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The Best Webflow Templates For Nonprofits & Charity Websites

Last Updated January 31 2024

Juhil Mendpara

Written By Juhil Mendpara

This is a collection of the best Webflow templates for nonprofits & charity websites.

Philanthropy X: a Webflow template.

Philanthropy X Webflow Template By BRIX Templates

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Donate-X: a Webflow template.

Donate-X Webflow Template By BRIX Templates

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Hapi 128: a Webflow template.

Hapi 128 Webflow Template By

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Givegrace: a Webflow template.

Givegrace Webflow Template By Parid Andoni

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Volunteer: a Webflow template.

Volunteer Webflow Template By Suton Studio

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Humanity: a Webflow template.

Humanity Webflow Template By VictorFlow

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Non-Profit/Charity Cloneable Hero Section : a Webflow template.

Non-Profit/Charity Cloneable Hero Section Webflow Template By THS - The Hero Section

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Lovelyacts: a Webflow template.

Lovelyacts Webflow Template By Dorian Hoxha

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HelpingHands: a Webflow template.

HelpingHands Webflow Template By Rowan Hartsuiker

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Zaidan: a Webflow template.

Zaidan Webflow Template By Flowzai

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