “one-product Shopify stores.” Most started as one-product stores but then added a few related products to cross-sell as they found success.

Still, the websites focus on a single product. And all these websites’ primary CTAs take to the main product’s page.

Let’s analyze them one by one.

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Screenshot of Fybelle, from the one product shopify stores collection.

Fybelle sells an FDA-approved IPL (Intense Pulsed Light technology) handset for hair removal. The company claims the device effectively and safely reduces hair growth in a few weeks…and everything on the website—from store design to content—helps convince potential customers that it isn’t an empty claim.

The most important thing for a store like this is building trust immediately. People need to know it’s a safe product and they are not wasting money on some lousy product from a shady company.

Fybelle instills trust at every corner of the store, starting from the above-the-fold homepage section:

Besides, there are mentions of how “quick, easy, effective, and painless” it is to use the handset. Plus, sections like these show what a great value-for-money product the Fybelle handset is:

The product page is also well-optimized with an on-point, scannable product description…

…and more trust-infusing elements like this before-after section:

And a reviews section where actual users have shared their experience along with photos:

Update: Fybelle seems to have moved from Shopify to WooCommerce recently, but the store design is pretty much the same as before, so the takeaways remain the same. I am unsure why they moved, but Shopify is better than WooCommerce for most people, as we conclude in our comparison.

Screenshot of Kulala, from the one product shopify stores collection.

Kuala sells a beautiful wooden lamp that helps you sleep by emitting certain wavelengths of red light that naturally promote melatonin release. It was designed by a sleep scientist, Dr. Sofia Axelrod, Ph.D.

I like the color scheme, the typography, and the simple copywriting of this one-product Shopify store.

Besides the warm color tone that matches the product photos, the first thing you’ll notice is the simple problem-solution copy above the fold, which reads: “Blue light keeps you up. Red light helps you sleep. Kulala combines sleep science with hand-crafted beauty so you can be your best self, every day.”

You’ll know pretty much everything about the product from the hero section. And if you already trust the brand, you’d be ready to buy….so the next section is:

You can add the lamp to the cart and proceed to checkout. Or you can click “Explore” and see the product page.

In case you want social proof to trust the brand, the two sections below it do just that. First is a slider strip with logos of all the publications where Kulala has been featured (CNN, NBC, Mindbody, Essence, etc.). And second section is a review section. Then, as you scroll, you’ll learn about the science behind the product, the sleep scientist founder, a blog section, and more.

Overall, Kulala’s homepage is solid. I can’t say the same about the product page, though.

Here are a few obvious mistakes on the product page that may keep visitors from buying the product:

You have to click the stars to reveal customer reviews.

Screenshot of Brew Blue, from the one product shopify stores collection.

Brew Blue is an Australian brand founded by women for women. Its product is called Hormone Balance Bliss™, which helps relieve menopause symptoms and reduce mood swings, stress, bloating, and indigestion, among other things.

There’s a lot you can learn from this website. Let me highlight some outstanding elements:

  1. The soft color scheme suits the product and target audience.
  2. The homepage’s hero section/above-the-fold part gives all the essential trust-infusing information. For example, there’s a Trustpilot reviews badge, customer ratings, mention of the money-back guarantee, etc.
  3. Right below the hero are these two sections where visitors learn about the benefits of the products + reviews from women who have benefitted from the product:
  1. They also beautifully showcase all its 100% natural ingredients on the product page. If something like this applies to your item, it’s worth adding.

Screenshot of Bokksu, from the one product shopify stores collection.

Bokksu (Japanese for ‘box’) is a small family-run business in Japan. They sell a Japanese snacks subscription box through their beautifully-designed Shopify store.

It’s not technically a one-product store, but it focuses on selling a single item - the subscription. And it is obvious from 1) the CTA buttons that take visitors to the subscription product page and 2) the photos of the single subscription box throughout the website.

Besides the apparent web design and conversion optimization elements like a suitable color palette, good copy, easy navigation, customer reviews, etc., this store has some other features you might want to include in your store.

