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30 Examples Of Well-Designed Wix Ecommerce Stores

Last Updated January 5 2024

Juhil Mendpara

Written By Juhil Mendpara

Though we often recommend Squarespace or Shopify over Wix, we have maintained that Wix is a good platform for small online stores.

Wix has all the basic ecommerce features, a solid app market, and nice ecommerce templates to make a beautiful and functional store.

The following Wix ecommerce stores are great examples.

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Screenshot of Vivi et Margot, from the wix ecommerce stores collection.

Vivi et Margot offers artisanal, French-inspired products for everyday use, including homewares, clothing, jewelry, and beauty products like soaps. The brand, founded in 2015 by Charlotte Reiss, is named after her daughters and celebrates traditional French design with a focus on artisanal quality. You can buy a collection of hand-woven baskets and homewares from this store.

Unsurprisingly, this website looks visually stunning. The color palette reflects the elegant combination of white and a neutral color between gray and olive green found in traditional and modern French homes. The elegant typography and minimal photography also add to the design elements of this beautiful website.

Besides, it follows the basic web design principles: It has easy-to-use navigation, well-thought-out visual hierarchy, readable fonts, and consistent branding. The one thing they can improve is their product description formatting—simply adding bullet points or bolding important points will help visitors scan the product details quickly.

Screenshot of Seven Grams Caffé, from the wix ecommerce stores collection.

Seven Grams Caffè is a specialty coffee shop with multiple locations in New York. Offline, they serve a variety of coffee drinks, teas, pastries, and light bites. On their online store, they sell their famous cookies and their “purest, best quality, freshest coffee bean.”

This store shines for one reason, if nothing else: its photography. You can almost taste the scrumptiousness of the cookies through its high-quality photography and other visuals. And the web design lets the photos shine with a simple structure and big, auto-scaling image blocks.

Of course, other elements are taken care of as well. The website is responsive, has great product descriptions, offers both one-time and subscription purchase options (which are necessary for something like cookies 😋), has conversion-boosting elements like “You May Also Like” and “Recently Viewed” sections on the product pages, and includes all the necessary pages (product, about, account, refund policy, shipping policy, gifting, etc.).

Screenshot of Xiao by Crustz, from the wix ecommerce stores collection.

Xiao by Crustz is an exquisite patisserie crafting delightful, artful desserts that combine tantalizing flavors and visually stunning designs, making each creation an unforgettable experience for the senses.

Just like Seven Grams Caffè, here, too, the colorful images of the desserts take centerstage — and why wouldn’t they: what can sell a cake more than the cake itself?! Though, I like the big product photos on the previous site more than the comparatively small photos here.

Besides the photo, I love the minimal text content on the site. There are no big paragraphs, just to-the-point descriptions of everything. For example, you get all the needed information about the delivery and pickup right on this homepage section:

The FAQs section is equally minimal.

And so is the content on its product pages:

Screenshot of Farmacia Dermofar, from the wix ecommerce stores collection.

Dermofar caters to individuals seeking healthy, radiant skin. They are a specialized skincare retailer offering a wide range of dermatologically-tested products from sunscreen and facial cleansing gel to eye contour and a lot more.

This Wix store has a simple, elegant, and modern layout:

Screenshot of OGI Eyewear, from the wix ecommerce stores collection.

OGI Eyewear is a US-based eyewear brand that offers a wide range of stylish and affordable glasses frames for men and women across 40 countries. Their Wix website showcases their latest collections and provides a virtual try-on feature to help customers find the perfect pair of glasses.

I love the illustrations and the vivid colors of this store. There’s so much going on, yet the spectacles center everything.

This website uses Wix eCommerce just to showcase its products—not sell. And it does an excellent job: Everything is well-categorized, there’s a nice search bar, and the product collections pages have nice filters (color, size, collection, material, and shape) for easily taking visitors to a frame they’ll like.

Screenshot of Made4Home, from the wix ecommerce stores collection.

Made4Home offers exquisite home essentials, including stylish furniture, elegant décor, and innovative accessories that suit modern tastes.

I love the product images and the color palette of this website. The clean, neutral, and modern Helvetica font also suits the store. The product descriptions are detailed yet easy to scan. And the overall web design is user-friendly and responsive.

An example of Made4Home’s product page

Screenshot of Celebs On Sandwiches, from the wix ecommerce stores collection.

Celebs on Sandwiches is a unique art project and online store featuring celebrities’ illustrations on their favorite sandwiches. The project was created by artist Jeff McCarthy, who draws the illustrations by hand using ink and watercolors. Jeff shares all his creations on his 300k+ follower Instagram page.

