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The Best Counseling Website Templates

Last Updated March 31 2024

Juhil Mendpara

Written By Juhil Mendpara

A good counseling website feels calm. It has soft colors and photography that communicates a sense of compassion.

Besides the “vibe” part, a counselor’s website is like any other professional service provider’s website. It has to have an ‘about’ page, service page(s), a contact information section/contact form/appointment scheduling feature, etc.

The following is a collection of the best counseling website templates that take care of both the functional as well as visual aspects. The collection includes templates for all top website builders like Squarespace, Wix, and WordPress.

Clove: a Squarespace template.

Clove Squarespace Template

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Almar: a Squarespace template.

Almar Squarespace Template

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Meriden: a Squarespace template.

Meriden Squarespace Template

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Myhra: a Squarespace template.

Myhra Squarespace Template

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Alignflow: a Squarespace template.

Alignflow Squarespace Template

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Sage: a Squarespace template.

Sage Squarespace Template By Hold Space Creative

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Modern Wave Therapy: a Squarespace template.

Modern Wave Therapy Squarespace Template By Websites By Elise

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Ellis: a Squarespace template.

Ellis Squarespace Template By Therapist Site Toolbox

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Scout Counseling: a Squarespace template.

Scout Counseling Squarespace Template By Walker Strategy Co.

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Maggie Louise: a Wix template.

Maggie Louise Wix Template

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Dr. Elise Jones: a Wix template.

Dr. Elise Jones Wix Template

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Manuel Pena: a Wix template.

Manuel Pena Wix Template

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Norah Horowitz: a Wix template.

Norah Horowitz Wix Template

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Psychiatrist - Astra: a Wordpress template.

Psychiatrist - Astra Wordpress Template

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Therapy - Divi: a Wordpress template.

Therapy - Divi Wordpress Template

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Lycka : a Wordpress template.

Lycka Wordpress Template

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Avada - Avada Psychology : a Wordpress template.

Avada - Avada Psychology Wordpress Template

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Jacqueline : a Wordpress template.

Jacqueline Wordpress Template

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Menticare : a Wordpress template.

Menticare Wordpress Template

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Qwery : a Wordpress template.

Qwery Wordpress Template

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Therapy X: a Webflow template.

Therapy X Webflow Template

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Vienna : a Webflow template.

Vienna Webflow Template

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Sunshine Mind : a Webflow template.

Sunshine Mind Webflow Template

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