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40 Well-Designed SaaS Websites

Last Updated October 9 2023

Juhil Mendpara

Written By Juhil Mendpara

I analyzed hundreds of SaaS website designs for this article—and have probably seen at least a thousand more in the last few years.

There’s a pattern to the best SaaS websites. They all have these (replicable) elements:

Below is a collection of well-designed SaaS websites that tick all the abovementioned principle boxes.

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Screenshot of KeyNest, from the saas websites collection.

KeyNest provides innovative key exchange solutions for Airbnb hosts, serviced apartment operators, and estate agents. They operate globally and have facilitated key exchanges for over 5 million guests since its establishment in 2016.

It’s a pretty straightforward SaaS with a couple of ICPs. The typical potential clients of KeyNest would have one or more of these questions — and here’s how the website answers them:

These answers are easy to find and look at because of obvious navigation and hierarchy, the clean Poppins font, and the easy-on-the-eye color scheme and animations.

Screenshot of Modash, from the saas websites collection.

Modash helps marketing teams find, analyze, and monitor influencers on social media platforms like Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube. It lists every influencer with over 1K followers (i.e., 250M+ profiles), allowing users to search by location, niche, or audience size.

Modash’s website focuses on helping potential customers understand the platform, building trust, and eventually getting them to either get on a demo call or start a free trial. It does so with clear copywriting, engaging/informational visuals, and effective web design on all its landing pages.

Here’s how it does it on the homepage:

To avoid distractions, the elements that make a website “aesthetically pleasing” are kept as minimal as possible. For example, the website uses typical colors and fonts, so they don’t attract any attention. Modash also has a great blog that brings relevant organic traffic to the site using SEO.

Screenshot of Webflow, from the saas websites collection.

Over 3.5 million designers and teams use Webflow to create and collaborate on visually stunning websites without coding. It’s one of the best website builders and the platform powering many sites on this “SaaS websites” list. The company recently redesigned its whole website, and designers on social media are going gaga over it—and for a reason.

Being a web design platform, Webflow definitely knows a thing or two about making a visually stunning and functionally perfect website for itself.

This is perhaps the fanciest, interactions & animations-laden modern SaaS website out there. Everything from scrolling animations to the cool interactive demo is so well done. Yet, the fundamentals don’t change — the website has clear messaging, obvious structure, easy navigation, and so on. The fanciness and design-heaviness of the website simply communicate what the platform can do for its clients.

Screenshot of Squarespace, from the saas websites collection.

Squarespace is the best overall website-building SaaS in our findings. Its target users are regular people—unlike Webflow, which primarily targets professional designers—and, therefore, Squarespace uses simple language and simple visuals to describe/showcase everything.

On the website design front, it stands out with a sophisticated design, emphasizing its role as a leading website builder. The use of high-quality images and elegant typography conveys its emphasis on aesthetics and functionality. Its interactive demonstrations and customer showcases highlight the diversity and versatility of websites that can be created using its tools, making it a go-to for professionals and creatives alike.

I also like all the different landing pages of the site. For example, this “For blog” page:

In a very straightforward manner, the page showcases the design options, templates, monetization features, testimonials, and the blogging dashboard, and manages to communicate the value proposition of Squarespace for bloggers.

Screenshot of Shopify, from the saas websites collection.

Ecommerce companies, small and big alike, use Shopify to power their online stores. It’s the most popular ecommerce builder in the world and has a range of ecommerce business solutions, as effectively showcased in the dropdown menu:

Shopify is a huge SaaS company with many ICPs and features, making it difficult to communicate everything and address everyone on the website.

So what do they do? They start with a story. The hero section text reads, “Making Commerce Better for Everyone. Shopify is supporting the next generation of entrepreneurs, the world’s biggest brands, and everyone in between.” Plus, they have a background video that tells the Shopify story. The story addresses everyone (i.e., entrepreneurs wanting to get into commerce)!

Besides, the homepage effectively balances visuals of diverse entrepreneurs and clear data points, showcasing the platform’s widespread adoption. Its step-by-step feature display, testimonials showcase, success stories, etc., offer potential users a comprehensive view of the platform’s capabilities.

