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The Best Wix Templates For Lawyers & Law Firms

Last Updated January 31 2024

Juhil Mendpara

Written By Juhil Mendpara

This is a collection of the best Wix templates for lawyers and law firms.

Smith & Owens: a Wix template.

Smith & Owens Wix Template

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Parker & Brown: a Wix template.

Parker & Brown Wix Template

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Knoll & Walters: a Wix template.

Knoll & Walters Wix Template

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Reed Law Firm: a Wix template.

Reed Law Firm Wix Template By YourDreamSite

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Law & Co: a Wix template.

Law & Co Wix Template By MissWixWebDesign

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Vander & Lewis: a Wix template.

Vander & Lewis Wix Template By Wix Pro Themes

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Fox Point: a Wix template.

Fox Point Wix Template By TonReveDesign

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Excel Future Law: a Wix template.

Excel Future Law Wix Template By LuxuriousWebDesign

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Law Partners: a Wix template.

Law Partners Wix Template By CIS Agency

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Lion Head: a Wix template.

Lion Head Wix Template By yaraticidijital

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Apex Law: a Wix template.

Apex Law Wix Template By MissWixWebDesign

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Law Firm: a Webflow template.

Law Firm Webflow Template

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Smith & Lawson - Legal Edge: a Wix template.

Smith & Lawson - Legal Edge Wix Template By FH Design

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