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28 Examples of One Page Websites

Last Updated September 9 2020

Written By Steve Benjamins

A one page website forces you to be disciplined— there’s only room for what needs to be there. This is good because small business websites often have too much content!

Most of the examples are built with Strikingly and Carrd, the two most well-known one page website builders. Of the two, I’d recommend Carrd as it’s easier to use and much, much cheaper.

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1. Pratik Jain Made With: Carrd

Located in LA, Pratik is the mastermind and product designer behind websites and apps.

2. Phillip Kallberg Made With: Carrd

Phillip supports new products for the internet.

3. Nadav Raviv Made With: Carrd

Master of product management and growth in the digital world.

4. Charlota Blunarova Made With: Carrd

Charlota works for IDEO Munich offering her expertise in design, technology and brand growth.

5. Computer Science Forum Made With: Carrd

This company works to be the very best in computer science and has supported many companies with techniques to help them thrive.

6. Karim Abouelnaga Made With: Strikingly

CEO of Practice Makes Perfect, he helps low income school get the necessities they need. He's also a public speaker, investor and entrepreneur that shares his knowledge with the world.

7. Currency Crate Made With: Carrd

Subscription service that provides cryptocurrencies to monthly members.

8. Richard Gandon Made With: Carrd

Photographer located in Paris that shoots landscape, products for catalogs and more.

9. BKJN Made With: Strikingly

Events that include festivals and shows that feature BKJN entertainment.

10. Exformat Made With: Carrd

Financial support for production of films.

11. Sweateralls Made With: Carrd

Overalls made from sweatshirt material instead of denim.

12. lantanaquamara Made With: Strikingly

Growing band located in Japan that strives to perform in the states as well.

13. Spoonhunt Made With: Strikingly

An app that showcases restaurant menus in China, that are translated to the English language.

14. Chris Monnat Made With: Carrd

Located in Virginia, Chris is a professional in application development for the web.

15. Shikudo Made With: Strikingly

Shikudo is gaming products that are available as apps that also encourage exercise.

16. Erik Brits Made With: Carrd

Erik builds companies in a variety of different ways by consulting and advising.

17. No-Code MVP Made With: Carrd

This company works on and builds new ideas that are managed without code.

18. Tatu Digital Media Made With: Strikingly

This media company was created by Janet, who supports companies by coaching them in social media, marketing and mindfulness.

19. The Night Keep Made With: Carrd

Production company that specializes in sounds by the orchestra to add a haunted vibe to projects.

20. Mingjie Made With: Carrd

High School student traveling and teaching others about technology in general.

21. M. Kurokawa Made With: Strikingly

Masahiro Kurokawa is a producer that works in entertainment and advertising.

22. Christian Felder Made With: Carrd

Christian loves to create, this applies to anything from photography to recipes.

23. Jon Lopkin Made With: Carrd

Jon is passionate about people, he uses his design skills to fulfill that passion.

24. Cory Checketts Made With: Carrd

Cory creates content that is engaging and helps companies in marketing their product be it through writing or design services.

25. SplitmediaLabs Made With: Strikingly

Products and technology resources that business owners can leverage to promote and expand their brands.

26. Antiqua Made With: Strikingly

Antiqua is a store offering apparel, furniture and a cafe located in Osaka.

27. Grocery Accelerator Made With: Strikingly

This company helps food and drink companies grow rapidly through coaching, connections with large corporations, and ecommerce.

28. Chuck Hardy Made With: Carrd

Chuck works for General Assembly, where he holds many titles including software engineer.