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47 Well-Designed Barber & Barbershop Websites

Last Updated June 14 2023

Juhil Mendpara

Written By Juhil Mendpara

As someone who frequents barbershops, I know exactly what I’d expect from a barbershop website. And that’s where you should start, too—your clients’ and potential clients’ expectations.

First off, your website should address both types of customers - past and potential.

1. The past customers likely only want to book an appointment.

Make it easy for them to do so by keeping the appointment form or a CTA to it at an obvious place (front & center and/or top-right of your website). Also, make the online booking form as detailed (yet user-friendly) as possible — allow them to book time, date, barber, service(s), and anything else they’d appreciate.

If you book appointments on call or by email, mention that too.

2. New customers would want to know about your barbershop, your barbers, your services, and the work quality.

Give them:

Besides being informational and functional, there’s a design side as well. Your website should reflect your brand identity, target audience, and the services you offer.

For example:

See the examples below for a better idea of how barber website style and function go together.

I’ve combed through countless barber websites and found inspiring examples that skillfully combine style, functionality, and personality. I’ve dissected the first few for you and explained the good and bad so you can have a perfect website; feel free to do the others you like for yourself!

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Screenshot of Solo Salon, from the barber & barbershop websites collection.

Solo Salon is a high-end salon in Chicago offering a range of services from haircuts to color and styling in a trendy downtown setting. Kristine is the creator behind the brand and has been a hairdresser since 1998.

This website nails web design, functionality, content, and overall aesthetics. Let’s break it down:

The artwork hints at the artsy nature of the salon. Barbering services and their prices.

Each team member’s bio includes a photo and information about their experience, the products they love and why, their expertise, and their inspiration for working at Solo.

Overall, this is pretty much a perfect website inspiration for barbershops and salons.

Screenshot of Swagger & Blade, from the barber & barbershop websites collection.

Swagger & Blade is a barbershop with a vintage vibe offering haircuts, shaves, and grooming products in New Jersey. Visit them to get a little swagger in life!

The web design, with wooden background, gives the vintage vibe and ruggedness/swagger that’s so associated with the barbershop.

I like three things in particular about this website:

  1. Creativity in Our Team sections: The website features mugshots of all the barbers at the shop, and each barber’s bio is showcased in a format that resembles a rap sheet.
  1. The simple booking form created with Acuity Scheduling:
  1. The Photos page: It features high-quality photos of their haircuts and more.

Screenshot of San Francisco Barber, from the barber & barbershop websites collection.

This is a traditional barbershop in San Francisco offering haircuts, shaves, and beard trims, focusing on providing a comfortable and relaxing environment.

The barbershop’s website is a simple, almost single-page site that includes all the elements in the correct order:

Overall, this is a solid barbershop website made mainly with the default Squarespace sections. If you want to replicate it and have all the content and photos, you can do it in 10 minutes!

Screenshot of Bleach Hair Addiction, from the barber & barbershop websites collection.

This hair salon is located in Miami, Florida, and has been recognized for its services and skills by several well-known magazines and rankings. Within the salon, they also have a smaller barber shop just for men. You can find portfolios of editorial work on the site as well.

I love the focus on visuals on the website — each page has photos: it has the barbershop’s photos on the homepage, professionally-shot editorial photos of models they have styled, photos of the bleached hair of other non-model people, photos of their haircuts, many videos, and more.

Besides the visuals, I like the visitor-friendliness of the website: The navigation bar is obvious, and the address and phone number are placed such that the visitor doesn’t even need to scroll.

I dislike two things about this website, though:

  1. The absence of an online booking system. You either have to fill out a traditional form or call them to get in touch.
  2. The absence of the About and Our Team page. I know they “let their work speak for itself” with photos, but knowing more about them would add to the website.

Screenshot of Watson

Watson’s Barber’s in Hull is a men’s barbershop that prides itself on delivering the haircut you want through a thorough consultation. They consider factors like your head shape, growth pattern, and hair type to make suggestions. They are passionate about their craft and prioritize quality. Steve Watson is the chief barber, but there are two other barbers, Laura Knight, and Mark Watson, as well.

Nathan Dennis, the Webflow designer who has worked on it, has done a great job. This is a beautiful modern web design that reflects the modern barbershop very well.

