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21 Examples of Doctor & Healthcare Websites

Last Updated May 18 2022

Steve Benjamins

Written By Steve Benjamins

Medical or Healthcare websites should be crisp and informative. Web design should be easy to read and easy to navigate in terms of fonts and function.

The practice should show high-quality images of the healthcare providers and the medical center itself. A brief overview of their credentials, the type of healthcare they provide and their approach to it should also be provided.

Website features should give access to the necessary information, while allowing them to get comfortable with the practice prior to scheduling.

Top Website Builders For Doctor & Healthcare Websites

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Screenshot of Dr. Dale Prokupek, from the doctor & healthcare websites collection.

Dr. Dale Prokupek is a healthcare provider offering primary care services as well as specializing in issues of gastroenterology. The medical practice is known as one of the best in Los Angeles. The homepage immediately sends the message that overall health begins with the initiative of the patient.

Screenshot of Dr. Hayley Owens, from the doctor & healthcare websites collection.

Naturopathic Medicine is Dr. Owens expertise and how she supports her patients. The healthcare website explains how combining traditional medicine with a more integrative approach is the recipe for good health. Her website design features clean layers that are symbolic of her approach to medicine and the body.

Screenshot of Halcyon Health, from the doctor & healthcare websites collection.

Halcyon Health is a primary healthcare provider that features direct care between the patient and the medical professionals. This practice offers a unique approach that allows personal access to the doctor as needed based on a monthly fee rather than per visit.

Screenshot of NYC Integrative Medicine, from the doctor & healthcare websites collection.

At NYC Integrative Medicine in Manhattan, a wide variety of medical services are offered. New patients can schedule an appointment for primary integrative medicine, women’s health, endocrinology, podiatry and more. Visitors can also read testimonials from previous patients before scheduling.

Screenshot of Healthway, from the doctor & healthcare websites collection.

Healthway is a corporate medical website that offers a clean, user-friendly web design. With the many different locations and health services offered by Healthway, the website manages to maintain functionality while providing all the necessary information from it’s directory.

Screenshot of Just Kids Pediatrics, from the doctor & healthcare websites collection.

The Just Kids Pediatrics healthcare website design shows off different locations in Oklahoma that include primary care, urgent care and children’s hospital affiliations. They also offer tours for new moms and meet and greets with their physicians.

Screenshot of Dr. Victoria Howe, from the doctor & healthcare websites collection.

This high-quality medical website design immediately draws visitors in with its use of clean fonts, headers and color schemes. Dr. Howe is an English speaking doctor in Barcelona who has well over 10 years of experience improving and supporting the health of her patients. Her services include primary care, male and female healthcare and working with other specialists.

Screenshot of Vigor Natural Health, from the doctor & healthcare websites collection.

Vigor Natural Health is a family medicine practice with a focus on the body as a whole. Their healthcare professionals believe that prescription drugs are often unnecessary and that lifestyle changes can solve many of our problems. They also provide specialty treatments in addition to medical care for children and adults.

Screenshot of Flatiron Family Medical, from the doctor & healthcare websites collection.

This family healthcare practice is located in New York and offers many medical services. Primary medical care, dermatology, nutrition and overall wellness practices are a major part of their treatment. They aim for a more integrative approach to help their patients on a larger scale.

Screenshot of Dr. Saberinia, from the doctor & healthcare websites collection.

Dr. Saberinia is an endocrinologist in Washington, DC. This health website stands out based on it’s simple, user-friendly approach. Right away you get a feel for the Dr’s years of experience, medical information and contact information making it simple for visitors to navigate and find information quickly.

Screenshot of Crossroads Integrative Medicine, from the doctor & healthcare websites collection.

Direct Primary Care, urgent care, and advanced testing are all listed in their service menu in addition to much more. They have no waiting rooms, telehealth visits and allow patients to access their physicians with questions easily.

Screenshot of Dr. Alex Carrasco, from the doctor & healthcare websites collection.

Dr. Alex is a certified M.D. that is making a difference in the health system around her. Spending more time with her patients and really listening to concerns helps her get down to the root cause of their symptoms. This is something that her visits, as well as the books she has written help explore.

Screenshot of Dr. Jacobs, from the doctor & healthcare websites collection.

Dr. Jonathan Jacobs is an M.D. in Kansas City with an eye-catching homepage that offers useful health information via his site, regarding his approach and standards. He is a direct care physician, meaning there is no third party involved and the patient can access the doctor as needed.

Screenshot of Cascade Integrative Medicine, from the doctor & healthcare websites collection.

Located in Seattle, Cascade Integrative Medicine is a popular functional medicine practice. With several doctors on staff, patients can not only find a unique approach to care but a support system that supports their wellness for the long term.

Screenshot of Dr. Erika Kao, from the doctor & healthcare websites collection.

Dr. Erika Kao earned her Ph.D. in psychology from Ohio State. This simple yet informative website design is perfect for prospective patients. The user experience contains just the right amount of information, with an attractive design scheme that feel airy and light.

Screenshot of Dr. Zack Allen, from the doctor & healthcare websites collection.

Dr. Zack Allen is a naturopathic primary care doctor and specialist of kinesiology. He treats a variety of different medical conditions at his practice in Hawaii while also restoring optimal health for the body of his patients.

Screenshot of Dr. Alex Chan, from the doctor & healthcare websites collection.

Dr. Chan is a doctor, educator and entrepreneur. She is the owner of Integrative Naturopathic Medical Centre in Canada where she provides comfort to her patients naturally. She focuses on inside out health and chronic disease management using a functional medicine approach.

Screenshot of Felix Medical Group, from the doctor & healthcare websites collection.

The Felix Medical Group is located in California, and was created by Dr. Felix. He has a wonderful reputation for his healthcare practices that based on the testimonials, are thorough and caring. Aside from family care, he also has extensive experience in sports medicine.

Screenshot of Dr. McMinn, from the doctor & healthcare websites collection.

There are actually three healthcare providers at this family-owned functional medicine practice by the name of Dr. McMinn. As a team, they offer care and treatment for both adults and pediatrics in office, as well as through telehealth visits.

Screenshot of Dr. Alan Rosenblatt, from the doctor & healthcare websites collection.

Dr. Alan Rosenblatt is a specialist of Neurodevelopmental Pediatrics. Child development is his focus and through several different methods, he is able to help children as well as their families. As a physician, he promises to help each child reach their potential.