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Google Sites Review

Best used as an intranet to connect Google products.

Last Updated Sep 11 2018

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Google Sites isn't for building just any type of website. Instead it's best used as a collaborative tool— a way to put all your Google Docs, Google Calendars and Google Forms in one place. If you're looking to build any other type of website, I'd recommend one of these website builders.

You'll be frustrated if you try to use Google Sites for building a business website. It's just not meant for that. Sure you could try to make it work— it's free after all— but you'll almost certainly be frustrated. The themes are too simple and feature set is just not designed around that.

'New' Google Sites

Instead Google Sites is best used for building wikis and intranets— a way to weave multiple Google services into one page (Google Apps, Docs, Drive, Calendar, Maps, Forms and more)— like a place for a business or organization to store checklists, vacation calendars and important documents.

There are two versions of Google Sites— new and classic. There's really no reason to use classic— the new version is much better (among other things, it includes responsive themes).

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