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Easy editor but too simple.

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By Steve BenjaminsLast Updated Dec 2 2016

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  • Dec 2 2016 New review published.

User Experience Info

Everything feels easy and within arms reach in Ucoz. There’s a real coherence to the product— it’s thoughtful and intuitive.

Website editor

Right: Website editor

The body of a page is built by dragging and dropping individual widgets (text, photos, buttons etc.). The header and footer are more structured— they let you select between a preselected elements (social icons, logo, navigation) that can be toggled on and off. I find this structured approach to headers and footers sensible (it’s similar to Weebly— though Weebly allows for a much more flexible footer).

Headers are customized by toggling elements on and off.

Right: Headers are customized by toggling elements on and off.

The Space widget is dropped into pages for adding padding and space around elements. At first using this didn’t feel completely intuitive but after a few minutes I got the hang of it. (And surprisingly, the spaces translate pretty well to mobile).

This space widget adds a bit off padding to the bottom of the image.

Right: This space widget adds a bit off padding to the bottom of the image.

One confusing aspect: I discovered inconsistencies between templates. For example, Blocks are collections of pre-built templates that you can drop into a page (for example a contact form block). Unfortunately, some blocks are only available on some templates— so it takes some guess and testing. Additionally some templates have variety of footer options while others are severely limited.

One theme I choose only had two blocks available.

Right: One theme I choose only had two blocks available.

But over all, the Ucoz editor is strong. There’s a collection of strong elements: live chat, MailChimp sign up forms, Google search and more. There’s also an icon library with tons of different options and a card element that works really nicely.

Want an icon? Ucoz has plenty for you to choose from.

Right: Want an icon? Ucoz has plenty for you to choose from.

Features Info

  • Blog

    You can create a “News” page that essentially acts as a blog. You can customize the post permalink, add comments, set a post image, add a “Read More” link, schedule posts in the future and more. Solid.  Show Screenshot

  • Ecommerce

    Ucoz allows you to embed an Ecwid store on your website. Unfortunately Ecwid is a third-party tool so it never feels like a perfect integration— it tends to feel half-baked. All the features are there, it just always feels like something added on top of your website, rather than something that totally integrates (such as Weebly, Wix or Squarespace’s integrated ecommerce features). 

  • Form Builder

    I’m a bit torn. The form builder only allows you to add text fields (no radio buttons, check boxes or file uploads) which is really limiting. But on the other hand, it has everything else you’ll need: you can customize the success message, send to multiple email addresses and even add Google Analytics goal tracking (awesome).  Show Screenshot

  • iOS & Android Apps

    (Ucoz does have a My Sites app but it is a separate app. It does not allow you to edit your website.) 

  • Retina Ready

    Uploaded images displayed sharp and crisp on retina screens.  

  • Newsletter

    There’s a handy element for Mailchimp newsletter sign-ups.  Show Screenshot

  • Membership System


  • Restaurant Menu


  • Donations


  • Audio Player

    There is a Soundcloud widget but embedding Soundcloud tracks but no official Ucoz audio player. 

  • Podcasts

    No way to create a podcast feed.  

Themes Info

Ucoz has a large amount of themes but they all look very similar. Most follow a somewhat similar structure for the header— a horizontal header with logo, navigation and optional contact info and social media icons. Fortunately all themes are responsive— which is excellent.

Example theme

Right: Example theme

Theme customization is very limited. For example, you can’t change anything about the font type of any text. You’re locked into the font, size of the text and any other stylings (such as uppercase). You’re also limited to 3 different colors— with no option for setting a custom font color on individual elements.

There is no way to change the font size of this heading.

Right: There is no way to change the font size of this heading.

Billing Practices: Good

I was able to cancel my Ucoz subscription using a web-based form.

Examples Real, live Ucoz sites.


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Last updated on Dec 2 2016

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