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18 Inspiring Examples Of Politician Websites

Last Updated January 5 2024

Written By Steve Benjamins

No matter the political party, every political campaign will need a website. A politician’s website is the center of their fundraising efforts and a place where voters can learn about their platform. 

Whether you are a Democratic politician running for senate in the US, a member of parliament running in Canada or any other politician we hope this roundup of campaign websites will inspire you!

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Screenshot of Lauren Underwood, from the politician websites collection.

Lauren Underwood is the first woman to serve in the 14th District of Congress in Illinois. Her experience as a nurse and in medical policy, landed her the role as Senior Advisor at the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

Screenshot of Margaret Hodge, from the politician websites collection.

Margaret Hodge is the Member of Parliament for the people of Barking. Since 1994, she has consistently worked to improve issues both small and large, ranging from a rise in obesity to neighborhood crime.

Screenshot of Jake Ellzey, from the politician websites collection.

Republican Jake Ellzey of Texas previously served in the military. He now supports conservative views on gun control and border control while campaigning toward Congress.

Screenshot of Anthony Gonzalez, from the politician websites collection.

After being raised there, Anthony Gonzalez now represents the state of Ohio. His grandparents once fled from Cuba, hoping to find a better life. Anthony combines his leadership skills with humbling life experiences to ignite his passion for political change.

Screenshot of Alex Mooney, from the politician websites collection.

Alex Mooney is a passionate congressman, supporting conservative views in West Virginia. He is a family man that understands the value of the American Dream and what that means for the members of his community.

Screenshot of Nikema Williams, from the politician websites collection.

Senator Nikema Williams is on a mission to find her seat as a member of congress. Endorsed by Joe Biden, her focus is always first and foremost on family and working America.

Screenshot of Kevin Hern, from the politician websites collection.

Oklahoma congressman Kevin Hern is a conservative that was born on an Air Force Base. His website features issues that he has successfully impacted such as religious liberty and border control.

Screenshot of Kristy Gnibus, from the politician websites collection.

Kristy was born and raised in Pennsylvania. She is a hard-working single mother who wants to be the voice of the citizens of Pennsylvania while striving for better wages and resources for families overall.

Screenshot of Van Kelly, from the politician websites collection.

Born and raised in the state of Missouri, Van Kelly previously held a position in the House of Representatives. He prides himself on being a man that you can trust, always working toward what’s best for the people.

Screenshot of Pramila Jayapal, from the politician websites collection.

Congresswoman Pramila Jayapal is passionate about a variety of political issues including Medicare for All, Women’s Rights and LGBTQ equal rights. She’s also the author of the book “Use the Power You Have: A Brown Woman’s Guide to Politics and Political Change.”

Screenshot of Suraj Patel, from the politician websites collection.

Suraj Patel has a political and educational resume that includes working alongside President Obama. His experience inspired him to run for Congress and continue his efforts toward changes in public housing, education and mental health importance.

Screenshot of Jim Lange, from the politician websites collection.

Jim Lange is a Florida based politician, business consultant and entrepreneur. His challenging childhood combined with frustrations regarding the United States Government overall, have pushed him to take a stance.

Screenshot of Barry Gardiner, from the politician websites collection.

MP Barry Gardiner is a member of several political committees including The Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Select Committee currently. Over the span of his career, he has successfully impacted and changed issues in education, housing and much more.

Screenshot of Sean Fraser, from the politician websites collection.

MP of Nova Scotia Sean Fraser has been serving for 4 years. He began his career successfully in the field of law and has continued to merge law, finance and politics into one.

Screenshot of Josh Harder, from the politician websites collection.

Congressman Josh Harder is currently serving his first term. He stands up for families in his community and works toward changing the corrupted political system in Washington.

Screenshot of Frank Craft, from the politician websites collection.

In representing District 13 of Florida, Frank hopes to focus on the people of Pinellas County. He hopes to merge the divide between political parties and focus on what’s important for the people.

Screenshot of JB Pritzker, from the politician websites collection.

JB Pritzker is the governor of Illinois, his progress is continuous when fighting for those within his community. Support through the pandemic, equal rights and economic growth have been issues he has focused on.

Screenshot of Robert Meyer, from the politician websites collection.

Running for governor of Wisconsin is politician Robert Meyer. He is a forward thinking leader that hopes to shape the future for the next generation of Americans.