I love the font choice, the button style choice, the rectangle containers/blocks to showcase all information neatly, the Services section with the tabs that help navigate the categories of the company’s grooming wizardry, and the fixed “Book Appointment” button at the top.

There are some photos of their work, but a separate gallery page or section would have made this barber website perfect!

Screenshot of Huckle The Barber, from the barber & barbershop websites collection.

These are London-based “21st Century Traditional Barbers” offering high-quality haircuts and wet shaves in a relaxed, comfortable environment.

They are recommended by GQ, TimeOut London, and Loti, which they prominently mention on their website. Other prominent sections on the landing page are the video trailer section and the customer testimonials section…both add to the website’s trust factor.

In short, they focus on building trust with the landing page and have CTAs to book appointments sprinkled throughout so the new visitors can book whenever they trust them enough. I like the strategy.

Screenshot of Mokum Barbers, from the barber & barbershop websites collection.

Mokum is a traditional barbershop that offers premium barbering services for men. It is a household name in Amsterdam where men love to stop by for a fresh fade, beard trim, and a hot towel shave.

There’s one thing I particularly like and one I don’t like in the above-the-fold section.

If we put aside the hero section, the typography is nice, the color scheme is excellent, and the icons used in the services section are beautiful, the price list is well-presented.

Icons in the services section and the price list.

Screenshot of Jack The Clipper, from the barber & barbershop websites collection.

This London-based barbershop was established in 1996 by a family of Turkish Master barbers, and they offer a distinctive barbering experience that leaves Londoners looking sharp and feeling special.

Screenshot of Leonard

Leonard’s Barber Shop is owned and operated by Leonard “Lenny” Serritella. Lenny is a short hair specialist, hair stylist, and master barber with 35 years of experience at this old-school barbershop.

The website is decent but lacks CTAs: There’s no online booking form. However, you can call them to book an appointment, which works…but what doesn’t work is that it’s mentioned at the end of the web page; it should be at the top.

Screenshot of Bella Lago Salon & Spa, from the barber & barbershop websites collection.

Bella Lago Salon has two different locations in North Carolina. They offer hair services, including color, cuts, and extensions. They also offer spa services, hair removal, lash extensions, and more.

I love the imagery part of this website, but boy, do I abhor the mixed bag of fonts and font sizes they use! Here’s their Hair Treatments page:

Everything and nothing calls for attention. Avoid this and stick to basic two or three font styles.

Screenshot of Wayward Barbershop, from the barber & barbershop websites collection.

Wayward Barbershop is a welcoming space designed to feel like the world’s best living room. They aim to make every guest feel at home with good conversation, laughs, and stellar haircuts. Their passion is in crafting grooming services that boost your confidence, offering everything from classic pomps and fades to trendy razor cuts and mullets.

Screenshot of Luxe Concept Hair Salon, from the barber & barbershop websites collection.

Luxe Concept is an upscale, full-service salon. Look to them for full-service packages that will give you the hair color and cut of your dreams. They also have a Barbershop area for men.

Screenshot of Hammer & Nails , from the barber & barbershop websites collection.

A unique, masculine grooming shop offering haircuts, shaves, and hand and foot care in a man cave nirvana.

Screenshot of Bad Apple Hair, from the barber & barbershop websites collection.

In 2006, Bad Apple Hair was born. They now have 9 full-service salons located in the West Midlands. Additionally, they offer apprenticeship programs for cosmetologists in the making. This salon is featured in many magazines, and they have worked with high-profile figures like model Cara Delevingne.

If your barbershop has many locations, this is a good website for inspiration. Notice how it branches out to different location pages from the homepage.

Screenshot of Southern Gentleman

A classic barbershop with three locations in South Carolina offering modern haircuts, classic styles, and a timeless experience.

This website includes everything I mentioned in the intro — details about the barbershop, barbers, services, and the work quality — in a simple way. It’s a great inspiration if you want to make a simple yet complete website fast.

Screenshot of SHED Barber, from the barber & barbershop websites collection.

Shed Barber in Austin, Texas, offers traditional barbering services that combine style and convenience.

I like the modern web design, but it doesn’t quite suit the shop if they actually are a traditional shop (like they mention). Also, the website doesn’t have central-to-trust-building customer photos and testimonials (besides the one in the hero section).

