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18 Well-Designed Notary Websites

Last Updated September 13 2023

Juhil Mendpara

Written By Juhil Mendpara

As a notary, you know what people seeking your services want. They want someone qualified, someone who offers needed service(s) at a reasonable price, and someone conveniently available and professional.

In short, the target visitors of a notary website want to confirm a few simple things. Therefore…

The foundations of a good notary website are:

This is a collection of notary websites that masterfully balance these factors. May they inspire your notary website design!

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Screenshot of Bergen Pro Notary, from the notary websites collection.

Bergen Pro Notary is a reputable notary service in Bergen County, New Jersey.

The company’s website is information-rich, with details about its extensive service offerings and the notary process for both businesses and individuals. Plus, it sports a clean, intuitive design that makes going through all of it a breeze.

From the homepage, visitors get a glimpse of the company’s expertise and unwavering dedication to customer satisfaction. A professional color palette paired with nice illustrations, a structured layout, and concise text fosters a sense of trust. Testimonials peppered across the site offer firsthand accounts of positive client experiences, enhancing trust further. Additionally, an FAQ section answers common queries.

The website also has a well-designed, on-brand virtual appointment booking form. You can choose a service and time slot by paying a $15 refundable deposit.

Overall, this professionally designed website can be an excellent inspiration for your notary services website.

Screenshot of Cari Southard, from the notary websites collection.

Cari Southard is a mobile notary service provider in California. Catering to individuals and businesses, Cari prioritizes convenience, meeting clients wherever they prefer.

Unlike the previous website, this notary website doesn’t seem (and likely isn’t) professionally designed. There are some obvious web design mistakes like unnecessary big fonts, too wide content containers, a page-covering section of seals/logos/certificates right below the hero section, etc.

However, despite the flaws (that you should avoid), this website is proof that just giving users the answers they need is 80% of the job done.

Here’s how Cari’s notary website does that 80% of the job:

Note: Many of the below-listed websites are better designed than this. This example just showcases what’s central to making an effective notary website.

Screenshot of Legitify, from the notary websites collection.

Legitify stands out as a platform specializing in document verification and authentication. You just have to create an account, verify your identity, and join a live notary session to receive your notarized document.

This site, adorned with a sleek design, immediately establishes a sense of trustworthiness.

Upon entry, visitors encounter a straightforward interface. The homepage dives into its service offerings, underscoring the features and benefits of its verification system.

Since it is online notarizing important documents, security is among the top concerns among visitors. Therefore, the website stresses data protection, detailing encryption protocols and regulatory compliance, bolstering user confidence.

Testimonials and success stories amplify Legitify’s credibility. Plus, the inclusion of informative resources, like blogs and FAQs, enriches user understanding of document verification.

In essence, Legitify’s website prioritizes user experience, security, and education, making it a top pick for those in need of online verification services.

Screenshot of Downtown Notary Toronto, from the notary websites collection.

Downtown Notary offers extensive online and in-person notary services across Toronto City and the Greater Toronto Area. Its website looks minimal thanks to its simple yet authoritative color scheme, easily readable typography, and lots of whitespace.

Moreover, the intuitive design and clear copywriting allow swift navigation. Essential services, ranging from notarization to consent to travel letters, are listed on the homepage. Plus, you can learn more about the pricing, services, locations, etc., from separate, beautifully designed dedicated pages.

Pricing page

A nod to their credibility is the testimonials section, where pleased clients vouch for their services. An informative blog further aids clients by providing updates on legal topics.

The site also offers an easy online booking system, a live chat option, a search bar, and more to give a seamless experience from start to end.

In short, Downtown Notary’s website stands out for its professional design, user-centric features, and emphasis on customer satisfaction.

One thing I don’t like, though, is the navigation menu hidden behind the hamburger icon. Ideally, and if possible, you should show the main menu items at the top.

Screenshot of Notarize, from the notary websites collection.

Notarize is a leading online platform (valued at over $700 million) offering convenient and secure online notary services. They have completed over 2 million notarizations and can notarize documents online in all 50 states of the US.

This website homepage section beautifully & interactively explains how the platform works:

The website has many more pages and resources dedicated to helping both notaries working/deciding to work with them and individuals/companies wanting their services. For example, Notarize has different landing pages for all the industries they serve - financial services, law firms, real estate, etc., where they share the use cases, partners, and testimonials from people in the industry.

Naturally, Notarize’s website is designed & developed to the pixel by experienced professionals who know how to choose the right colors, typography, spacing, animations, and everything.

If you are a non-developer DIYing your website, some of the other examples might be better for inspiration. However, you can still replicate the Notarize website’s color scheme, typography, etc., to give your website a high-end look without learning color theory, font choices, etc.

Screenshot of South Bay Notary, from the notary websites collection.

South Bay Notary serves the South Bay & Greater Bay area of California. Sarita Venegas is the Notary Public & Loan Signing Agent behind it.