Screenshot of BALLS, from the one product shopify stores collection.

Balls is a men’s grooming store that we also featured in our dropshipping store examples collection.

There, I mention how this store could easily go in our inspiring Shopify store examples because it does everything right: fantastic photographs, great typography, a likable color palette, nicely sprinkled social proof, well-written descriptions that showcase each feature of the product concisely and in a way that makes you feel safe about the product, and a clean design.

In particular, I like their quirky copy. Examples: “The best care for down there” at the top of the homepage, “Designed with your junk in mind” as the heading for describing features, “Add to sack” CTA, etc.

Well, it also goes in this collection because the design elements are the same, and it focuses on selling the primary item, i.e., the ball trimmer. Though, the company now sells additional items like lotion and body wash.

Screenshot of TUSHY, from the one product shopify stores collection.

Tushy sells the popular, high-rated bidet attachment (now at its third version - TUSHY Classic 3.0) on the Shopify store. The company also sells accessories like an ottoman, stand & square, etc., but the bidet is the single product the store primarily focuses on…

…which is obvious, considering the primary CTA of the website directs to the TUSHY Classic 3.0 product page, and the hero image is of the bidet attachment. Also, the “Rated #1 bidet attachment” by Vice, The New Yorker, etc., refers to its classic bidet attachment.

The product page of this store is excellently designed. Besides the color and obvious design choices like rounded edges,

Screenshot of HeySilkySkin, from the one product shopify stores collection.

The HeySilkySkin store is loud in the right way for the product it sells: a laser hair removal device! It needs a lot of social proof for people to believe a) it does the job and b) it doesn’t harm the skin. It takes a sort of opposite approach to the calm and warm tone of Fybelle (who sells the same product) yet gets the job done.

They promote A LOT of user-generated and influencer-generated content on all landing pages, including the home and the product pages. Also, their massive social media presence (including 350k+ followers on Instagram) helps convince potential customers that it’s a legit product.

Besides the social proof aspect, the store design, copy, and other aspects are also solid. It has a relevant color scheme, to-the-point copy, and a 90-day money-back guarantee.

Note: This website feels like a dropshipping store and likely is. Fybelle, on the other hand, seems like a genuine brand despite selling pretty much the same product.

Screenshot of BlendJet , from the one product shopify stores collection.

Blendjet is a legendary one-product Shopify store. It does over $30 million in yearly revenue, selling primarily one product - a portable, battery-powered blender designed for on-the-go convenience. However, after huge success, they have added a marketplace to sell related products such as ready-to-blend beverages, jars, insulated sleeves, etc.

Still, the colorful website revolves around the BlendJet 2, their latest blender version. The best thing about this store is that most of the communication of the product is done by showing the product in action:

Besides, all the obvious things are there - simple navigation, easy-to-read fonts, customer reviews and other social proof, a money-back warranty, etc.

Screenshot of SpotOn Fence, from the one product shopify stores collection.

SpotOn sells an innovative GPS dog fence that doesn’t need any wires or a monthly subscription.

A product like this requires showcasing features over benefits on the product page. Thankfully, the store owner doesn’t take the oversimplified “focus on benefits over features” copywriting tip from Twitter and actually focuses on the customer need. The site shows the features of the collar and how it works throughout the website and in all formats, including text, graphics, photos, and videos.

I also like the Reviews page of the website, where you can find individual reviews in a case study-like format:

Screenshot of Turned Yellow, from the one product shopify stores collection.

Turned Yellow turns your photos into Simpsons-style yellow pictures and sends them to you in the form you want (framed canvas, unframed canvas, mug, t-shirt, etc.).

The product is very simple (yet innovative) and doesn’t need much description — simple social proof and photos of the end product are enough. And the store includes exactly that. The design isn’t high-grade, but it works (after all, 330,000+ people have already purchased from the store!), and great reviews like these do most of the heavy lifting:

Screenshot of SNOOZ , from the one product shopify stores collection.

