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27 Examples of Great Construction Websites

Last Updated January 5 2024

Written By Steve Benjamins

The best construction websites should display their work with high-quality photography. Web design should be simple, clean-cut, and clearly show their role in the industry.

Being that the construction industry is a goods-producing one, an important part when building websites is a clear introduction of what services they offer and multiple ways to contact them including phone number, social media links and email address.

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Screenshot of Harper Construction Company, from the construction websites collection.

Harper Construction Company has been in the construction industry since 1974. Their website features a wide range of past projects they have worked on. Residential, government and aviation are just a few specialties on the service menu.

Screenshot of Qualmax Construction, from the construction websites collection.

Qualmax Construction offers both residential and commercial construction services. Their homepage says a lot about the brand with its’ bold, yet minimalist approach. This construction company prides itself on customer satisfaction and the user experience.

Screenshot of Burnstead Construction Company, from the construction websites collection.

The Burnstead Construction Company website beautifully displays luxury homes they’ve built in the Seattle area. Their home page immediately sets the tone of the family-owned construction business. Luxurious taste, with both beautiful photography and elegant fonts.

Screenshot of Burchwood Construction, from the construction websites collection.

Burchwood Construction firm is a family business that offers potential clients custom home builds, renovations and even painting and decorating services. Website visitors will appreciate the clean design template, functionality and neutral color scheme.

Screenshot of BH Design & Build, from the construction websites collection.

BH Design & Build has a great reputation in the construction business due to a design build process they follow. The company’s construction website design shows a service menu for custom homes, finished basements and renovations as well as a look at past projects.

Screenshot of Home Interior Services, from the construction websites collection.

Home Interior Services is an award-winning construction company with a high-end commercial vibe. As a general contractor in the construction business, they service a broad amount of projects that include gut rehabs, kitchen design and new builds in commercial and residential real estate.

Screenshot of Barret Made, from the construction websites collection.

Barret Made is an architecture and construction company located in Portland. Business owner Rob Barret leads the award-winning construction and design team. They’ve been featured in a variety of different outlets for their quality craftmanship.

Screenshot of C&M Home Builders, from the construction websites collection.

C&M Home Builders offer construction services that begin with in house drafts and lead all the way to interior decorating and real estate transactions. Their testimonial page proves that they have earned themselves quite the reputation in the Chippewa Valley area.

Screenshot of housebrand, from the construction websites collection.

Housebrand is a modern company offering architectural and building services. What makes this a good construction website is that the style of construction is accentuated by the website template itself. From fonts to headings, all the way to contact information, potential customers immediately get a feel for who the builders are.

Screenshot of Ray Romano Contracting, from the construction websites collection.

Ray Romano Contracting is a boutique construction firm that is known for renovating beautiful vacation homes in The Hamptons and New York City. His services range from roofing repair to full project planning. Some buyers are often high profile celebrities that take over his finished product.

Screenshot of D.L. Hickman and Son Inc, from the construction websites collection.

D.L. Hickman and Son specializes in landscape construction with more than 50 years of experience. The user-friendly website immediately peeks the interest of potential clients simply based on the stunning portfolio of projects they’ve completed. Many sit on a gorgeous beach or feature a luxurious swimming pool.

Screenshot of Paddy Creek Builders, from the construction websites collection.

Paddy Creek Builders Inc showcases their work beautifully on this great website that is simple, yet full of charm. New construction, renovations and restoration information can easily be found and kick started with the websites simple contact form.

Screenshot of Construction Voghel, from the construction websites collection.

Construction Voghel is a firm located in Montreal Quebec that provides both small and large scale construction projects. Small business owners, new home construction and all kinds of project renovations are a part of their portfolio.

Screenshot of EllisDon, from the construction websites collection.

EllisDon is a global construction firm that has experience in all areas of a project from finance to building. Website builders that use wordpress like this one have the ability to take their construction website to another level with unique animations, slideshows and much more.

Screenshot of Absher, from the construction websites collection.

Absher construction is a large scale firm that focuses on the people first and customer satisfaction with design. Cultural buildings, home renovations and large transportation stations are featured on the interactive website.

Screenshot of ACI Contracts, from the construction websites collection.

ACI Contracts is a London based company with a focus in the commercial and industrial industry. Optimizing office space is their design and building niche. Some small projects include sound proofing, glass partitions and ceiling suspensions.

Screenshot of Schmitt + Company, from the construction websites collection.

Schmitt + Company offers everything from pre-construction services to construction management in Napa Valley. This website follows the classic Show, not tell rule: The homepage has minimal text and a lot of high-quality photos of their finished work across the country of California.

Screenshot of Made Of Portugal, from the construction websites collection.

Made Of Portugal is a group of professionals in the design and building industry. What we like about this simple website is that is organized, simple and clean. Yet still manages to provide necessary information onto one interesting page.

Screenshot of Weald Construction, from the construction websites collection.

Another nicely done, simple website from the website builder Carrd. Kevin is both owner and builder at Weald Construction. Right away, potential clients can find contact information, customer testimonials and where he has been featured for work examples.

Screenshot of Kohr Construction, from the construction websites collection.

Kohr Construction has an in house design team that has created and built some beautiful new homes and transformed some existing ones. Many of their projects feature a rustic, farmhouse style vibe that are loaded with charm and character.

Screenshot of Artistree Home and Design Studio, from the construction websites collection.

Artistree Home and Design Studio adds a completely different spin on a typical construction project. One look at their website and you’ll be in awe of all the magical treehouse creations. A guest treehouse, a full resort or just your own little slice of nature can easily be achieved by these professionals.

Screenshot of Lenken Construction, from the construction websites collection.

Lenken Construction has been building relationships in the construction business for over 60 years. An awesome building experience that’s filled with integrity come first for the company as they work on projects in the commercial construction field.

Screenshot of JDG Constructions, from the construction websites collection.

JDG Constructions’s website hero section claims they build great homes. And they prove it with great project photos.

This website is a bit fancy (like their work), with a lot of scrolling animations and stuff. It works because it manages to keep function alongside form: the website follows fundamental design principles like visual hierarchy.

Side note: Never put form over function when building a website just to make it look fancy.

Screenshot of Green Construction Services, from the construction websites collection.

Green Construction Services is a full service company that can help plan, design and build any home project. They pride themselves on thinking outside of the box for their customers and communicating professionally every step of the way.

Screenshot of Garcia Steel, from the construction websites collection.

Garcia Steel is an Arizona steel based construction company. Large structural buildings and community projects make up a bulk of their portfolio. Consulting, detail work and fabrication are just a few services they offer throughout the length of any job.

Screenshot of Construction Corfu, from the construction websites collection.

Construction Corfu is a dedicated team of skilled workers that has been building and renovating homes, historical buildings, and commercial sites in Corfu, Greece, for the last ten years.

Screenshot of Shangri-LA Construction, from the construction websites collection.

Shangri-La Construction is a commercial contractor and construction management firm focused on projects throughout Southern California. The website features a great background video in the hero section and well-shot photos of their residential and hotel hospitality projects throughout the homepage and other pages.

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