I also don’t like the choice of showing prices in words — it looks cool, but obvious (i.e., numbers with the currency symbol) is better. Similarly, the prices are also CTAs which isn’t apparent unless you accidentally hover over it.

This website can be a lot better by making two simple choices:

  1. Embedding their Instagram on the landing page somewhere. They have a great Instagram profile with lots of photos.
  2. Underlining the price text and changing its colors. It’ll become easily noticeable, + people will know it’s a link.

Screenshot of Fellow Barber, from the barber & barbershop websites collection.

This barbershop offers various services, including haircuts, shaves, and beard trims. They also have a range of grooming products available for purchase. They are among the only barbershops giving a “pay what you can” deal because they believe self-care is for everyone — props!

Screenshot of Squire Barbershop, from the barber & barbershop websites collection.

A Seattle-based barbershop with roots tracing back to the ’50s, offering classic men’s haircuts and grooming in a relaxed, personal atmosphere.

I love the Apple-style heading (Primpin’ Aint Easy), and the overall website is also decent but it could be better.

Screenshot of The Beardsmith, from the barber & barbershop websites collection.

A family-owned barber shop in Boise, Idaho, specializing in beard grooming and maintenance.

Screenshot of Steven Tabach, from the barber & barbershop websites collection.

Steven Tabach is a Men’s Grooming Salon located in the heart of New York, dedicated to providing quality haircuts and grooming services for the discerning gentleman. They strive to deliver standout grooming experiences in the bustling city.

Screenshot of Pall Mall Barbers, from the barber & barbershop websites collection.

A prestigious barbershop in New York City offering high-quality haircuts, shaves, and grooming products that has expanded to other parts of the world.

And do you recognize that face in the hero image? Yup, that’s Prince William at Pall Mall Barbers in London!

Screenshot of Frank

Frank’s Gentlemen’s Salon in Denver, Colorado, is a classic barbershop offering a variety of grooming services. I absolutely adore the hero section of this website — it features nice, elegant typography and a high-quality picture of a wonderful haircut.

Screenshot of The Fireplace Barber, from the barber & barbershop websites collection.

The Fireplace Barbershop is a cozy, professional barbershop nestled in the heart of Dublin’s city center. They offer a warm welcome with freshly brewed coffee or craft beer.

Screenshot of South Austin Barber Shop, from the barber & barbershop websites collection.

The South Austin Barber Shop is staffed by licensed barbers who are not only experienced but also passionate about their craft. They also have a firm cancellation policy to ensure respect for the barber’s time…something you might want to have.

Screenshot of Jayden Presleigh, The Salon, from the barber & barbershop websites collection.

Jayden Presleigh Salon offers hair services as well as bridal. This salon is chic and trendy in a downtown atmosphere. They also offer clothing from the boutique within the salon for a one-stop shop.

Screenshot of (CDO) Barbershop, from the barber & barbershop websites collection.

This barbershop is based in Tucson, Arizona, and is a blend of traditional and modern grooming techniques. Their website provides a glimpse into their craftsmanship and a convenient way to book appointments.

Screenshot of Ziggy

Ziggy’s is a trendy Los Angeles-based barber shop that offers a variety of hair services in a relaxed and friendly environment. This website doesn’t look professionally made so it doesn’t quite have the finish others do, but it sure nails all the important elements.

Screenshot of FreshCut BarberShop, from the barber & barbershop websites collection.

Fresh Cut Barbershop in New York City is a grooming hub that combines style and convenience. They showcase their work, offer a convenient booking system, and have a blog that serves as a resource for grooming tips and advice.

Screenshot of Don Barber & Groom, from the barber & barbershop websites collection.

Don Barber is based in Greece.

The website looks nice, but it’s very self-centric. The first few sections of the landing page are about Don’s products, Don’s family/team, etc.

You can look at the gallery and services from the navigation bar, but you’ll have to click the hamburger menu icon to reveal it—which isn’t among the first things in the visual hierarchy (you are likely to scroll than click on the menu button).

Screenshot of Barber & Co. | Manchester, from the barber & barbershop websites collection.