Screenshot of Legitify, from the saas websites collection.

Legitify is a SaaS specializing in document verification and authentication. Users just have to create an account, verify their identity, and join a live notary session to receive their notarized document. The simple “How it works” section on the homepage communicates it very well.

Besides, the homepage dives into its service offerings, underscoring the features and benefits of its verification system.

Since it is online notarizing important documents, security is among the top concerns among visitors. Therefore, the website stresses data protection, detailing encryption protocols and regulatory compliance, bolstering user confidence. Testimonials and success stories amplify Legitify’s credibility further. Plus, the inclusion of informative resources, like blogs and FAQs, enriches user understanding of document verification.

Screenshot of Notarize, from the saas websites collection.

Notarize is a leading online notary service SaaS. They have completed over 2 million notarizations and can notarize documents online in all 50 states of the US.

This website homepage section beautifully & interactively explains how the platform works:

The website has many more pages and resources dedicated to helping both notaries working/deciding to work with them and individuals/companies wanting their services. For example, Notarize has different landing pages for all the industries they serve - financial services, law firms, real estate, etc., where they share the use cases, partners, and testimonials from people in the industry.

Naturally, Notarize’s website is designed & developed to the pixel by experienced professionals who know how to choose the right colors, typography, spacing, animations, and everything.

Screenshot of Wix, from the saas websites collection.

Wix is the most popular website builder, with nearly 46% market share of Simple Website Builders. It’s suitable for all types of websites, including online stores, portfolios, blogs, etc. — and the Wix website successfully addresses takers of all.

There’s a lot to like about this expertly designed SaaS website, starting with its hero section. The headline “Create a website without limits” succinctly communicates the value proposition of Wix, and the screenshot of the Wix-made ecommerce site adds to it. Next, my favorite: The website asks visitors, “What kind of website would you like to create?” with a few popular options, a clear CTA to get started, and a tiny text implying users can try Wix for free without entering credit card — this is superb for conversions.

Other sections showcase Wix’s templates, different features, its editor, different use cases, and its overall expansive capabilities in a similarly intuitive and engaging way. The different landing pages are equally visitor-friendly — for example, its landing page for portfolio websites:

A part of the ‘Portfolio Website’ landing page.

Overall, Wix’s website not only captures the essence of what the platform offers but also demonstrates the potential of what users can achieve with it.

Screenshot of Proof, from the saas websites collection.

There’s a lot that the Proof website homepage gets right:


You can’t possibly know how exactly can Proof “Boost your website conversions by 15% in under 15 minutes” if you don’t know about the platform beforehand. The homepage fails to mention its features; neither does it have a “How It Works” section. If we look at the homepage alone, its copy is a classic example of blindly following “showcase benefits, not features” — I believe it’s necessary to communicate both features and benefits.

Nevertheless, if you don’t isolate the homepage, there’s a separate “How It Works” page that’s easily navigable from the menu bar. And it has all the details. Plus, the menu bar changes with additional links to features, integrations, etc.

Screenshot of Userpilot, from the saas websites collection.

Userpilot helps businesses improve their user experience and increase new user activation and engagement. If this description sounds vague, wait till you read the website hero text.

The headline “Product Growth. Unlocked.” and the subtext “Activate more users, increase feature adoption, and drive expansion revenue.” is very ambiguous. In comparison, the Proof’s hero copy was at least interesting.

However, unlike the Proof website homepage, you can see what this SaaS does, thanks to GIF demos.

Visually, the website employs a sophisticated dark mode design with shades of purple and blue, giving it a tech-forward and contemporary feel. The layout is structured with clear sections outlined by contrasting backgrounds, each detailing features, testimonials, integration options, and more.

Overall, the combination of concise textual content, vibrant visuals, and user testimonials offers a holistic understanding of the product.

Screenshot of OnHand, from the saas websites collection.

OnHand connects businesses with meaningful missions and sustainable goals and helps encourage employees to participate in mini-volunteering missions.

