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Best Free Ecommerce Website Builders

It is possible to build an ecommerce website for free— if you are okay with a few tradeoffs.

Last Updated September 9 2020

Steve Benjamins

Written By Steve Benjamins

Is it possible to build a functional ecommerce website for free? Yes, it is. Or at least, it’s possible to build a basic ecommerce website. In this article, I’m gonna give an overview of the top 4 ecommerce builders with free plans.

Each ecommerce builder I’ve included has a free plan but each also has its own unique trade-offs. For example, some include an ad on your website, some restrict features and most put a limit on the amount of products you can create. I’ve put all this information to make it easier for you to make an informed decision!

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What About WooCommerce?

WooCommerce is totally free— the problem is that you’ll need to find a free Wordpress host too. The thing to know about WooCommerce is that it isn’t a standalone website builder. Instead, it’s a plugin that can be added to an existing WordPress website to turn it into an ecommerce store.

Wordpress needs to be installed on a web host. So you’ll need to find a good free web host— and there’s really not any. This is the biggest reason WooCommerce isn’t ideal for a free ecommerce website.

WooCommerce is a Wordpress plugin.

WooCommerce is a Wordpress plugin.

No Experience With Wordpress? — If you’re familiar with Wordpress, WooCommerce an excellent choice— though I recommend other ecommerce builders if you’re not familiar with Wordpress.

What About Jimdo?

Jimdo lets you build an online store on free plans but it doesn’t allow you to make any sales. For example, you can create inventory but can’t set it as “in stock” and you can’t add a payment method unless you upgrade to the Unlimited or Ecommerce plans.

What About Wix?

Like Jimdo, Wix lets you add an online store to your free website but you need a paid plan in order to accept payments. So you really can’t do ecommerce on it.

What About MyOnlineStore?

MyOnlineStore’s free plan is called MyOnlineStore GO. It supports up to 25 products and includes limited free customer support— which no other free ecommerce builder providers (they require you to upgrade to a paid plan for support).

Here’s the thing though: you must log in to your MyOnlineStore account once every two weeks or your free store will go offline. What a bizarre and frustrating limitation. For this reason, I wouldn’t recommend MyOnlineStore. Imageine missing sales because you forgot to login!

The MyOnlineStore support docs explain you need to login every two weeks or your website goes offline.

The MyOnlineStore support docs explain you need to login every two weeks or your website goes offline.

What About Mozello?

I have not had a chance to give Mozello a try yet— but their free plan lets you add up to 10 products and includes a solid free subdomain ( It doesn’t include an ad on free websites, but it’s quite small.

What's The Best Paid Ecommerce Builder?

I did a full roundup of this question.

Tip: Add A Custom Domain Name

This is a hack to add a custom domain name to your free website builder— even if it doesn’t allow them. It doesn’t work perfectly but it gets you some of the way there.

Let’s say you built a free website on Weebly at

You can actually register with a domain name provider such as Namecheap and set it to redirect to

Setting to redirect to in Namecheap.

Setting to redirect to in Namecheap.

Now when visitors type in they are automatically forwarded to

This isn’t a perfect solution— observant visitors will definitely notice the URL change in their browser— but it would let you put a domain name on your business card.

Written By Steve Benjamins

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