Barber & Co. is a contemporary barbershop located in Levenshulme, Manchester, known for its five-star service and traditional barbering techniques. Founded by childhood friends Damien McColgan and Adrian Saxton, the shop offers a relaxing atmosphere with over 30 years of combined cutting experience, complemented by a curated playlist of hip-hop and Balearic beats.

Screenshot of Wesam Barberare , from the barber & barbershop websites collection.

Wesam Barberare is a barbershop in Karlskrona, Sweden that emphasizes the importance of a well-groomed beard and hairstyle. They focus on traditional techniques tailored to the modern gentleman.

Screenshot of Mann Grooming Studio 4 men, from the barber & barbershop websites collection.

A men’s grooming studio in Canada that offers a range of services including haircuts, shaves, and facials.

Screenshot of Ludlow Blunt, from the barber & barbershop websites collection.

A Brooklyn-based salon that combines the charm of old-world barbershops with modern aesthetics and services.

The website looks nice at first but misses a few key elements like a gallery, an about section, etc.

Screenshot of Abel

A traditionally-inspired upscale barbershop on the ground floor of the Walper Hotel in Kitchener, Canada, offering a range of services from haircuts to shaves in a relaxed environment.

Screenshot of Emerson Joseph, from the barber & barbershop websites collection.

A luxury grooming lounge in Charlotte, North Carolina, offering a range of services from haircuts to massages.

Screenshot of Al

Founded by Al Urbanowski, the shop blends classic, old-school grooming techniques with today’s styles and trends in a welcoming environment.

Screenshot of The Terrace Portsmouth, from the barber & barbershop websites collection.

The Terrace is a multi-award-winning barbershop known for delivering top-quality haircuts, beard trims, and cut-throat shaves.

Screenshot of Valentine

A modern barbershop in Seattle offering a range of services from haircuts to beard trims, with a focus on creating a comfortable and relaxing environment for their clients.

Screenshot of Red

Red’s Classic Barbershop Co. is a traditional barbershop in Downtown Indy, now run by William H., a personable barber who values genuine customer service and believes in “It pays to look well”.

The shop offers an authentic experience, preserving the art of true barbering in a welcoming environment that caters to all ages. They pride themselves on their carefully restored antique barber chairs and furnishings, and their selection of unique gentlemen’s grooming and specialty retail products.

Screenshot of 20th Salon and Barber, from the barber & barbershop websites collection.

20th Salon and Barber in San Francisco is a top-rated barbershop and salon offering a relaxed atmosphere for engaging conversations and high-quality services. From traditional haircuts to modern styles and a variety of salon services, they cater to all hair needs, making it a one-stop shop for a low-maintenance luxury experience.

Screenshot of Good Look Barber Shop, from the barber & barbershop websites collection.

The name says it all. It’s a professional barbershop that prides itself on providing top-notch haircuts that make you look good.

Screenshot of Glenwood South Barberstudio, from the barber & barbershop websites collection.

A stylish barbershop offering a range of services from classic cuts to modern styles in a comfortable setting.

Screenshot of Modern Male Barbershop, from the barber & barbershop websites collection.

Modern Male Barber Shop is a place that combines the cherished values of old America with the needs of the modern man. They aim to recreate the camaraderie of old-time shops where generations of men got their hair cut. The shop strives to foster mutual trust and friendship, reminiscent of the close-knit neighborhoods of a bygone era.

Screenshot of Mustache Barbershop, from the barber & barbershop websites collection.

Mustache Barbershop in Doral offers a unique man-cave grooming experience with professional staff. They provide personalized care, ensuring every client feels valued and leaves satisfied.

Screenshot of Hair Mechanix, from the barber & barbershop websites collection.

Hair Mechanix is a men’s barbershop offering top-notch grooming services. They cater to all styles in a male-friendly environment. With a focus on customer experience and locations across Michigan and in Jacksonville, Florida, they’re a growing brand in the men’s grooming industry.

Screenshot of Di Carlo Salon & Barbershop, from the barber & barbershop websites collection.

Di Carlo Salon & Barbershop provides a customizable and immersive grooming experience. They offer a wide range of services, high-end products, and a unique customer loyalty program. Their focus on customer education and service customization sets them apart in the industry.

Screenshot of Cuts & Bruises Barbershop, from the barber & barbershop websites collection.

A trendy barbershop that offers a variety of services in a cool and edgy environment.