OnHand’s vibrant and energetic website design revolves around corporate volunteering and sustainability. The dominant use of bright yellow, combined with playful graphics, exudes positivity and action. A standout element is the interactive smartphone mockup, demonstrating the platform’s flexibility. Moreover, the “Dive into real-time reporting” section with dynamic charts and numbers provides a tangible sense of the platform’s capabilities, emphasizing its value proposition.

Screenshot of, from the saas websites collection. offers a solution aimed at simplifying and speeding up post-production processes with a text-based editor. Users can search the transcript for specific content, find it, cut it, and finalize their edits quickly and efficiently.

Riverside’s design focuses on its core offering: high-quality audio and video recording with fast editing. The dark theme accentuated by pops of color adds a professional and sleek touch. The website cleverly utilizes a hero image showing its platform in action. Additionally, the endorsements and showcases from recognizable figures and brands further boost its credibility and appeal to the target audience of podcasters and content creators.

Screenshot of Originality.AI, from the saas websites collection.

Originality.AI offers a robust and accurate AI content detector that can identify whether humans or AI has generated a piece of content, and it is capable of detecting paraphrased content.

This website showcases a clean, professional, and straightforward design. A cool color palette dominates, making the content readable and drawing attention to important sections. The hierarchical structure, characterized by bold headlines and descriptive text, effectively communicates the primary offerings of the website. The use of icons and infographics further simplifies the understanding of complex data and features. And they have a lot of social proof—like, a lot!:

Screenshot of Simplecast, from the saas websites collection.

Simplecast is a platform for podcast hosting, distribution, and analytics, providing one-click publishing to platforms like Apple Podcasts and Spotify, robust audio streaming infrastructure, and an analytics platform to understand listener behaviors. It also offers website building, multiple show management, episode sharing, and an advanced API for custom development​.

The SaaS’s website is sleek and modern, emphasizing its authority in podcast management and analytics. Its bold use of graphics, combined with a clean layout, effectively showcases the brand’s prominence. The inclusion of recognizable brand logos provides immediate social proof, affirming its trusted status in the industry.

Screenshot of Social Snowball, from the saas websites collection.

Social Snowball is a Shopify app that automates affiliate and referral programs for Direct-to-Consumer (DTC) brands. It facilitates engaging referral programs, simplifies influencer management, and provides easy payout processes, among other features, to streamline word-of-mouth marketing for businesses​​.

Social Snowball adopts a visually appealing blend of vibrant colors and concise content to highlight its Shopify affiliate app. A prominent display of user interfaces and success metrics immediately conveys the platform’s utility. Testimonials and brand affiliations further reinforce their efficacy in the affiliate marketing domain.

Screenshot of Attentive, from the saas websites collection.

Attentive is a platform specializing in personalized text messaging and email services for brands, aimed at boosting customer engagement and loyalty. It provides various features like SMS messaging, deliverability assurance, analytics, and AI-powered campaign creation, facilitating direct and effective communication between brands and their audience​​.

Screenshot of Circle, from the saas websites collection.

Circle is designed to consolidate various aspects of running a business, particularly focusing on educational entities. It provides a singular space where students can access online courses, live sessions, and real-time chat, allowing them to connect, learn, and interact seamlessly. T

Circle’s website presents itself as a comprehensive community platform for businesses. The top section efficiently demonstrates its platform’s user interface, giving visitors a quick preview of the product. The use of recognized brand logos (like Adobe and growthday) establishes trust, while the varied use of graphics and real-life images effectively showcases different community types and user cases, promoting relatability.

Screenshot of Otter, from the saas websites collection.

Otter is a childcare service platform designed to alleviate the mental load of parents seeking reliable sitters. The platform pre-vets sitters, matches availability, and offers clear, transparent pricing. Otter aims to be the easy button for childcare, handling the searching, negotiating, and scheduling aspects of securing childcare. Parents simply need to inform the platform when they need care, and Otter takes care of the rest, even providing solutions when the initial plans fall through.