Snooz is a white noise machine that helps you sleep better.

The store’s smooth typography, pastel-y colors, circular buttons, etc., work well for the product.

Plus, I like the fact that you can know everything about the product from the product photos on the product page — one photo shows the product, the second shows how a real fan produces the sound and is not electronically generated, third shows you can customize the sound from the device itself, fourth has a great review of the machine, and gift introduces you to its free app.

Plus, of course, there’s text telling and expanding upon all these things.

Screenshot of ByHeart, from the one product shopify stores collection.

ByHeart started as a DTC brand, and their product is now available at your nearby Target!

What’s their product? A nutrition infant formula that is clinically proven to have many benefits, from easier digestion to enhanced nutrient absorption.

Check out this beautiful one-product website to see how nice photos, a soft color palette, trust badges, other trust signs like customer reviews, and good copywriting can calm even a parent to make the purchase decision easy.

Screenshot of Ka

Ka’Chava sells plant-based meal replacement shakes. Their shakes are marketed as nutritionally complete meals packed with various essential nutrients, including protein, fiber, vitamins, and minerals.

The company technically sells multiple products but through a single product page:

You can choose a blend of whatever flavors/superfoods you want and buy it from one product page.

Screenshot of Palmpress , from the one product shopify stores collection.

Palm Press sells a reusable, portable coffee press called the “Palm Press.” The device allows users to easily brew fresh coffee using ground coffee and hot water, making it ideal for travel, camping, or daily use. Its compact and collapsible design ensures convenience and easy cleaning.

Screenshot of Trimmer Boss, from the one product shopify stores collection.

Trimmer Boss sells an “indestructible & eco-friendly” weed-trimming machine that’s “100x more powerful than traditional string heads”. The Trimmer Boss store features great color scheme and solid customer reviews.

Screenshot of Solawave , from the one product shopify stores collection.

Solawave is a skincare company offering a facial device that combines microcurrent, red light therapy, therapeutic warmth, and facial massage for at-home use. The device helps address various skin concerns, such as fine lines, acne, and uneven skin tone, providing a convenient and affordable alternative to professional spa treatments. They also sell serum alongside the wand.

Screenshot of State of Kind , from the one product shopify stores collection.

State of Kind is a single-product store, and its product is a skin regeneration concentrate they call Kindly Restore. It includes bakuchiol oil, CBD, rosehip seed oil, and blue tansy, which fortifies the skin barrier and reduces inflammation.

Screenshot of Infrared Neck Massager , from the one product shopify stores collection.

Infrared Neck Massager sells — no points for guessing — an infrared neck massager through a simple Shopify store. It seems like a dropshipping store, and there’s not much to like about this store’s design. The only thing I like about this shady-looking store that you can get inspired from is the mention of free shipping and a 30-day paid returns policy…which shows how much those two matter in ecommerce.

Screenshot of Bleame, from the one product shopify stores collection.

Bleame uses the free Shopify theme Sense to sell a product called Crystal Hair Eraser.

The store has sold to over 12,500 customers and has nearly 900 positive customer reviews. It goes to show that you don’t need multiple products or an expensive theme to find ecommerce success — a good product sold through a well-designed website (with the right color combination, engaging content, clear structure, etc.) can also make your store a winner!

Screenshot of Grouphug Solar, from the one product shopify stores collection.

Grouphug makes decorative solar panels that can be hung in windows. Their aim is to make renewable energy more accessible and aesthetically pleasing for everyday people. The product has been featured on Shark Tank, People, The Wall Street Journal, and more.

Screenshot of furMe, from the one product shopify stores collection.

furMe is a company by pet lovers for pet lovers. They describe the problem they are solving excellently: “We all love our fur babies. But man, can those babies shed!”. Their solution? A pet grooming vacuum kit that includes not only the vacuum but also a de-shedding brush, clippers, and more needed to groom your fur babies!