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25 Inspiring Examples of Massage Therapist Websites

Last Updated July 13 2021

Written By Steve Benjamins

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A good massage therapist website should have relaxing color tones and a clear outline of services. If you’re using a tool like Squarespace Scheduling you can even let clients book appointments on your website.

Massage therapy is of course an intimate experience. Because of that, trust is really important. A good way to build trust is to show who you are on your website— make sure to show pictures of yourself and to use friendly language.

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Gretchen Lee is the founder of this boutique style massage studio in Massachusetts. They host many therapists that provide a more modern massage service such as cupping, CBD based sessions and more.

This massage clinic is made up of four different massage therapists and is located in Colorado. They aim to provide relaxing and restorative treatments at an affordable rate for their clients. Their menu includes services like deep tissue massage and prenatal massages.

David Morris is a massage therapist working out of North Carolina specializing in a vacation vibe for his clients. Besides relaxation, his services increase circulation, range of motion and mental clarity.

Mellisha Fehr created Omega Massage and Wellness which has been called "the best massage in Calgary." The practice is based on finding overall vitality using a holistic approach. The menu includes a Reset Cleanse, Therapeutic Massage and Energy Healing Massage.

This massage therapy clinic is located in the beautiful state of Utah, in the perfect setting to relax. Clients can unwind with standard massage services or receive more specific care for painful areas.

Sarah is the massage therapist behind Lauta Health. While working in a different field, she discovered her ability to heal stress and pain using massage therapy. She now offers sports massage, deep tissue massage and prenatal care.

Float Luxury Spa is located in California and offers high-end massage services. With top notch care from start to finish, they aim to make their guests so relaxed, that they feel like they are floating on air.

Glen Taylor is the man and massage therapist behind Rub Massage Austin. He has been servicing clients for over ten years and takes a simple approach to care that has earned him hundreds of positive reviews.

Amber Defazio and James Hainsworth are the founders of Zenergy Massage and Wellness in California. Alongside several other massage therapists, they provide services that include relaxing treatments as well as restorative ones for sports therapy. They also offer wellness packages that include multiple treatments.

Stephanie Muir is a registered Massage Therapist currently represented by Lavandula Spa. She is skilled in acupuncture, Indian head massage and cosmetic facial acupuncture.

Indigo is a practice located in Virginia that provides massage therapy and spiritual healing. Using massage in combination with mind, body and spirit sessions gives clients the opportunity to feel better on a larger scale.

FIX Massage Clinic is located in London with two different locations. They offer massage treatments that can provide relief for a variety of complaints, including those related to pregnancy care and joint pain. They also offer fitness classes that focus on body movement and preventative care.

Russ Mclean and Paula Jopp offer massage therapy treatments and packages in Calgary. Their clients range from minor aches and pains to car accident victims. Additionally they offer packages that assist in weight loss, cleanses and more.

Jessica Carlin is the proud owner, educator and therapist at her studio in Chicago, called The Movement Guild. Yoga, Kinstretch and Massage Therapy are combined to improve poor movement habits and provide a more fluid, and pain free daily life.

Solaris Massage in Kansas City offers a fun and light hearted approach to their services. You can still find relaxing massage services from their therapists, but you can tell immediately from their site that they aren't your average massage clinic!

Dr. Alex Lambert provides chiropractic care to his clients suffering from injuries and pain. Additionally, he offers massage therapy which can provide additional comfort for patients. Many of his services are even covered by medical insurance.

Vicki Bell is the massage therapist and owner of Massage Therapy on Dunbar, a small scale massage therapy practice with several available therapists. They also have another location in Grey Point Vancouver. Both practices provide services for pain management and pain relief that encourages overall wellness.

Becky has received multiple awards for her massage therapy services in Virginia. Her site shows just how passionate she is about her clients and the benefits that come from massage therapy. She offers yearly packages at discounted rates to show clients how good they can feel consistently from her sessions.

Sandy is the yoga instructor and sports massage therapist at Essential Body Therapy. She focuses on deep tissue and muscle manipulation for her clients by applying her training in Thai Massage techniques.

Coach Adam is a well-rounded personal trainer and sports massage therapist that services athletes every step of the way. He also works beside other medical professionals that help maintain the safety of his clients.

Wendy Harper has studied several different forms of massage therapy and skincare methods throughout her years in the business. She values healing the body and improving the exterior so that her clients look good, which helps them to feel good too.

The wellness clinic called Spring Forward Health is a full service physical therapy practice. This means they offer massage therapy, naturopathic therapy, occupational therapy and chiropractic. They believe strongly that living pain free is possible with their expertise.

“Many hands working together" is the meaning behind the Hawaiian word Laulima. Hawaiian based massage therapy and pono fitness sessions are at the core of this healing holistic practice.

Patricia Babin is the massage therapist that prides herself on client focused care, knowing that a one size fits all approach does not apply to massage therapy. She also offers services in Acupressure, Naturopathy and Guided Meditation.

Two Chiropractors started Portland Chiropractic which now includes a full staff of massage therapists. Auto accidents, work injury and overall alignment health are issues that the staff collaborates on to create the best care possible for their patients.

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