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The Best Websites Of 2021

A collection of the best websites I've found over the last year built with a websites builder or CMS.

Last Updated May 4 2021

Written By Steve Benjamins

I have an ongoing collection of inspirational websites that are built with tools like Squarespace, Weebly, Wix and Wordpress. These are my favourite websites from that collection.

This list reflects my taste— I prefer websites with strong typography, clear navigation and bold photography. Check out my best website builder roundup if you'd like to build your own website.

Note: My work is supported by affiliate commissions. Read more »

Douglas Cardinal studied at The University of British Columbia before moving to Texas and then studying architecture. His love for nature flows through his work and creates a unique flow of design.

Sasaki has been in the works for over 65 years and only continues to grow. Their design style blends many different outlooks to create a forward moving design concept with sustainability at the top.

Benjamin is a photographer that captures some amazing images of harsh environments that'll give you the chills just looking at them. His work is often completed in Iceland, you can find images of beautiful landscapes and animals that live in the wild.

You can figure out this beauty company as it says it all in the name. Super cool skincare products that find their color from natural fruits, and are infused with other powerhouses like green tea.

Kaylux has a relatively small but cute selection of beauty products. You can find eye shadows, powders, body highlighters and false lashes.

Church with 6 different locations in the San Francisco area. BACC is a Christian church that is open to a wide variety of individuals.

Allbirds sells men's, women's and kid's super comfy casual shoes. They are made with natural materials including wool and offer a unique style choice.

In Zurich Switzerland you'll find this small and intimate festival that includes low key bands and delicious snacks. It is put on entirely by volunteers and is a non-profit organization that uses any earnings it makes to help put on the next festival.

Rumba Watches has locations in New York and LA. They also offer stylish sunglasses along with their watches. They make functional pieces, that are stylish and made to last.

Moon Choi is based out of New York City, and the designs of this line fit well within the city. They are sophisticated and combine menswear into women's fashion for a sophisticated look.

Tasty Shop has some pretty cool and different recipes, that look delicious! Aside from that, you can purchase their products like cookware, bake ware and utensils in vibrant color choices.

An all around lovely and clean-cut website for all of your recipe desires. Find collections based on meals, in addition to snack beverages and more. You can subscribe to a monthly newsletter as well to have recipes delivered to your inbox.

This site is a digital food publication based in Singapore. You can read about all things related to food, travel and nightlife. They provide authentic reviews on all their trials so that you know what your getting into!

Avery Cox is located in Texas, where she adds a unique style that is colorful and bold to the spaces she designs. She gained experience working in New York, with some big name designers that allowed her to take what she learned and apply that to her own business.

Ver Designs is a design and merchandising company located in California. They work on commercial spaces, project management, architectural critique and more.

Singer-Songwriter based in Toronto that focuses on writing music that a variety of individuals and emotional states can connect with. You can access his blog, listen to his music and learn about upcoming events on his site.

Try Alpha is an organization made up of groups around the world, and videos for those interested in Christ. No specific background is necessary and it's open to opinions and questions from people of all backgrounds that have an interest in learning more about Christ.

Josh is from the Bay Area, but has traveled throughout the years sharing his talents in music, dance and acting. You can find music on his website and links to his YouTube channel as well.

Devon is the Squarespace website design guru. If you need an impressive website, this is your guy. Additionally he provides training in these departments and additional plugins that may be needed as well.

You may have seen Lin-Manual Miranda in the Broadway show "Hamilton". He is also the creator of that play, and has won a ton of awards including a Grammy and an Emmy.

Adrieana is a photographer raised in New Jersey. She has some sharp and breathtaking images of animals, people and more. There are a lot of black and whites for a classic yet loud vibe. She also used to be an opera singer and learned a lot about what it meant to succeed from her years in that field.

Commercial photographer that provides images that stand for something and accompany important messages. You can check out his "press" tab from the website and see where his images have been featured, and read articles about the photographer and his skills.

Duncan Trusell is a comedic podcast host. He has episodes that discuss and explore spirituality and debatable topics like after life and reincarnation for example.

The Friday Habit is a system to help entrepreneurs to grow their business by intentionally setting aside time on Fridays.

Three centered links are laid over a full-screen image which morphs in response to different cursor positions. This is an extremely visual website you can use to promote your establishment.

An image-heavy restaurant website designed to attract customers with stunning pictures of gourmet dishes. Photos are enhanced with a darkening fade effect.

Perfect for gyms, personal trainers or any businesses focused on fitness. Striking motivational images will get customers pumped to join your classes.

Ashley Easter is an activist, speaker, author, coach, and advocate of abuse survivors. Whether it’s on stage at an event, or in a coaching session, Ashley empowers survivors of abuse to change the world.

Clean, elegant design. A great example of what you want a wedding website to be. Plus: lots of room to showcase engagement photos.