There’s not much to describing the products of this store; visitors would only want to know the size and quality of the print they are getting—everything else is obvious. Therefore, the site keeps its description to a minimum:

The title is the celebrity’s name, and the description is simple, like: “8”x10” watercolor print of Pedro Pascal on a Chilean churrasco steak sandwich. Printed on heavy weight (290 g/m²), acid-free, fine art archival paper with a lightly textured surface. Does not include frame.”

Another main feature for a store like this is discoverability—visitors should be able to discover/come across art they’d buy. Celebs on Sandwiches does a fantastic job at that:

On the homepage, they’ve kept the more famous illustrations. Their “Search a celeb” labeled live search bar allows visitors to search for their favorite celeb. And they have made different collections for people interested in a particular celebrity, show, or genre — for example, there’s a The Office collection.

Screenshot of Coal and Canary , from the wix ecommerce stores collection.

Coal and Canary, founded by two best friends, is a candle company dedicated to creating high-quality, hand-poured candles. They aim to bring happiness and joy to customers while emphasizing inclusivity for women and the LGBTQI2S+ community.

There are a couple of things I dislike about this website: The header height could’ve been a bit smaller so visitors could see more important elements at first glance. Also, the hero section slideshow (with arrows) looks very 2015ish from a web design perspective; a full-screen slideshow instead would look much better.

Since the store is featured as a top Wix ecommerce website example, there’s a lot I like, of course:

Screenshot of Gay

Gay’s The Word is a historic LGBTQ+ bookstore located in London, UK. They offer a wide selection of books, magazines, and other materials related to LGBTQ+ issues and culture, including fiction, non-fiction, poetry, and children’s books.

Gay’s The Word also serves as a community hub, hosting events such as book launches, readings, and author talks. The store has a rich history, having played a pivotal role in the fight for LGBTQ+ rights in the UK and beyond, making it an important cultural institution for the LGBTQ+ community.

I love the primary color (yellow) with a sprinkle of vibrant colors on this website. Plus, one thing I like in particular is its filter options—besides the typical all and price filters, the site also has an identity filter with options like Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans, Queer, Intersex, Asexual, Nonbinary, and Pansexual.

Screenshot of Fine Frenchie, from the wix ecommerce stores collection.

Fine Frenchie is a creative project by artist Valeria Krasavina, inspired by her French Bulldog Rabby. It began as a few sketches during a “hiatus from the fashion industry” and grew into a vibrant, pink-filled world where she sells prints, scarves, coasters, and more.

This Wix store is an excellent example of how all aesthetically pleasing stores aren’t always well-designed stores. The high-quality photos and that beautiful angel pink color make for a great first impression, but you’ll start noticing functional issues as you scroll through it. A few examples:

Screenshot of Copper and Brass Paper Goods, from the wix ecommerce stores collection.

Copper & Brass is an online stationery store that sells premium quality notebooks, planners, and journals. Their products are handcrafted using traditional methods and eco-friendly materials such as recycled paper, vegetable-based inks, and sustainable fabrics.

There are a few legibility issues on the website (like the hero section text isn’t instantly readable), but I like the website design overall.

Screenshot of Yantra, from the wix ecommerce stores collection.

Yantra is an upscale Indian restaurant and bar with a blend of traditional and modern design elements. The menu, crafted by culinary historian Pritha Sen and Executive Chef Pinaki Ray, features rare ingredients and India’s rich culinary legacy. This website uses Wix eCommerce’s features to sell e-vouchers and reservations.

Screenshot of The Spice Suite, from the wix ecommerce stores collection.

The Spice Suite, owned by Angel Gregorio, offers unique spice blends inspired by fashion. Angel has appeared in MasterChef’s Season 8 and in local media, providing customers with gourmet spices and culinary delights in a welcoming and fun atmosphere.

Screenshot of Arbeitskleidung Augsburg, from the wix ecommerce stores collection.

Arbeitskleidung Augsburg is a German company specializing in high-quality workwear and protective gear, providing professionals with functional and durable clothing for a variety of industries.

Screenshot of Dyconn Faucet, from the wix ecommerce stores collection.

Dyconn Faucet is a California-based company that specializes in designing and manufacturing kitchen and bathroom faucets. They also make showerheads, bathroom accessories, and LED mirrors. And their wide range of products are designed to suit different tastes and needs, including traditional, modern, and contemporary styles.

Screenshot of Something Good Studio, from the wix ecommerce stores collection.

Something Good Studio is a creative design studio offering unique, art-inspired products ranging from limited edition prints to woven blankets and lifestyle accessories, all while collaborating with local and international artists to bring their work to life in fresh, innovative ways.

