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29 Well-Designed Hotel Websites

Last Updated July 17 2023

Juhil Mendpara

Written By Juhil Mendpara

For a hotel website to truly shine, it should incorporate:

And all of it should be supported by great web design: The website should be mobile-friendly; it should be easy to navigate; CTAs should be clear and well-placed; the fonts and colors should match the offerings of the hotel; content should be well-structured; etc.

Overall, the best hotel websites successfully balance aesthetics, usability, and functionality.

I went through hundreds of websites of all types of hotels (B&Bs, boutique hotels, motels, guest houses, small hotels, 5-star hotels, resorts, homestays, and inns). These are the best hotel website examples that maintain the above-mentioned balance:

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Screenshot of Beechworth Motor Inn, from the hotel websites collection.

Beechworth Motor Inn is an award-winning establishment located conveniently near the best places in Beechworth.

If you are trying to DIY a website for your hotel, this inn’s website is the perfect inspiration. It incorporates all the elements we mentioned above in a (easily replicable) simple and effective way.

Besides the homepage, all other pages are nice as well:

Overall, some of the website elements could be more aesthetically modern (like the traditional slider)…but Beechworth Motor Inn’s website is an excellent example of a well-designed, customer-centric boutique hotel website.

Screenshot of Kviknes Hotel, from the hotel websites collection.

Kviknes Hotel’s history dates back to the mid-1700s, but it came into the hands of the Kviknes family in 1877. For four generations, the Kviknes family has maintained the old-world charm of the hotel but also upgraded it for modern needs.

This hotel is more luxurious/expensive than the Beechworth Motor Inn, and it shows in the choice of color, fonts, and other elements.

The location and the old-world vibe of the building are its USPs, so they prominently showcase the photos of both front and center. They also have a separate page showcasing art they’ve accumulated over generations. Compare it with the previous example, where photos of clean rooms were prominent because that’s what the people came to them for.

Of course, they have great rooms as well—information of which you can access from this beautifully designed menu & sub-menus:

Other information pages are also on-point, with navigation to the important ones located in obvious sections of the website (primarily the navigation bar).

The online booking experience is similar to the previous example - on-brand, informative, and efficient.

One thing I find missing on this website is reviews. They have great reviews on Google. They can easily copy and paste them to the website and showcase the Google Reviews badge (of 4.5 stars from 800+ reviewers) for social proof.

Screenshot of The Hotel June, from the hotel websites collection.

The Hotel June is a premier hotel with two locations in California, USA. The website of The Hotel June embraces a modern and minimalist design, reflecting the hotel’s contemporary aesthetic.

The clean and uncluttered layout, coupled with a soothing color palette, creates a sense of tranquillity and sophistication. The typography used adds to it as well. Plus, the website showcases stunning visuals that capture the essence of the hotel’s stylish interiors—they have high-quality photos of the hotel’s bungalows, lobby, patio, pool, outdoor, rooms, reception, and more; they also have 3D models of their rooms!

All information pages are on-point and nicely organized with easy-to-use navigation. However, the navigation is hidden under the hamburger menu, which I find is less user-friendly.

The website doesn’t have separate room pages; they showcase all rooms with a categories filter on a single page. It works, but separate pages, like in the previous examples, are likely better from a UX standpoint.

The rooms page

Overall, though, the thoughtfully designed website mirrors the hotel’s commitment to providing a modern, elegant, and seamless experience for its guests. It’s the kind of website you are unlikely to make by yourself unless you have website design and development experience.

Screenshot of Aris Hotel, from the hotel websites collection.

Aris Hotel is a luxurious hotel located in Greece. The website of Aris Hotel is a testament to elegance and sophistication.

Designed with a clean and minimalist aesthetic, the website exudes a sense of modernity and refinement. The use of a monochromatic color palette and sleek typography creates a visually pleasing and cohesive experience. Plus, the website is filled with beautiful photos and videos of the hotel, its surroundings, and the overall vibe.

All in all, it looks gorgeous. However…

Some functional elements of the website can be better. For example, the navigation is hidden under the hamburger menu for the Desktop site — ideally, it shouldn’t be. Similarly, some of the content is hard to read because of stylistic fonts or lack of contrast.

I also don’t like its direct booking page — it works, but it doesn’t match the aesthetics of the website or the brand:

Screenshot of The Palmwood, from the hotel websites collection.

Situated in the heart of Hawaii, The Palmwood is more than just a hotel. Founded by Eddi Henry in 2006, it has artfully blended a superb lodging experience with social impact.

The website has all the elements that such a boutique hotel’s website should have:

Screenshot of Aguas de Ibiza, from the hotel websites collection.

Aguas de Ibiza is a beautiful hotel located in Ibiza, Spain. The website of Aguas de Ibiza captivates with its sleek and elegant design, mirroring the sophistication and luxury that await guests at the hotel.