Visually, Otter’s website design is modern and user-centric, employing a blend of soft colors and playful illustrations that resonate with its target audience. Clear call-to-actions, like “Sign Up” and “Book a Playdate”, are strategically placed to guide user navigation. The use of testimonials and frequently asked questions further establishes trust and transparency, while the dynamic visuals and structured layout make it easy for visitors to grasp the platform’s offerings and benefits.

Screenshot of Outseta, from the saas websites collection.

Outseta is an integrated platform offering tools for managing membership sites, SaaS products, or online communities. It combines CRM, billing, email marketing, and help desk functionalities, aiming to streamline operations and speed up time to market for businesses.

Outseta’s website stands out with its dynamic and user-friendly design, featuring bold headers, clear fonts, and custom graphics. Its clean, organized structure makes navigation effortless, while integrated testimonials add a layer of credibility.

Screenshot of Ramp , from the saas websites collection.

Ramp is a company focused on modernizing and automating accounting systems. It aims to improve and streamline how teams operate in the financial domain, offering solutions that bring antiquated accounting systems up to date. As per the testimonial on the site, it seems to be well-regarded for its ability to innovate and enhance operational efficiency in finance, particularly benefiting teams dealing with financial management and accounting.

Ramp’s webpage design is centered around its smart spending solution for businesses. A simplistic color scheme of olive and white dominates the layout, keeping the focus on the product. Noteworthy design features are the realistic card graphics which give a tangible feel to the virtual product, and the customer testimonials, highlighting trust and credibility.

Screenshot of Wrapbook , from the saas websites collection.

Wrapbook is a company that combines deep industry expertise in production payroll with advanced technology. It is comprised of experts in both the production and tech sectors, including talent from Silicon Valley. Wrapbook is not just a software provider but positions itself as a partner in the business, offering support and assistance at every step, aiming to deliver smart solutions to meet the unique needs of production payroll management.

Wrapbook’s design emphasizes a streamlined solution for production payroll and accounting. The bold header with an image of a production crew immediately conveys the industry it caters to. Key elements include the monochrome color palette interspersed with a vibrant purple and the showcase of team member portraits, indicating trust through human touch.

Screenshot of MyMind , from the saas websites collection.

MyMind is a digital extension for your mind, helping you store and organize notes, bookmarks, articles, and images in a single private space without the need for manual organization. With features like smart bookmarking and frictionless note-taking, it uses AI to understand and remember details of the saved content, making it a personal search engine for your ideas and saved information​.

The website design presents a harmonious blend of modern aesthetics with a soft color palette dominated by pastel shades, which gives it a calming and inviting feel. The typography is clean and elegant, allowing the content to be easily readable. A clear structure is maintained with defined sections, each providing concise information, while the mix of images and text ensures an engaging visual experience. The minimalistic approach, highlighted by the absence of unnecessary clutter and the emphasis on “NO” features like “NO social features” and “NO ads,” reinforces the message of simplicity and focus. Overall, the design effectively communicates a sense of serenity, innovation, and user-centricity.

Screenshot of Atlist , from the saas websites collection.

Atlist is a user-friendly tool for crafting custom maps suitable for world maps, store locators, and visualizations.

This SaaS website employs a clear and visually appealing layout that immediately communicates its primary function: creating custom Google Maps. The use of a white background that makes the colorful content pop, distinct sections, and relevant visuals—including real-life examples—creates an intuitive user experience, guiding potential users through the features and benefits of the platform.

Screenshot of Vendr, from the saas websites collection.

Vendr is a procurement management tool specializing in negotiations and streamlining the purchasing process for businesses. The platform aims to serve as an all-in-one solution for companies’ procurement needs.

Screenshot of January AI, from the saas websites collection.

January AI is a health technology company that provides users with personalized insights into their metabolic health. The idea is to use a continuous glucose monitor (CGM) and AI to track and analyze glucose, activity, and food intake data. This information is then used to create a customized health plan with daily targets for managing glucose, gut health, and sleep.

Screenshot of Swan, from the saas websites collection.

