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23 Beautiful Shopify Beauty Stores

Last Updated April 15 2024

Juhil Mendpara

Written By Juhil Mendpara

This is a collection of well-designed beauty stores made with Shopify.

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Screenshot of Fenty Beauty, from the shopify beauty stores collection.

Fenty is one of the most famous beauty brands. It was started by Rihanna and broadly covers different skin types and gender. I like the vibrant colors and the image-heavy design — equally important is the clear navigation that lets you move between product categories quickly. The typography is on point as well.

All the ecommerce and conversion features, like the CTAs, mega menu, advanced search bar, cross-selling tactics, etc., are also perfect.

Screenshot of 100% Pure, from the shopify beauty stores collection.

You can figure out this beauty company as it says it all in the name. Super cool skincare products that find their color from natural fruits and are infused with other powerhouses like green tea.

This clean, D2C website focuses on just one thing: Sales! The first three sections of the website focus on selling: 1. The hero section shows the best offers. 2. Below, they have a “Most reviewed” section that showcases best-sellers. 3. Next, they have CTAs for their collections. And sections below that build social proof and uplift their brand⁠—something that compliments the goal of the ecommerce website well.

Besides focusing on the goal, it also follows the modern website design aesthetics elements. For example, it uses a great font, a suitable color palette, high-quality product photos, a hover-to-reveal-further navigation bar, and more.

Screenshot of Kylie Cosmetics, from the shopify beauty stores collection.

Kylie Cosmetics is the homegrown brand of one of the biggest social media celebrities, Kylie Jenner. Kylie runs the 2nd largest Instagram account in the world, with over 368 million followers. This beauty brand is one of the biggest brands on Shopify and is known to sell out its collection in minutes.

Screenshot of Sephora, from the shopify beauty stores collection.

The French multinational retailer Sephora is a global brand selling personal care and beauty products, including cosmetics, skincare, fragrances, nail color, body care, etc. . They sell more than 300 beauty product brands alongside their private label Sephora selection.

Screenshot of Barry M, from the shopify beauty stores collection.

A UK-based cosmetics retailer focused on trendy but affordable cosmetics. Started with brick-and-mortar stores and have moved online. I like the clear navigation, splashy logo, and clear product pages. Also nice? No annoying pop ups.

Screenshot of Organii, from the shopify beauty stores collection.

Organii has very high standards for the organic products they choose to offer to their customers. Aside from beauty products, they also have a baby, day spa and concept store. They’ve been working since 2008 to make a reputation for themselves that they work hard to stick to.

Screenshot of True Botanicals, from the shopify beauty stores collection.

The True Botanicals store has a superb product video in the hero section and great product photography throughout. It also has great design, well-presented content, upsells, cross-sells, and more to increase conversions, customer lifetime value, and average order value.

Screenshot of Coloured Raine, from the shopify beauty stores collection.

Coloured Raine is a wide range of beauty products for women and men of any color. You can read up on their blog for tutorials and fun ideas on applying the high energy line up.

Screenshot of Project Vanity, from the shopify beauty stores collection.

Project Vanity was founded by Liz Lanuzo. This company is based out of the Philippines and is a well rounded group of people who talk about all things beauty and skincare.

Screenshot of Rare Beauty, from the shopify beauty stores collection.

Rare Beauty is the beauty brand of Selena Gomez. I am not sure what makes the brand or its products rare or if “Rare” means what I think it means, but the Rare Beauty Shopify store isn’t rare. It’s quite conventional, which is good – people expect a uniform experience across all the websites they visit.

Screenshot of Winky Lux, from the shopify beauty stores collection.

Winky Lux is a beauty retailer located in New York. Luxury products are what they strive to offer, while maintaining a reasonable price point. Cruelty free, and rich in color and pigment so that you can feel like a boss while using them!

Screenshot of Miss A, from the shopify beauty stores collection.

Most beauty products that are sold from Miss A are only a buck! They support a variety of different causes with their sales from education to animal groups. There is little to no marketing for this company, and also little markup allowing you to have a blast experimenting with products!

Screenshot of ColourPop Cosmetics, from the shopify beauty stores collection.

ColourPop has an awesome lineup of beauty products made in LA. They are 100% cruelty-free, and always affordable while still being luxurious. You can shop eye products, tools, and even create your own pallet.

Screenshot of Credo, from the shopify beauty stores collection.

Credo is completely clean and green beauty products. What’s great about this brand is that they also provide solid reading material to educate others on the importance of changing our beauty standards and the products that we use.

Screenshot of Jeffree Star Cosmetics, from the shopify beauty stores collection.

Social media personality Jeffree Star runs one of the world’s biggest Youtube channels in the beauty and make-up space. It has over 15 million subscribers.

Like most big celebrities in the space, he also runs his cosmetics and fashion line. You can buy all Jeffree Star Cosmetics products from his Shopify store.

Screenshot of Bae Body, from the shopify beauty stores collection.

I like the strong photography and muted color palettes of Bae Body. The typography is clear and readable — which makes navigation easy.

Screenshot of Soko Glam, from the shopify beauty stores collection.

Charlotte Cho is the creator of this Korean based beauty company. They carry many different brands that support a different and unique way of enjoying hair, skin and makeup beauty items.

Screenshot of Truecolor, from the shopify beauty stores collection.

Truecolor is a wholesale beauty retailer. They are located in Illinois and you can find awesome name brand products at an affordable rate including beauty tools and makeup and nail products.

Screenshot of The Styledge, from the shopify beauty stores collection.

This blog was founded by Santoshi Shetty. She blogs about lifestyle, fashion and beauty. She loves to play with style, textures and colors and has been recognized by some big name magazines for her writing skills.

Screenshot of P.L.M Cosmetics, from the shopify beauty stores collection.

Private Label Minerals is for the companies that want to create their own personalized products. They use all natural ingredients to produce a wide variety of items such as baby products, skincare and more.

Screenshot of Satin Naturel, from the shopify beauty stores collection.

Here’s a great ecommerce website example of a beauty brand. It uses big beautiful photography and lots of whitespace.

Screenshot of 8 Faces Beauty, from the shopify beauty stores collection.

8 Faces has a nice aesthetic and great visuals. It’s a simple store with limited products, but it’s well executed.

Screenshot of Derma Clara, from the shopify beauty stores collection.

Derma Clara does social proof excellently. They’ve embedded customers’ TikTok videos on the homepage, have a before-after photos section, customer reviews, logos of companies/sites they are featured in, and more. Check it out to see the multiple ways you can embed trust in your beauty store!