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Thoughtfully designed and powerful— the right choice for most stores.

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By Steve Benjamins
Last Updated Jan 11 2017

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User Experience Info

When I use Shopify, I find myself thinking: "I wish all software worked as well as this!" From start to finish Shopify is thoughtfully designed. The interface is organized, language is clear and there's near perfect balance between ease of use and customization. Incredible.

Shopify's dashboard

Right: Shopify's dashboard

Anyone who's built an online store before knows that creating product variations (size, color) can be deceptively complex. It's why ecommerce software often has painfully complicated variations editor— but not Shopify. Shopify has crafted a simple and clear interface for creating product variations.

Product Variations

Right: Product Variations

Like product variations, discount codes are also deceptively complex (for example: discount codes may need a date range, be for select products only, apply a percentage instead of a lump sum etc). But again Shopify has a thoughtful, easy to understand interface. (This can't be properly appreciated until you've seen other store builder discount editors!)

Discount editor

Right: Discount editor

Another feature that makes life easier for users is the App Store. Shopify’s App Store has hundreds of apps that add extra functionality to a Shopify store. For example: automatic shipping, marketing tools, SEO tools and more. It’s super handy.

App Store

Right: App Store

User experience is about anything that makes a users life easier. One of the clearest ways Shopify has does this is by creating their own payment gateway called Shopify Payments. While other ecommerce software requires you to sign up with a 3rd party payment gateway, Shopify has managed to eliminate an often confusing and surprising step to building a store.

Shopify Payments

Right: Shopify Payments

Features Info

  • Email Customization

    Any email notification that Shopify sends to customers or the store manager can be fully customized. The email editor is easy to use and includes a collection of helpful variables (example: customer name, billing address). There's also an abandoned checkout email notification— handy!  Show Screenshot

  • Gift Cards

    Gift Cards are available in the Pro and Unlimited plans. It's as fully featured as you'd expect: you can customize email notifications, bulk manage gift cards and and set expiry dates.  Show Screenshot

  • Discounts & Coupon Codes

    Flexible and easy to understand discount system. Everything most users will need is included: percentage discounts, free shipping discounts, discounts on all products, discounts on all certain products, usage limits and more. All in an easy to understand interface.  Show Screenshot

  • 3rd Party Shipping Integration

    With over 99 different inventory apps in their App Store, Shopify can integrate with just about any 3rd party shipping service (examples: Shippo, Aftership, Shipstation and more).  Show Screenshot

  • App Store

    Shopify's app store has hundreds of apps that extend a store's core functionality in sales, marketing, SEO and more.  Show Screenshot

  • Digital Products

    You can create digital products and customize their delivery with Shopify's free Digital Downloads app.  Show Screenshot

  • Multi-Lingual


  • iOS & Android Apps

    Shopify offers iOS, Apple Watch and Android apps. The Android and iOS apps can send push notifications for new orders, add new products, fulfill orders and more.  Show Screenshot

  • Recurring Products

    You can build recurring products on Shopify— but it's not a strength. Recurring products have to built with 3rd party apps from the App Store. Most cost around $20 / month.  Show Screenshot

Themes Info

A major strength for Shopify is it’s theme marketplace where designers can sell custom Shopify themes (there are also official Shopify themes). Some themes are free and some are paid. Here's a paid theme example:

... And here's a free theme example:

Each theme has it’s own set of customization options— but some themes seem to have more customization than others (so double check the customization options before buying a theme).

Billing Practices: Good

We were able to pay and cancel Shopify with ease. No surprises or hidden fees.

Examples Real, live Shopify sites.

By Steve Benjamins

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