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On Novemeber 29, 2016 I received a strange email from an employee at Webs:

Hi Steve, Great site. I'm [an employee of]. We were acquired by Vistaprint and our new technology only launches on the Vistaprint site. I don't think you have reviewed the builder there.

Huh. Webs was acquired by Vistaprint in 2011. This email seems to suggest new tech is launching on Vistaprint and Webs is no longer being maintained? I asked the empployee if this had been communicated to Webs customers and they replied:

"This hasn’t been rolled out to existing customers because they haven’t built out a migration tool yet. "

I asked them to confirm whether new features would ever be coming to Webs again and they replied with:

"There may be features that trickle back to Webs, but Vistaprint is definitely the primary focus now."

This sucks. It's not a stretch to assume Webs has abandoned their product based on this email. It's shitty that Webs hasn't notified their customers about this— which leaves customers flailing out on Twitter for support: example 1, example 2, example 3, example 4 (all these examples are from the last 3 days).

There have been signs that Webs is no longer being actively maintained for awhile: Webs never rolled out responsive themes (instead they offered an outdated upgrade that gives you a "mobile site"), I've heard numerous complains of very, very poor customer service and the editor has not seen an upgrade since Vistaprint acquired Webs in 2011.

The Webs website editor.

The Webs website editor hasn't been updated in a long time.

Unfortunately this acquire and abandon is common in website builders. The same thing happened when GoDaddy acquired Virb. Things did not work out well for Virb's users in that case.

I would recommend you avoid Webs and possibly Vistaprint. I've written before that Vistaprint treats its customer poorly and this seems to be more evidence of that.

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