The use of clean lines, spacious layouts, and a calming color palette creates a sense of tranquillity and luxury. The website effortlessly showcases the hotel’s premium amenities, from the exquisite spa to the stylish rooms and gourmet dining options, with high-quality photos.

It’s pretty much a perfect luxury hotel website that’s likely created by an experienced web designer/design agency.

Screenshot of Customs House Hotel - Hobart, from the hotel websites collection.

The website for Customs House is simple, which is often a good thing from a web design standpoint.

Simply put, the simple nature of this hotel website makes it simply awesome!

Screenshot of Sunshine Mountain Lodge, from the hotel websites collection.

Sunshine Mountain Lodge is located within the stunning peaks of Banff National Park, Canada. It’s Banff’s only mountaintop hotel, and it promises an unparalleled experience through its website.

I think the hero image of the website could be better — maybe replace it with something from their image slider right below:

Another thing they can do better is keep the CTA to the booking page visible at all times by placing it in the header.

Other than that, it has some good elements you can consider for your hotel website:

Screenshot of Astra Suites, from the hotel websites collection.

Astra Suites, as the website describes it, is “YOUR SANTORINI SUITE PARADISE” and “A PICTURESQUE SANCTUARY PERCHED ABOVE THE AEGEAN SEA.” And it seems so from the above the fold of the website.

For a website of such a high-end hotel with great rooms and even better views, the photos should do the talking. However, as you scroll down the homepage, you’ll see lots and lots of text that belittle the nice photography. You can see the lesser emphasis on photos on other pages as well. For example, here’s the photo of a room page — the actual room photos are at the bottom:

Another fix the website can make is to design the booking page to match the hotel and website aesthetic. People paying $500+ per night expect a better-looking booking experience!

The booking page

Other than these two things, the website gets all things right.

Screenshot of Comfort Inn Whyalla, from the hotel websites collection.

Comfort Inn is a cozy 4-star motel located in Whyalla, Australia. Their website wonderfully exhibits the perfect blend of convenience and luxury, characteristic of their establishment.

The homepage showcases quality photos of the motel’s rooms and facilities. An “About” section details Comfort Inn’s offerings and backstory. Features like a room availability checker, a virtual tour, and event hosting information are included for easy browsing. Finally, the site highlights the motel’s convenient location near the beach, shopping, and airport.

Overall, it’s not the most aesthetically pleasing hotel, but it’s excellent functionally.

Screenshot of Vassani Stay | Canggu, from the hotel websites collection.

Vassani Stay is a luxurious boutique establishment situated in the vibrant heart of Canggu, Bali. The website presents not just a hotel but a lifestyle on its homepage. Promising visitors the true essence of Canggu, they set the scene for an immersive Balinese experience.

The homepage features attractive icons emphasizing the prime yet peaceful beach-adjacent location. Vibrant images highlight Vassani Stay’s amenities and surroundings.

The website’s design emphasizes visuals over text, especially in the “Rooms” section. It also showcases the local neighborhood and the stay’s role in a Deus Ex Machina movie. Notably, the site features an Instagram section for guest experiences and glowing reviews.

The casual tone matches the stay’s laid-back vibe, capturing the essence of Canggu’s lifestyle.

Screenshot of Costeño Beach Hostel , from the hotel websites collection.

Costeno Beach is a tropical hotel located in Columbia. The website of Costeno Beach showcases a minimalist and clean design that perfectly compliments the tranquil and serene nature of this beachfront destination.

With its beachy color palette, spacious layout, and high-quality imagery, the website creates a sense of relaxation and serenity.

The intuitive navigation and clear information make it easy for visitors to explore the various accommodation options, amenities, and activities available at Costeno Beach. This purposeful design allows the natural beauty of the beach to take centerstage, enticing guests to immerse themselves in a peaceful and rejuvenating experience.

Screenshot of The Drifter Hotel, from the hotel websites collection.

Echoing the distinctive character and atmosphere of its New Orleans home, The Drifter Hotel’s website stands as an embodiment of the property’s vibrant energy.

The homepage mirrors The Drifter’s spirit of creativity, adventure, and individuality through vibrant colors, playful typography, and captivating images. Its interactive, unconventional layout intrigues visitors. Notably, the site highlights not just rooms but community spaces like the tropical courtyard and lively bar.

Combining aesthetics and functionality, it offers engaging galleries and a simple booking process. By immersing visitors in its unique atmosphere, The Drifter’s website entices guests into a promisingly unforgettable experience.

Screenshot of Ambassador On Ruthven, from the hotel websites collection.

Ambassador on Ruthven is located in Toowoomba. The website exhibits a user-friendly experience that mirrors the hotel’s comfort and luxury.

It’s very similar to the first hotel on this list:

Overall, the aesthetically pleasing web design effectively encapsulates the hotel’s essence, creating a positive impression on website visitors.