Swan is a licensed financial institution that provides scalable core banking infrastructure and built-in regulatory compliance for businesses. Essentially, the platform handles complex tasks like transaction processing, identity verification, and fraud detection, eliminating the need for a separate compliance team.

Screenshot of Cadre AI, from the saas websites collection.

Cadre AI is a tech company that uses advanced AI and Industrial IOT to automate information processing. They create intelligent models for real-time decision-making from human-centric data, with a focus on automation, speed, and scalability.

Screenshot of FlyCode, from the saas websites collection.

FlyCode is a product analytics tracking tool that automates the process of defining, implementing, and verifying your analytics tracking. It offers features to prevent data quality issues, ensure faster implementation with developer-first tools, and eliminate human errors. The platform aims to provide a single source of truth for tracking events and maintaining a consistent event naming convention.

Screenshot of, from the saas websites collection.

Funnel is a centralized platform for marketing data management. It simplifies reporting and analytics, providing seamless integration with various data sources. The platform aims to enhance team efficiency and optimize marketing budgets by offering a single, reliable source of data.

Screenshot of Tavus, from the saas websites collection.

Tavus is a digital platform that automates the creation of personalized videos for various purposes. Aimed at businesses and individuals, the service allows users to send unique video messages without manual production, streamlining the process of engaging with audiences in a more personalized manner.

Screenshot of Glean, from the saas websites collection.

Glean is a tech company founded by former Google engineers focused on improving workplace search. They offer specialized search tools and solutions to help teams in various sectors efficiently find the information they need.

Screenshot of Rewind AI, from the saas websites collection.

Rewind is a privacy-first app that (ironically) records what you do, see, speak, and hear and makes it searchable. The Rewind app is available for Mac and iOS and is soon coming to Windows. The company has raised over $33m from big-name investors like Sam Altman, First Round Capital, Andreessen Horowitz, and NEA.

Screenshot of Triple Whale, from the saas websites collection.

Triple Whale’s site promotes data-driven decision-making for e-commerce growth. Its futuristic backdrop, showcasing interconnected data points, serves as a visual representation of analytics and integration. Standout elements include the dynamic circular data visualization graphic and the deep blue color tone, suggesting depth and sophistication.

Screenshot of Justuno, from the saas websites collection.

Justuno is a platform focused on creating personalized website experiences aimed at converting more website traffic into customers. It provides solutions designed to increase sales, lower costs, and help businesses achieve their goals quickly. The emphasis of Justuno is on optimizing websites to enhance customer conversion and improve overall business performance.

Screenshot of Armadillo Home Warranties, from the saas websites collection.

Armadillo offers a simplified home warranty plan characterized by transparency and extensive coverage. They provide, as they efficiently mention, “Affordable, subscription-based protection for when appliances and systems break down in your home.”

Screenshot of Voiceflow, from the saas websites collection.

Voiceflow is a collaborative platform utilized by teams to design, test, and launch AI agents efficiently. It offers a robust agent design platform, a knowledge base for training chatbots, collaborative tools for team co-creation, and more. It is trusted by over 100,000 teams and is built to handle agents of any scale and complexity​.

Screenshot of Printify, from the saas websites collection.

Printify is a print-on-demand platform that serves as a bridge between online shops and a network of print providers, automating the printing and delivery processes of orders to customers.

Screenshot of Airmeet, from the saas websites collection.

Airmeet is a SaaS designed to host virtual events, allowing users to conduct webinars, meetings, and conferences online. It provides a range of features to facilitate interaction and engagement among participants, such as networking lounges, Q&A sessions, and polls.

Screenshot of NordVPN, from the saas websites collection.

NordVPN is a Virtual Private Network (VPN) service provider that offers users secure and private access to the internet. It encrypts users’ connections to hide IP addresses and online activities, protecting data from cybercriminals and prying eyes.

Screenshot of Baremetrics, from the saas websites collection.

Baremetrics provides subscription analytics software to help businesses understand their performance and focus on growth areas. This tool aids in making data-driven decisions, tracking progress towards goals, and comparing metrics with other companies, facilitating a better understanding of business growth drivers​.