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16 Examples of Well-Designed Squarespace Therapist Websites

Last Updated May 31 2024

Juhil Mendpara

Written By Juhil Mendpara

This is a collection of well-designed therapist websites made with Squarespace - an excellent website builder with all the needed features and relevant templates.

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Screenshot of Nancy Ortiz, LCSW | Psychotherapist, from the squarespace therapist websites collection.

Nancy focuses on treating trauma, anxiety, depression, and relationship issues through mindfulness and body-centered approaches​.

Her website exhibits a calming and welcoming aura, utilizing a soft color palette and personable photography, immediately establishing a sense of trust and compassion.

Functionally, the prominent display of the therapist’s image humanizes the experience, while the clear call-to-actions like “Book a Session” ensure easy navigation without being intrusive, striking a harmonious balance between aesthetics and utility.

Screenshot of Child and Family Therapy Collective, from the squarespace therapist websites collection.

This collective provides behavior-based therapy for children, teens, and families in Mississippi and Tennessee. They focus on anxiety and disruptive behaviors and use cognitive behavioral therapy with mindful integration to help​.

With its contemporary design and clean layout, this website is both visually pleasing and user-friendly. The main image of the therapist radiates warmth and approachability, crucial for a service focusing on children and families.

Functionally, the site’s organization is straightforward, directing visitors seamlessly. The copy emphasizes a holistic approach to therapy, underscoring their commitment to helping children navigate challenges.

Screenshot of EMDR Therapy, from the squarespace therapist websites collection.

Based in Portland, Oregon, and California, specializes in aiding people of color dealing with chronic stress, anxiety, and trauma using mindfulness, EMDR, and liberation-based mental health frameworks​.

The design resonates calmness through its muted color palette and inviting imagery. The featured photo of the therapist immediately adds a personal touch, making it easier for potential clients to establish trust. The text delivers a concise and inclusive message, emphasizing the therapist’s dedication to diverse clients and their specific needs.

Screenshot of Dynamic Healing Psychotherapy, from the squarespace therapist websites collection.

Arlington-based therapist helping adults struggling with anxiety, perfectionism, codependency, and low self-esteem to heal relationships and live fulfilling lives.

Dynamic Healing’s website exudes freshness and calm with its soft greens and pastel neutrals. The unique arch design framing the therapist adds a welcoming touch, while the straightforward menu ensures smooth navigation.

The site’s content speaks directly to potential pain points, suggesting a deep understanding of the challenges visitors might be facing.

Screenshot of Waves to Wellness Counseling, from the squarespace therapist websites collection.

Located in North Carolina, they focus on therapy for women, teenagers, and children. They assist in overcoming overwhelming feelings and rediscovering self-confidence and happiness.

With a modern, clean design accentuated by a neutral color scheme touched with gold, this site feels both professional and warm.

A combination of personal photographs and easy-to-find action points, like the “Submit a New Patient Inquiry” button, makes the site user-friendly. The copy’s compassionate tone emphasizes the supportive nature of the services offered.

Screenshot of Jaree Basgall, from the squarespace therapist websites collection.

Jaree is a somatic trauma therapist in Kansas & Missouri. She helps individuals overcome trauma and lead a more free life.

The design of Jaree Basgall’s website communicates tranquility through its pastel palette and soft nature visuals. A seamless blend of imagery with overlay text and intuitive navigation, highlighted by the “Learn More” buttons, ensures an effective user journey.

The copy is emotionally resonant, emphasizing healing and empowerment, making visitors feel understood and hopeful.

Screenshot of Zoe Riggs, from the squarespace therapist websites collection.

Zoe Riggs has a private practice located in Washington. With over 10 years of experience, she has provided care and guidance to many different situations. She has since taken on a focus in relationships, infidelity and general communication.

Screenshot of Authentic Self Consulting & Psychotherapy, from the squarespace therapist websites collection.

Catered towards the LGBTQ+ community, focusing on individual and systemic level improvements through virtual therapy and gender diversity & inclusion consulting​.

This website captures attention with its bold typographic choices and earthy color tones, offering a safe space tailored for the LGBTQ+ community.

Aesthetically, the mix of patterns and personal imagery is refreshing. The therapist’s photograph enhances authenticity, making the site more relatable. Functionally, distinct sections allow for easy navigation. The website copy is well-written, reflecting both compassion and specialization, making it clear that they understand and cater to the specific nuances and needs of their target audience.

Screenshot of Empower Family Therapy, from the squarespace therapist websites collection.

This practice specializes in couple and family therapy, providing relationally-based interventions to empower families to make and sustain positive changes.

The website employs a blend of soft colors and human-centric photography, creating a sense of warmth and welcome.

Functionally, it uses clear headings, engaging visuals of families, and an easy-to-navigate layout, effectively guiding the viewer’s journey. The well-placed call-to-action buttons like “Find Out More” are intuitive but not intrusive.

The copy is succinct and speaks directly to potential pain points of visitors (“You may be at this site because you’re avoiding going home”), indicating an understanding of their needs and concerns.

Screenshot of Alexandria Art Therapy, LLC, from the squarespace therapist websites collection.

Alexandria Art Therapy utilizes art therapy to help individuals explore issues and heal past experiences. The practice emphasizes the unique healing potential of art therapy and the creative process in addressing challenges.

The website beautifully combines both aesthetic and functional elements. Its muted color palette instills a sense of calm, and the high-quality imagery, particularly of art materials, adds a therapeutic touch.

The “Get Started” call-to-action stands out without being intrusive, guiding visitors intuitively. Additionally, the “Who We Are” section is crucial, as it provides relatable and professional images of the therapists, fostering trust. The copy is clear, concise, and compassionate, highlighting their expertise while emphasizing a supportive environment.

Screenshot of Janelle Nelson Counseling, from the squarespace therapist websites collection.

Janelle offers counseling services in the San Diego area. Her patients include couples, individuals and families whom she offers guidance to through the toughest of circumstances.

Screenshot of In8love Wellness, from the squarespace therapist websites collection.

Self care with a holistic approach can be found at the practice of In8love Wellness. Located in LA, patients will find services in chiropractic care, massage therapy, cupping and more.

Screenshot of Jonathan Shehee, from the squarespace therapist websites collection.

Jonathan Shehee is a psychoanalyst that helps people specifically with relationship and personal issues that are genuinely unhappy. He helps break the cycle that is frustrating his patients.

Screenshot of Minaa B., from the squarespace therapist websites collection.

Minaa is a professional in the mental health field that is truly passionate about what she does. Aside from her general services, she puts a focus on self-care and learning tools that support a better quality of life.

Screenshot of Jessica Meiman Psychotherapy, from the squarespace therapist websites collection.

Jessica is located in New York and is a licensed professional in the mental health field. Empathy and personal growth is the approach she takes, creating a safe space for patients.

Screenshot of Jessamy Holland, from the squarespace therapist websites collection.

Jessamy Holland is a psychosexual therapist. Her role as a therapist is all about relationships, the people within them and how they connect. The goal is to take that connection to a new level.