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Really a more expensive, out-dated version of Weebly.

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From time to time people ask me about iPage. Here’s the thing though. I haven’t written a full review because the iPage website builder is actually an early version of Weebly!

As such, I would recommend you skip iPage, go straight to the source, and try out Weebly.

Here’s a few reasons why:

The new version of Weebly is much better

iPage is using the Weebly of 2011 (I believe that’s the year). Weebly has evolved a lot since then. By choosing Weebly you are choosing a much better version.

The iPage version of Weebly will not be updated in the future

All signs suggest that the iPage product will stay the same forever. Since the web changes so quickly (example: no one needed mobile websites 5 years ago) you need a website builder that will evolve just as quickly.

iPage feels scammy

They require your credit card upfront (Weebly does not). And they require a full 12 months payment up front (Weebly does not). Both issues would suggest that iPage does not have much confidence that you will like them after trying their website builder.

I hope this helps redirect people away from iPage. Do yourself a favor and check out Weebly instead!

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