I love this website for its simplicity. It’s just succinct text put in a well-structured manner: The hero section mentions the profession of the notary agent. Next, you see the service areas and the list of services provided. And then simple contact information and business hours in the footer. You can learn more about it by navigating to separate pages from the menu bar.

My opinion about the use of pastel peachy color and the pretty font is a bit mixed. They don’t quite scream, “This is the website of a notary service provider,” but it does add a certain personality to the site.

Screenshot of A La Mode Notary, from the notary websites collection.

A La Mode Notary is a credible mobile notary and signing service provider based in New York.

This website is, in a way, similar to the previous example — it features a clean, simple, user-friendly design with minimal text. In fact, I like it a lot better for the most part - it has a more suitable typography and color scheme, the logo is better, the navigation bar looks cleaner, the contact info is present front and center, etc.

However, I don’t understand the point of this stock image right below the hero section — it wastes perhaps the second most important space of a website:

Screenshot of Notario Jesús Benavides Lima , from the notary websites collection.

Jesús Benavides Lima’s notary website is full of information yet very organized.

The homepage has your standard information - services, timing, reviews, about, etc. And then, there are 50+ information-rich service pages and 80+ blog posts that position the notary as an expert and help with SEO.

Screenshot of Notary Services 365, from the notary websites collection.

Notary Services 365 is a mobile notary service in Southern California offering a range of services, including ones of Notary Public and Notary Signing Agent.

This simple website is professionally designed, and it shows in the consistency of colors and fonts used, the visual hierarchy, the CTAs, and the overall polished design.

Screenshot of The Bay Area Notary, from the notary websites collection.

The Bay Area Notary offers 24-hour mobile notary services across the Bay Area and Silicon Valley, covering a wide range of documents from real estate and loans to legal and international apostilles. They adhere to state and National Notary Association pricing guidelines, adding only additional costs for unique circumstances like travel or after-hours service.

This website is using the Suhama Squarespace template. It is primarily intended for writers but seems to work nicely for this notary website after appropriate customizations.

Screenshot of Go Notary, from the notary websites collection.

Go Notary’s user-centric design offers essential information above the fold and an easy navigation. The site highlights their range of services, including remote online notarization, mobile notary visits, and document preparation. Through clear and concise information, visitors can understand the process and benefits of using Go Notary.

Screenshot of Premier Notary and Fingerprinting, from the notary websites collection.

Premier Notary and Fingerprinting’s website looks and is structured like all other good notary websites you have seen up until now. It is a user-friendly design showcasing their expertise, emphasizing professionalism and convenience.

There’s one difference: While others are built using a website builder, this website uses the popular open-source CMS, WordPress.

One of the reasons we recommend website builders over WordPress (for small websites such as this one) is that you have to maintain everything on WordPress, from plugins to hosting. Otherwise, the visitors will see errors like this one:

One of the times I opened this website, I got this error that suggested the hosting wasn’t set up correctly.

Screenshot of Barrios Notary Services, from the notary websites collection.

Barrios Notary Services’s website is similar to the previous website in terms of structure, visual hierarchy, and content. The main difference is this website doesn’t use the supremely customizable WordPress platform; instead, it uses GoDaddy’s frustratingly limited website builder.

Screenshot of Matt Miller Mobile Notary, from the notary websites collection.

Matt Miller Mobile Notary provides convenient and reliable mobile notary services in California. Their website showcases their commitment to professionalism and customer satisfaction.

With a clean and user-friendly design, it allows visitors to easily access essential information, such as services offered, service areas, and contact details. The website emphasizes the business’s dedication to convenience by highlighting its mobile services, ensuring clients can access notary services at their preferred location.

Screenshot of Get It Signed, from the notary websites collection.

The service offered by “Get It Signed” aims to simplify and streamline the often tedious and time-consuming process of scheduling a notary for signing legal, financial, real estate, or other types of important documents. The service takes over the entire notary appointment process, from start to finish, allowing clients to focus more on their core business activities rather than on the logistics of notarization.

Screenshot of Oceanside Mobile Notary, from the notary websites collection.

Oceanside Mobile Notary is a trusted mobile notary service operating in Oceanside, California. Their website provides essential information about their services, coverage area, and contact details. With a clean and straightforward design, it offers a convenient way for clients to access reliable notary services on the go.

Screenshot of NotaryCam, from the notary websites collection.

NotaryCam is a leading provider of online notary services. Its website offers a seamless and secure platform for remote online notarizations. With a user-friendly interface and advanced technology, they deliver convenient and efficient notarial services to clients worldwide.

Screenshot of Wilchis Notary, from the notary websites collection.

Wilchi’s Notary provides mobile public notary services in California. Mayra Wilchis is the Certified Mobile Notary Public & Loan Signing Agent running it for over 18 years.

The website looks amateur made yet gets most of a notary service website’s job done: It tells about the company, its service areas, and its services. You can contact Mayra through the contact form on the website, email, or phone number and even book an appointment online.