Screenshot of Hors-D

Hors-D’œuvre is a French creative studio that focuses on creating clothing and apparel. The studio was founded by three friends who draw inspiration from the diverse cultures they grew up in, and their creations are based on effortless styles and attention to detail. The name “Hors-D’œuvre” is a nod to the French gastronomical tradition, and the founders met while playing basketball in the city of Roanne, known for its flavors.

Screenshot of Malco Wallshop, from the wix ecommerce stores collection.

Malco is a startup based in Solothurn that offers customizable, affordable, and sustainable wooden letters. The letters are lovingly hand-painted in Switzerland by the founders, Andreas and Sabrina, who are passionate about typography, design, and the power of words.

Screenshot of Monk & Anna, from the wix ecommerce stores collection.

Monk & Anna is a lifestyle brand offering a range of minimalist and aesthetically pleasing products, from clothing to stationery. It was founded in 2016 by three creatives and is inspired by the old King Kong movie, Japan, nature, fashion, and craftsmanship in general.

Screenshot of The Robin Collective, from the wix ecommerce stores collection.

The Robin Collective is a UK-based creative agency specializing in innovative events and immersive experiences, offering unique catering, interactive installations, and bespoke brand activations for both private and corporate clients.

Screenshot of Coco Gonser, from the wix ecommerce stores collection.

Coco Gonser is a photographer who captures the unique moments between two people in love, aiming to create lasting memories. With a passion for discovering what drives people and what’s important to them, Coco uses photography to showcase their individuality. Her website offers a range of photography services, from portraits to weddings, all with a focus on capturing the love and beauty in everyday moments.

Screenshot of Ayelet Raziel, from the wix ecommerce stores collection.

Ayele Raziel is an artist who offers a collection of original paintings and prints on her website. Her unique style incorporates bold colors and intricate details that make each piece stand out. Visitors can view her portfolio, shop for prints, or commission a custom painting.

Ayele also offers a blog where she shares her thoughts and inspirations behind her work. The website is designed with a clean and modern aesthetic, making it easy to navigate and find what you’re looking for.

Screenshot of Body By Simone, from the wix ecommerce stores collection.

Body By Simone is a fitness and lifestyle brand based in Los Angeles. It was founded in 2011 by Simone De La Rue. The company offers dance cardio workouts, digital programs, and a like-minded online community. You can also buy apparel, equipment, and accessories from their store.

Screenshot of Little Astronaut, from the wix ecommerce stores collection.

Little Astronaut is a brand that offers a range of unique products made in a clean and green manner. Their focus is on designs, practicality, and choice of materials, striving to achieve the perfect balance between sustainability and durability. Along with wallets, they offer other products such as tote bags, keychains, and passport holders.

Screenshot of Sticky Lemon, from the wix ecommerce stores collection.

Sticky Lemon is a Dutch brand that sells colorful and sustainable bags and accessories for kids and adults. Their products are made from recycled PET bottles and other eco-friendly materials and come in bold colors and playful patterns. The brand aims to create products that are both functional and fun. Their product line includes backpacks, shoulder bags, pencil cases, wallets, and more.

Screenshot of Indian Summer The Label, from the wix ecommerce stores collection.

Indian Summer The Label is an online fashion store that offers a range of women’s clothing and accessories inspired by bohemian and beachy styles. Their collection includes dresses, tops, bottoms, swimwear, and accessories such as hats and bags. The brand focuses on sustainable and ethical fashion, using eco-friendly materials such as organic cotton, linen, and bamboo.

Screenshot of Kaekoo, from the wix ecommerce stores collection.

Kaekoo is a small business that offers handcrafted and ethically made pillow covers. All the designs are by the owner Kae, whose passion for creating unique and beautiful products has led her to collaborate with artists from India, Turkey, Thailand, Africa, and Argentina.

Screenshot of CeliaB, from the wix ecommerce stores collection.

CeliaB is a Spanish clothing brand founded in 2012 by Celia Bernardo. The brand draws inspiration from Celia’s travels across the globe to design fun, passionate, and timeless clothing that makes women shine.

Screenshot of SoFlo Cake & Candy Expo , from the wix ecommerce stores collection.

Soflo Cake and Candy Expo is an annual event that brings together cake and candy enthusiasts from around the world. The expo features various vendors, classes, demonstrations, and competitions related to baking and candy making. Attendees can learn new techniques, discover new products, and connect with others who share their passion for sweets.

Screenshot of Yelli Studio by Danielle Waterman, from the wix ecommerce stores collection.

Yelli Studio, run by Danielle, is a bold pop art shop inspired by empowering women, offering vibrant pieces to liven up any space. Featuring prints and stickers based on original paintings and designs, customers can also purchase the original artwork or request custom commissions.