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Google Maps API: 17 Inspiring Examples

Last Updated June 26 2024

Steve Benjamins

Written By Steve Benjamins

Maps are everywhere on the internet.

But did you know most of the maps are using the Google Maps API?

It’s true. There are other alternatives — such as MapBox or Leaflet but the Google Maps API is the most popular. It allows developers to embed maps, access geolocation services and use dynamic features such as address autocomplete, street view and more.

It’s pretty great.

In this blog post, I’m going to share real-life examples of maps created with the Google Maps API.

Most of these examples are using the Google Maps Javascript API but some are using a tool called Atlist which is a no-code, custom map creator built on top of the Google Maps API.

So whether you’re a developer looking for inspiration or a business owner looking for a way to plot store locations, I hope these examples will show you the many possibilities the Google Maps platform offers.

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Screenshot of AirBnB, from the google maps api examples collection.

You don’t have to be stuck with the default Google Maps style. Instead you can change the default style by adding a JSON snippet on Google Cloud — just like AirBnB has done.

The AirBnB map style has a softer blue and green that matches their brand style. They’ve also hidden Google’s points of interest and include their own points of interest that are relevant to travelling.

Tip: You can create your own custom Google Maps style with Stylist, a free tool.

Screenshot of Jimmy’s Coffee Store Locator, from the google maps api examples collection.

Here’s an example of a store locator built with Atlist— a tool for creating custom Google Maps without having to code.

There is a list of store locations and a search bar that can navigate the user to the closest location (or plot the users current location on the map).

It also has CTA buttons that can provide directions (which uses the the Google Maps Directions API).

Screenshot of Uber, from the google maps api examples collection.

Perhaps no other company leverages the Google Maps API as much as Uber.

They use it to provide real-time, accurate navigation and location services to its users and drivers. That way Uber can display the precise locations of available drivers, calculate the fastest routes, and provide estimated arrival times.

Screenshot of Toronto Sledding Hills, from the google maps api examples collection.

This simple sledding map was created with Atlist.

With Atlist you don’t have to learn the Google Maps API — which can be confusing if you’re not a developer. Concepts such as geocoding or API keys might not be a bit intimidating.

This map has a custom map style, custom marker images, a photo gallery and a modal window (also known as an info window).

Screenshot of Ivy League Schools, from the google maps api examples collection.

This is a great example of a basic map — it just lists the eight Ivy League schools. It was also created with Atlist — check out this tutorial on how to use Atlist.

This map is interesting because there are custom markers for each school. It also uses a custom map template, some custom CSS and a Legend overlay.

Screenshot of, from the google maps api examples collection.

Here’s a pretty typical Google Maps Javascript API use-case: a map plots apartment listings and allows users to search and filter apartments in real-time.

Clicking on a marker provides more information about the apartment — including photos, rent prices, and descriptions.

Screenshot of 3D Landmarks Map, from the google maps api examples collection.

Here’s an example of a 3D map built with Atlist.

Maps become 3D if the zoom level is zoomed in far enough.

Users can also tilt and pan the map as needed.

Screenshot of Simple Image Map, from the google maps api examples collection.

Not every map needs to be an embedded Google Map.

Here’s an example of a map that’s simple an image. Since it’s an image, it’s not interactive — you can’t zoom or pan.

This map was created with a free tool called Simple Map Maker.

Screenshot of Italian Airports, from the google maps api examples collection.

A map of airports in Italy — another map created with Atlist.

This map puts markers into groups so that the user can see the size of the airport at a glance. It also has a search function that leverages the Google Places API for finding airports close to the visitor.

Screenshot of Dominoes Pizza, from the google maps api examples collection.

Dominos uses the Google Maps API to show Hotspot locations.

Customers can have their orders delivered to a Hotspot if they can’t use a traditional addresses. Users can see exactly where these hotspots are located, helping them select the most convenient pick-up point.