Screenshot of Espacio - The Jewel Of Waikiki, from the hotel websites collection.

Espacio - The Jewel Of Waikiki is a luxury hotel in Hawaii. Its website captivates with its sleek and modern design, reflecting the contemporary elegance of the hotel.

With its clean layout, minimalist aesthetics, and strategic use of white space, the website exudes sophistication and simplicity. The imagery showcases the stunning views and luxurious accommodations, enticing visitors to indulge in a world-class experience.

The intuitive navigation allows for a seamless exploration of the hotel’s amenities and services.

Overall, this meticulously designed hotel website showcases Espacio as a haven of style and tranquillity, appealing to discerning travelers seeking a refined and upscale retreat.

Screenshot of Awaroa Lodge, from the hotel websites collection.

The website of Awaroa Lodge, situated in New Zealand’s breathtaking wilderness, offers a thoughtfully designed user experience reflecting the serenity of the lodge.

Screenshot of Rose Hotel, from the hotel websites collection.

The Rose Hotel is situated in Bunbury, Australia. This website radiates a welcoming charm through its vibrant color scheme and playful fonts. Using eye-catching hues and engaging images, it successfully captures the hotel’s friendly and lively ambiance.

Screenshot of Hotel Santa Ottoman, from the hotel websites collection.

The website of the Santa Ottoman Hotel in Istanbul, Turkey, is a testament to the establishment’s luxury and heritage.

The use of a refined color palette, including rich tones and gold accents, imparts a sense of grandeur. Carefully selected fonts and a spacious layout augment this elegance and ensure a seamless user experience. High-quality images draw visitors into the world of Santa Ottoman Hotel, while meticulous design details underline the hotel’s commitment to providing an upscale guest experience.

Screenshot of Samui Pier Beach Front Resort , from the hotel websites collection.

Samui Pier Resort’s website employs a pastel color palette and beautiful beach imagery to transport visitors virtually to Koh Samui. Its intuitive navigation and clean layout mirror the resort’s peaceful atmosphere.

Screenshot of Athenaeum Hotel, from the hotel websites collection.

Situated in London, the Athenaeum Hotel’s website showcases a refined, minimalist design. The site employs a neutral color palette and high-quality imagery, providing easy navigation to explore the hotel’s luxurious offerings and book seamlessly.

Screenshot of The Old Palace Lodge, from the hotel websites collection.

Old Palace Hotel’s website exhibits an elegant design echoing its historical charm. The site uses a rich color palette, high-quality imagery, and an intuitive layout for easy navigation and exploration of the hotel’s offerings.

Screenshot of Hotel Aquarius Spa, from the hotel websites collection.

Aquarius Hotel Spa in Kolobrzeg, Poland, presents an elegantly designed website. With soothing colors, spacious layouts, and high-quality imagery, it invites visitors to experience tranquility.

Screenshot of Baltic Beach Hotel & SPA, from the hotel websites collection.

Baltic Beach Hotel & Spa is a luxurious 5-star hotel in Latvia. Its website showcases a sophisticated website design with refined typography, sleek layouts, and exquisite imagery. The muted color palette and attention to detail create an exclusive and timeless ambiance, reflecting the hotel’s commitment to exceptional guest experiences.

I especially like the language switch button at the top, which helps their target market guests to explore the website in their language.

Screenshot of The Sukosol , from the hotel websites collection.

The Sukosol Hotel’s website is designed with a sleek modern aesthetic. It reflects the elegance and sophistication of the Bangkok-based establishment. It invites guests to indulge in a world-class, opulent experience through high-quality imagery and seamless navigation.

Screenshot of Mi Amor Tulum, from the hotel websites collection.

The Mi Amor hotel’s website invites guests to a luxurious, serene escape with high-quality images and soft neutral colors.

Screenshot of Casa Angelina, from the hotel websites collection.

Casa Angelina’s website uses a minimalist design and serene colors to reflect its upscale Italian charm. Its elegant visuals promise an exclusive, sophisticated stay.

Screenshot of Austin Motel, from the hotel websites collection.

The Austin Motel’s website has retro aesthetic and bold graphics that capture the vibrancy of the Texas city. Its user-friendly design invites visitors to experience Austin’s lively culture and charm.

Screenshot of The Gage Hotel, from the hotel websites collection.

Gage Hotel’s website, with its minimalist design and tranquil color scheme, showcases the serene charm of the Texas hotel. It simplifies exploration of the hotel’s offerings, promising a luxurious, immersive experience.

Screenshot of The Provincial Hotel Ballarat , from the hotel websites collection.

The Provincial Hotel’s website uses understated colors and refined imagery (that often features bold, royal colors) to display its charm. Its intuitive design allows easy navigation, promising a memorable, sophisticated experience in Victoria, Australia.