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The Best Farm & Agriculture Website Templates

Last Updated May 1 2024

Juhil Mendpara

Written By Juhil Mendpara

This is a collection of the best website templates for farm, agriculture, and even gardening websites.

I’ve added relevant templates for all major website builders, including Squarespace, Wix, Webflow, WordPress, and more.

Roseti: a Squarespace template.

Roseti Squarespace Template

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Suffolk : a Squarespace template.

Suffolk Squarespace Template

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Clarkson: a Squarespace template.

Clarkson Squarespace Template

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Be Yours: a Shopify template.

Be Yours Shopify Template By RoarTheme

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Lewis Farm : a Wix template.

Lewis Farm Wix Template

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San Garden: a Wix template.

San Garden Wix Template

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Doyle : a Wix template.

Doyle Wix Template

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Deerfield Farm: a Wix template.

Deerfield Farm Wix Template

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Carter's Family Farm Wix Template

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Country Lane Farm: a Wix template.

Country Lane Farm Wix Template

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West Elsberry: a Wix template.

West Elsberry Wix Template

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Harvest : a Webflow template.

Harvest Webflow Template By Nicolas Vanlerberghe

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Farm Agrico: a Wordpress template.

Farm Agrico Wordpress Template By AncoraThemes

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Farm : a Webflow template.

Farm Webflow Template By BRIX

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Zaigru : a Webflow template.

Zaigru Webflow Template By Flowzai

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Fresh Market : a Webflow template.

Fresh Market Webflow Template By

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Agrilead : a Webflow template.

Agrilead Webflow Template By PeacefulQode

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Farm to Table - Divi: a Wordpress template.

Farm to Table - Divi Wordpress Template

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Horticulture - Astra: a Wordpress template.

Horticulture - Astra Wordpress Template

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FoodFarm : a Wordpress template.

FoodFarm Wordpress Template By Arrow-Theme

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Mai Homestead: a Wordpress template.

Mai Homestead Wordpress Template

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Agro : a Wordpress template.

Agro Wordpress Template By Ninetheme

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Agrimo : a Wordpress template.

Agrimo Wordpress Template By themesion

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Agrarium : a Wordpress template.

Agrarium Wordpress Template By Artureanec

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Agrikole : a Wordpress template.

Agrikole Wordpress Template By ninzio

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