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The best way to create long-form, one page websites.

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By Steve BenjaminsUpdated Aug 3 2017

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User Experience

Strikingly is for building one page websites. One page websites have become popular in the last couple years. These websites typically have clear, simple information sections and large photos.

One page websites are usually long websites that reveal more sections as you scroll.

Right: One page websites are usually long websites that reveal more sections as you scroll.

Most website builders aren’t well-suited to create one page websites. Some, like Wix, allow you to build one-page websites but it’s confusing. But since Strikingly exclusively builds one-page websites, they have the best interface for building one-page websites— by far.

Website Editor

Right: Website Editor

You build your website by adding sections. Sections are large content blocks that break the page up. Building sections is easy and intuitive. You’ll get the hang of it quickly. Here’s an example “Hero” section:

"Hero" section

Right: "Hero" section

One odd thing I noticed was that each theme had its own individual set of sections. For example some themes had the option for a feature listing section while others didn’t. Some themes included options for a project listings section while others didn’t. And there wasn’t any way to know which sections would be included in which theme, so I had to guess to figure it out (which can be painful, because switching themes causes you to reset your entire website).

Section selection differs between themes.

Right: Section selection differs between themes.

Some of the sections can end up feeling a bit cookie cutter. Even the Make Your Own section (which allows you some freedom to design a section) requires you to have both a title and subtitle— and there’s no way to add any columns to the layout.

The Make Your Own section.

Right: The Make Your Own section.

Over all Strikingly is your best option if you’d like to build a one page website. It’s uniquely suited for that and will work well.

Website Editor

Right: Website Editor


  • Blog

    The blog editor is a section you can add to your homepage— it lists posts and links to individual pages. The style of the individual pages is not tied into your template— instead individual pages have their own style (it’s the same style irregardless of your template). Over all this is not a conventional blog organization— so that might bother some users. You can add comments to your blog and integrate with Disqus (no Facebook comments though). You can also create drafts of posts (but can’t set posts to publish on a future date).  Show Screenshot

  • Ecommerce

    Simple ecommerce— you can set product variations, set shipping options and create coupon codes. Unfortunately the coupon code editor is very simple— you can only set % discounts (so no $10 off shipping coupons) and it you cannot set coupons for only a certain product type or category. There is no product categories, digital products or tax system. While you can preview the email notifications your customers receive, you can’t customize them in any way.  Show Screenshot

  • Form Builder

    There is a contact form you can drop into your website but it doesn’t allow you to add new fields— you can simply choose from Name, Email, Phone and Message. Submissions are sent to your email address (and also saved in Strikingly in case you delete the email).  

  • iOS & Android Apps

    Fully functional iPad and iPhone apps which let you edit your website and view analytics.  

  • Retina Ready

    No. Uploaded images did not display sharp and crisp on retina devices (such as iPhones and Macbooks).  

  • Newsletter

    There is a newsletter signup form but it doesn’t integrate with any mailing list providers (such as Mailchimp). Instead it just sends the form results to your email address (which will make for painful data entry).  Show Screenshot

  • Membership System


  • Design from Scratch


  • Multi-lingual


  • Restaurant Menu


  • Donations


  • Audio Player


  • Podcasts



Strikingly offers 25 themes to choose from— up from 13 nine months ago, which is really nice to see. The themes are fresh, contemporary, and skew towards startups and freelancers.

Theme Example

Right: Theme Example

I really like these one page websites. For the right business I think they make a great fit. Here’s another example theme:

Theme Example

Right: Theme Example

There is serious lack of meaningful customization options for theme styles. You can set one custom color for the website (if you upgrade to Pro) but you can’t customize font colors, font sizes, border colors, background images etc.


Right: Customization

One of the strongest parts of Strikingly’s themes is their mobile-friendliness. All themes are responsive and look great on mobile devices (although again, I had trouble with my logo displaying right on mobile).


Right: Mobile

Good Billing Practices

I was able to buy and cancel Strikingly with ease.

Written By Steve Benjamins

I founded Site Builder Report in 2012 to help people find the best website builder. My work is supported by earning an affiliate commission when readers choose a website builder based on my reviews.

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Last update: Aug 3 2017

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